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A Humbling Day

Hey all! Jenn here!

Sorry for the silence on the blog, but my sis in law had her baby-a handsome little man so obviously she is quite busy!! And I have been busy with teaching, home, and the holidays :). It’s a busy time of year!

But I wanted to share a wonderful experience I had this past Saturday.

On Saturday ladies from our congregation went and visited the shutins-(People who are members of our congregation, but can no longer get out due to age/health/etc.). I have never done this before, and was eager and nervous all at the same time! I didn’t know most of these people so I had no idea what to expect or to say…..

Well I tell you what! I was amazed at how humbling this experience ended up being for me. There were so many lessons I learned from this short amount of time!

The first house we went into was a sweet older woman that I had seen a few times at services, but not very often….she sat on the other side of the building so I only saw her in passing and would smile. She was so excited to see this group of women come in her house! She lit up like a Christmas tree! She just hugged us and held on to us and talked about how we were her family and how excited she was that we were there. We didn’t stay long, just a few minutes. We went in hugged her and then sat and talked for a few and left.

The next house we went to was also an older lady. This woman I had never met or seen at services. (We moved here after she was unable to get out anymore). She also was so excited to see us! She came in and sat down and smiled and started talking. She couldn’t hear what was being said to her unless you yelled….but that didn’t matter…at all! She was just so happy to see her church family. Then she did something I have never seen. She started to talk about how much she missed being able to come to services and how much she missed being able to be with her church family….and she cried. It really hurt her so much that she couldn’t be with us. I have never seen someone so upset because they were unable to come to worship or fellowship activities. Talk about humbling and inspiring, and touching!! Then she talked more about her family and asked about other members and we said goodbye and left.

I have never been so humbled by 2 older women in my life!

These women were so happy to see their church family! They were so happy to hug us! They were so happy for us to just be there! It didn’t matter what we said, it didn’t matter if we brought them anything, all that mattered was that we were there!

I am still so touched by the tears shed from such a sweet woman because she was unable to attend worship! How many times do we take that for granted! How many times do we miss an opportunity to go to bible class, worship, or a fellowship activity just because we don’t feel like going…and this sweet woman is crying because she can no longer come! Talk about humbling! I know I will not be taking for granted my ability to get to the building and to be with my spiritual family anymore! Cherish those moments! Learn from them!!

I think it is so easy to not make visits to people because: we are busy, we don’t know them, we don’t know what to say, we don’t have anything to bring with us, we don’t have a lot of time to stay…..Saturday taught me that non of those things matter! (Ms Janet has been saying this repeatedly for sometime, I guess I had to see it first hand to be convinced) They will just be happy you stopped by and they will know that you care about them…..it’s worth a few minutes out of our busy schedules! I mean isn’t that what we all want-to know someone cares about us!

Well I hope you enjoyed this post….trust me this is an experience I will be replaying in my head for quite awhile!

Don’t forget to do something to make someone smile today!