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Find Your Motivation, Resolve To Change, Stick With It!

Hola all! Jenn here.

Well it has been a while since I talked about trying to quit soda and eating more organic/all natural or what I like to call “eating what God made”.

I had some good days, and I have had some bad days…..I have a lot of excuses I could tell you, but it’s mainly just that it’s hard and I struggle.

Eating better is not that hard for me. I have come to realize I feel a lot better when I lay off the high fructose corn syrup, MSG, partially hydrogenated oils, and all the artificial stuff. It isn’t that hard to say no to sweets anymore, it used to be! Of course no one has offered me a cookie cake, peach cobbler, or pumpkin pie…..seriously I could eat those all by myself 😉

I just struggle so much with letting go of soda. Which I realize is silly….talk about being full of artificial junk! Have you read a soda label? I did good one day last week, I drank only water and sweet tea. But I didn’t resist a Mtn Dew in a glass bottle the next day, and then it has been downhill since then 😦

If you struggle with saying no to soda and/or bad for you foods, know that I understand! But there are things that mean more like health. And sometimes we just need to find the right motivation!

I have a four year old and I always think about being healthy for her. I need to show her how to make good decisions regarding diet and exercise. I need to show her how it can be fun to exercise and be healthy! And I need to be healthy for her! I want to be able to play! I want her to have a healthy fun fit mommy! I also want my husband to have a healthy fun fit wife! I want to be comfortable in my own body, I don’t have to be completely ripped, just comfortable with myself.

Well tomorrow starts a new day of resolve! Resolve to stop soda! Resolve to exercise (P90X, walking, riding my bike) Resolve to not give into late night snack temptations! Resolve to get in better shape!

Just find your motivation, it can be anything! Your husband, your child, your health, a walk for charity, a 5K, a certain dress or pants, your swim suit, to inspire someone you care about, anything!

Then resolve to do what you need to do and stick with it! Don’t give up!

Set goals and change them as they are met!

We shall see how it goes…..I will let you know!

Don’t forget to do something to make someone smile today!

Until next time,