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“Love”ly thumbprint bookmark

Hey y’all!

Jess here with a fun craft to make with your kiddos for Valentine’s Day or any day, for that matter! I found this idea on Pinterest (but of course!), and thought it would be simple, yet fun enough for my biggest boys to make these cute thumbprint bookmarks. We are planning on giving these bookmarks to some special friends for a Valentine’s gift, but you could make them any day, for any occasion!

The materials I used for this project were:

White cardstock paper
Red and/or pink ink pad or paint
Red and/or pink construction paper
Decorative scissors
The thumbs of a special little one

It’s really quite a simple project. I just basically followed the instructions given on the website. I cut my cardstock into strips 1.5 inches wide and 6 inches long, and I cut my construction paper a little wider and a little longer (no exact measurements; I just eye-balled it). I used the scalloped edge scissors on the construction paper, by the way.

Then, I painted my son’s thumbs red, and made a series of three hearts on the cardstock, as shown below. Some of the thumbprints turned out to resemble hearts, some not so much (it’s a little difficult to get a wiggly 5 year old boy to be still for a moment!), but you get the gist of what they’re supposed to be, nonetheless. It’s still a special keepsake!

I added some Bible verses pertaining to love to the back of the construction paper, and my son’s name and date as well. You could also add a personal message to the recipient or a quote about love, if you’d rather.


And here’s the finished product. I plan on laminating these so that they’ll last longer and be able to withstand use. You could also hole-punch and add a ribbon at the top as a tassel after you’ve laminated it, if you’d like. I didn’t have any ribbon on hand, so we opted to do without.

As I mentioned, this is a quick, but fun craft to make with your child for a special friend or family member that’s sure to be cherished for years to come!

Hope y’all enjoy it! And a happy Valentine’s Day to you all! Always remember that you are loved by the one true and living God!

Until next time!

“We love Him because He first loved us.” 1 John 4:19


One of My Favorite Things: Mason Jars

Hola! Jennifer here with a look at another of my favorite things:

Mason Jars!!

Seriously,I do not know how I lived so long without using them!

I use them for everything now. From holding lightening bugs, flowers, lotion, fabric softener, ketchup, salads to canning! I used them as center pieces for a baby shower, just added water pretty rocks and a floating candle. I have seen them used as center pieces at a wedding reception. And OH MY GOODNESS have you seen the different ideas on Pinterest! You can check out my board titled “Mason Jars” for some wonderful inspiration.

This jar is holding my DIY all natural lotion.

This one is holding flowers my daughter picked for me, so pretty on my windowsill.

This one is holding homemade fabric softener.

These are holding vinegar soaking in orange peels for DIY all natural cleaning.

This one is holding my cornstarch.

These are holding my first canning experience a strawberry/blackberry jam.

This one is holding my all natural ketchup making attempt.

There are so many possibilities with mason jars! I can’t wait to make a soap/lotion dispenser, to try out some of the wonderful ideas on Pinterest, and to of course do some canning! I can hardly wait for my grapevine to make grapes so I can make all natural jelly!!

I ran across this picture on Facebook and I feel it really sums up my love of mason jars:


So get you some jars and start having fun!!

Don’t forget to do something to make someone smile today!


Page-Turning Mondays: Piggie Pie

Hola all! Jennifer here with your latest Page Turning Monday!!

Today’s book is:

Piggie Pie


written by Margie Palatini amd illustrated by Howard Fine.

This book is about a witch who wakes up one morning and wants piggy pie, but when she compares her recipe to what she has, she realizes she needs plump piggys which she doesn’t have. PROBLEM! So she heads off to Old McDonald’s farm, but the piggys realize she is coming and dress up as other animals to hide from her.

The fun rhymes and wonderful illustrations make this book a fun read for you and your little one!

There are so many ideas that come to mind to go along with this book! I listed a few of mine below.

1. Crafts that involve witches, and there are tons of those on Pinterest! We made a witches hat last year out of an old party hat and a paper plate, it was lots of fun and ended up being a cute decoration! I plan on using it to decorate for many Halloweens to come and each time I look at it I will remember the fun we had. You can see pics and instructions under the post titled “W is for witch”.

2. Sing Old McDonald Has a Farm since in the book you visit his farm! Kids love this song and I think it is always fun to see how many animals you can think of!

3. Combine this book with a trip to a farm. How awesome would it be to see the animals in the book and pretend that pigs are dressed up in costumes to look like other animals!

4. Take this as a chance to talk about different animals. Their sounds, what they eat, how they live (pasture, hen house, pig pen), and what they provide for us.

5. And there are tons of farm animals crafts that you could do! Pinterest has an endless amount!!

I am sure you can come up with other ideas, those were just a few of mine.

I hope that you and your little one enjoy this book an have some fun with it!

Don’t forget to do something to make someone smile today!


A Valentine’s Craft and Cookie You’ll “LOVE”!

Hey, y’all…Jess here with a couple of fun ideas for you and your little loves this Valentine’s Day. At our house, we love making crafts and/or special foods for nearly every holiday. And Valentine’s Day, with its hearts, pinks, reds, and other frilliness, was no exception!  This post will feature both a fun craft and a delicious dessert you can make with the help of your kiddos.

