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Page-Turning Mondays: I Like Myself

Hola all!! Jenn here with today’s Page -Turning Monday post. Today’s book is:


Written by Karen Beaumont and Illustrated by David Catrow.

This is such a fun happy little book!! We LOVE IT! It starts out;
I like myself!
I’m glad I’m me.
There’s no one else
I’d rather be.

And it continues from there and list the things she likes about herself her eyes, ears, nose, fingers, and toes! This fun book goes through different things about the little girl that she likes. It ranges from liking herself the way she is, liking herself when her hair is a mess, liking herself even if she had horns and a pig nose, she even likes herself when she does something silly, “and I don’t care in anyway what someone else may think or say”. I love the rhymes and fun pictures and I LOVE the overall message of loving yourself because of who you are on the inside, excepting what’s on the outside, and not letting what others think and say ruin how you feel about your own self image.

Hmmmm now for some activities….I really don’t have a lot, but here is what I came up with:

– Talk about how it is what’s inside that counts. The outer can be beautiful, but the inside can be ugly.

– Help your child develop a positive self image. Give your child praise for a job well done, thank them when they do something nice, tell them they are pretty/handsome/cute. Build up the way they view themselves.

– If your child is old enough to understand, discuss what to do when others laugh at you. Explain to them whose opinion really matters. Help them understand that some people are just mean, but you as their parent are there for them and God is always there with them.

– Don’t push your personal insecurities on your child. Don’t bash yourself/others in front of your child……that just repeats the negative cycle.

– Teach them the golden rule! Wouldn’t it be great if everyone treated others the way they wanted to be treated?

– If your child has any handicaps talk about how those make them special. Talk about the positives.

– Don’t be afraid to be silly in public with your child. Show them life is fun! We are blessed, live happy. Jump in puddles, walk on walls, jump over cracks, make silly faces…..the smile on your child’s face is worth more than anything a stranger may think about you.

Well that’s all I have but I am sure you can think of more.

I hope you enjoy this book as much as us! Every time we read it we laugh and smile 🙂

Don’t forget to do something to make someone smile today!

Until next time,