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Page-Turning Mondays: How to Make an Apple Pie and See the World

Hey y’all! Jess here with a new PTM post. Fall in in full swing in our part of the state, and we’ve certainly been enjoying all it has to offer… especially the delicious apples! Every year since my oldest son was born, we take a family trip to a nearby orchard and get apples to enjoy at home. This year, since we’re also homeschooling our oldest son, our annual family trip turned into a field trip! This coincided perfectly with the apple unit of our curriculum. We got to explore the orchard and see the apples growing on the trees, and of course, sample some of the wonderful fruit!

The curriculum we use recommends certain books for each unit, and one book we’ve enjoyed about apples is How to Make an Apple Pie and See the World by Marjorie Priceman.

This is a neat book that takes a look at the journey involved in making an apple pie when your local market is closed. Be prepared for some traveling!

Some educational activities to include with this story would be to look at a globe and identify the locations mentioned in the book, and study those areas (if your child is interested/old enough).

Another sweet activity to do with your child is to make an apple pie together. There is a recipe included in the back of the book for you to follow if you choose.  We made the pie as part of our lesson for the day (among many other apple treats) and it was good!




I hope you take the time to enjoy the sights and flavors of the season with your little ones! There is so much to do and explore in autumn. Happy reading to all!

Until next time!


Page-Turning Mondays: The Little Old Lady Who Was Not Afraid of Anything

Hey y’all! Jess here with a new P-TM post. Ok, so I know it’s the middle of August, and the official beginning of fall is still about a month away, but here lately in my neck of the woods, we’ve had lots of cool weather. It has felt so much like fall, my favorite season! I’ve had to restrain myself from pulling out all my pumpkins and scarecrows and fall scented candles. Not too much longer, though! The book I’m sharing with you is considered a fall book, but my boys, especially my 3-year-old, love to read it year-round. It’s..


This is a fun book about a little old woman who encounters some spooky objects on her walk home one evening. I think my 3-year-old loves it so much because of the repetitive phrases used throughout the story. I’ll randomly hear him walking around the house, chanting the words from the book. I won’t spoil it for those who haven’t read it, but once you read it, you’ll probably know what I’m taking about. It’s a fun read, and a good one just in time for fall!

I don’t have a particular craft to share, but I know when I googled it, there were several cute ideas that popped up, like some sequencing activities and using a flannel board and felt pieces to retell the story. You could also use this time as an opportunity to talk about anything your child fears, and how with the Lord on our side, we should never be afraid. When our sons are frightened, we always take a moment to pray with them and encourage them to take their fears to the Lord. Our 5-year-old will do this all on his own when he’s nervous or frightened about something. It is inspiring to see one so young go to God for help!

And, check out Pinterest too! Always good ideas there!

Happy reading! And happy almost fall, y’all! 🙂