For our Valentine’s Day craft, we made these Tie Dye Coffee Filter Hearts I found while perusing Pinterest one day. We made some Tie Dye Coffee Filter turkeys back in November for Thanksgiving, and the boys had a blast making them, so I knew these hearts would be a hit. (They were!) The materials you’ll need are coffee filters (any size will work…you’ll be folding them in half and cutting them into a heart shape anyway), markers (your choice of color…we went with pink, red, and purple, since my oldest said those are “Valentine colors”), and a spray bottle of water (or you can use an eye dropper or simply hold the filter under some running water from the sink. We went with the spray bottle because, let’s face it, my boys love spray bottles and I love the boost of fine motor skills it gives them).

Then, let the coloring begin!



We were so fortunate that Buzz Lightyear could join us on this intergalactic Valentine mission!


After the hearts are colored, it’s time to get spraying! I placed the hearts (folded in half) on a paper plate covered with a paper towel to help absorb some of the water.



These turned out super cute! They are currently hanging in our dining room windows and looking “love”ly! Sorry, couldn’t resist!



After we made these hearts, we had a short devotional about why we give Valentines (my oldest wisely said “To say ‘I love you’”) and how God showed us how much He loved us by giving us His only Son (John 3:16). We also talked about how God is love, and if we love God, we will love one another (1 John 4:7-8).

Now, for the deliciousness…


I found this recipe for Chocolate Valentine Cookies on Pinterest (what would we do without our dear friend Pinterest…all of my fellow PinHeads know what I mean!) and thought it looked SO good, and then as I looked at the ingredients, I realized it was SO simple to make! You can click here to see the recipe. The key ingredient? A box of Devil’s Food cake mix. The rest of the ingredients are staples you probably already have on hand. See the picture below.


You could use any variety of sprinkle or decoration for the top. We had some mini heart sprinkles left over from making treats last Valentine’s Day, so we used those. I had a good time with my funny Valentines making these goodies! They are such good helpers!

Pouring in the cake mix


Rollin’, rollin’, rollin’….



The cookies didn’t turn out quite like the ones pictured in the recipe, but that’s ok by me! They were delicious (I’m striving to exercise more and eat healthier, but I did eat one. Ok, two. I can totally vouch for their yumminess! Now it’s off to jog a mile and do some yoga…), looked very festive, and were just the right size for little hands.

I hope each and every one of you have a special and wonderful Valentine’s Day! Enjoy each moment with those special people who have captured your heart, and let them know EVERY DAY, not just on this one day out of the year, just how much YOU love THEM.

“The greatest thing you’ll ever learn, is just to love, and be loved in return.”-from “Nature Boy”, sung by Nat King Cole

“We love, because He first loved us”– 1 John 4:19

DIY-Prayer Pail

Jess here with a fun and very useful tool for your family prayer time. As a parent to two small children, I’m always looking for ways to make our family Bible Time more productive and meaningful, and to help my boys focus on prayer and study of God’s word. And let’s face it…as parents of little ones, we can also use some assistance with focusing, too! Let me also clarify that this is not just for little ones..you can use this with kids of any age. This is a good way to get kids started with praying for others and thanking God for the blessings He’s given us. The way it works is simple. When it’s time to pray as a family, each family member chooses one stick from the pail (it could be more than one, depending on the age of your kiddos) and prays for whatever or whomever is listed on the stick. See? Easy peasy! It had really worked well with my boys. It is a part of our family Bible Time that they look forward to, and has helped them develop a stronger prayer life, even at such a young age. So, without further delay, let me introduce you to the Prayer Pail!


Now I’d like for y’all to believe that this was an original thought from my creative mind, but alas, I found this idea while perusing Pintrest one evening. I did, however, personalize it for my liking and for my family. As you can see, it’s a pretty simple project. It was actually my first project last year when I became a stay-at-home mama, so it’s a little special to me! So here’s the scoop on how to make your own.

For starters, pick a pail that works for you. I liked the openness and functionality of a flower pot. You could also use a mason jar, can, cup, the possibilities are really endless. I typed up on cardstock a cute label for the front, and added a Scripture regarding prayer to the back, as you can see below. Make it your own, decorate however you like!


Once your pail is prepped and ready, now your ready for the craft sticks. This is a task that you can share with your older kids. It can make it more meaningful to them to think of others and to decorate the sticks for the family. For our family’s sticks, I wrote down all the names of our immediate and extended family (aunts, uncles, cousins, grandparents), the boys’ classmates and friends in Bible class, special friends of our family, material blessings (food, clothes, house, etc.), things pertaining to our nation (soldiers/troops, the president, freedom, etc.), others (the lost, those sick, those hurt, our community, etc.), and of course, the church (the elders, deacons, preacher, teachers, missionaries, etc.). Again, the possibilities are really endless! Here is an example of a few of our sticks:


And there you have it! You’ve made your very own Prayer Pail! One last thing to mention is that I added dried beans to my pail to make my sticks “stand up” in the pail. Just a note of caution and sanity-saving advice is that if you add beans or other small items to your pail, you may want to put the pail on a counter or other high surface out of reach from little hands. I learned this lesson the hard way. I’m still finding beans in the back of toy trucks and construction equipment! 😉

I hope this how-to tutorial will be useful to you and your family! Feel free to share your ideas and feedback about this project, and post pictures of your own Prayer Pail! I always like to see creative ideas from others. Until next time!