My Mom Morning

Hi everyone Jennifer here with a laugh about my very Mom morning!

Yesterday morning started around 6:15, not by my choice but my toddlers.

As I reluctantly got up way to early, I thought “well at least I can get somethings cleaned up before our lunch guest, go to the store before co-op for our donations (which I once again forgot to buy), have breakfast at home for once, get snacks packed for today, read the next chapter to my oldest from her book for literature class which she needs to hear for today (we usually read before bed, but I fell asleep with the toddler the night before and didn’t get it read), and actually get there on time!”

Hahaha, it was a thought right….And it’s the thought that counts?

Here’s what really happened:

I got up:

  1. Helped my husband get ready. (Made a mental note that he was out of socks.)
  2. Poured a cup of Mtn Dew, which I didn’t drink enough of ūüėČ
  3. Responded to some messages on Facebook….y’all I found my LuLaRoe unicorn while fooling around on my phone at 4am and she still had it!!!
  4. Changed the baby.
  5. Changed and dressed the toddler.
  6. Tried to get dressed too realize a few things: it was raining which meant I couldn’t wear my brown cowboy boots, because I never got the bottoms fixed and they have a hole in them so my feet get wet. I couldn’t wear a dress and flip flops because my black leggings were dirty (mental note made to order another pair). So settled on my black boots and was happy to know I don’t wear them once I get into co-op.
  7. Stood with my husband and laughed while our toddler climbed on our oldest to wake her up.
  8. Put a load of diapers in the wash.
  9. Went into the kitchen to pack for co-op followed by a toddler who suddenly became starvin marvin. So I reluctantly gave the starving toddler a cup of rice krispies which she almost immediately dumped in the floor…seriously why do they do that?
  10. Started packing snacks while laughing to myself because it never fails that we get to co-op and said toddler doesn’t want what I packed, but what all the other kids have. Then once again was thankful for the group of women at this co-op and their kindness.
  11. Go to brush my teeth where my toddler joins me and wants to brush hers. Which was adorable until she climbed on the toilet and tried to eat the toilet paper.
  12. Go back and double check diaper bag and add diapers and wipes.
  13. Get dressed.
  14. Go crank the van, then come back and console my toddler who I guess thought I left her forever.
  15. Hear the baby start to fuss so make a bottle, put her in her car seat, and ask my oldest to give her the bottle.
  16. Got the kids and all our stuff out the door and in the van…even remembering to grab the overdue library movie! Yay me!
  17. Start driving and thinking that I have no idea how these mom’s do it that have to work outside the home or have more kids than me….Then realize there is a wasp in the van!!
  18. Pull over in the neighbor’s driveway and get out. (Scold the dogs not to jump on me since they followed me) Start wondering what I will do. So I decided that if I had a long stick I could reach from the passenger side to the driver’s size and encourage it out. So I found a stick then went to open the passenger door only to find it locked (one day I will remember this van does that) so walked back around to the driver’s side and unlock the doors. Go back to the other side take the stick and nudge it out the door. Then laugh as I think what my neighbor would have thought if she saw all this!
  19. Get back in the van to have my oldest ask me if I got the babies bottle…, no I didn’t. So I turn around, tell my oldest that she did a good job catching that, and go get the bottle.
  20. Get back on the road and realize that we will still be having McDonald’s breakfast, there is no time to run and get our donations, I didn’t straighten anything and we have a friend coming for lunch, and we would be late to co-op.

Then I called my mom and relayed my morning and had a good laugh.

Ladies, some days are like this. Sometimes I don’t handle them so well and that makes me sad. When these days happen all we can do is laugh and enjoy what we have. It stinks to be late or not accomplish what we want but we are on an amazing ride with our kids so let’s remember they are watching. Let’s show them that it’s okay, things don’t always go as planned, but we can work with it and still have fun. (I really need to work on this.)

Truth is I am a mom. The hours are long, somedays are hard, sleep is interrupted, there is a constant worry about so many things, showers are surprisingly difficult…..but it is the greatest blessing. I love being a mom more than I ever knew was possible and wouldn’t trade the crazy days for anything!

I hope you got a laugh out of my very mom morning and can laugh through your next one and remember these are the days we will miss.

This has encouraged me to get back on my study of Proverbs 31 and living intentionally. So hopefully I will get back to sharing those thoughts with you soon.



For a bonus I got to see this last night ‚̧


I Didn’t Bring Anything to the Ladies Brunch

Hey everyone, I know it’s been a while! I started this post months ago, but life happens and I never finished it. It has weighed on me though and I wanted to share this with you.

We have all been in this situation: you have a fellowship meal or ladies brunch and something happened and you didn’t cook anything. It may have snuck up on you (life gets busy), you may have not been feeling well in the days leading up to the event, you may just be exhausted from work/school/the kids, or you may have not heard about the event until the last minute….but whatever the reason the time is here and you have nothing. You could go buy something, but your budget is tight and we all know how much a bakery charges for goodies….but you can’t go empty handed.

I’m here to tell you, you can go empty handed! 

We were going to be having a brunch to discuss ladies day. I wasn’t sure we would make it because we were leaving that day for vacation. One of the sweet women simply said “come if you can come, don’t worry about bringing anything, I know you have a lot going on.” Well, you know people always say things like that, and we are all busy. True, our homeschooling year had started back up, I have a very active toddler, and I was pregnant with #3 at the time…then throw in regular household chores and packing 4 people for a week…I was a little frazzled…But, I was raised that you don’t go empty handed to a meal. What would people say? What if everyone did that? There wouldn’t be any food! So I had it in my head I would get something made.

Well, the day came and we decided to leave later in the afternoon so I could go to the brunch. I didn’t have anything to take.  I thought about what the sweet lady said “just come”, and I remembered the countless times I have heard it said “don’t worry if you didn’t bring anything, just stay/come and fellowship”. So I went empty handed….well in a manner I had 2 little girls with me.

You know what? No-one said anything, there was plenty of food, and I got to spend the morning with my sister’s in Christ and my daughters.

Ladies, it is okay if every now and then you come to a meal empty handed. Mommas, the older ladies understand. They have been there! They know what it’s like to take care of a family, they know how hard it is to squeeze in another chore, they understand!  It’s okay, it really is.

I think sometimes we (at least me anyway) get so overwhelmed with bringing something we miss the important part-the fellowship.  That’s what matters the most, being with our spiritual family and raising our kids to know that being with your spiritual family is important.  We need that so much. (Being Martha is important, but let’s not ever allow it to overshadow being Mary!)

I’m not saying that all of us should go to every meal and not bring anything, but I am saying it is okay to do it when necessary.  Go, fellowship, let others help you. It is okay, it really is….being together is more important than pecan pie.

Until next time,


I Didn’t Want To Go

Hey all, it’s Jennifer with a very honest post.

Today was the day that homeschoolers could get into the pumpkin festival for cheaper. I had been looking forward to it for weeks and so had my daughter.  Well, our weeks lately have been so busy and this week we had gone out everyday, I just wanted to stay home today. We are a day behind in school, I had laundry to do, I have blankets to make, I have 31 totals to figure, I have a vendor event to prepare for….I kept thinking, I could just take her another day….but I knew the days ahead are no less busy and it wouldn’t happen. So I packed a lunch, packed the baby, wore comfy shoes, and took her to the pumpkin park. The whole way I was thinking about a way to get out of it, then when I pulled up and saw the 50 school buses I really didn’t want to go in. (It wasn’t really 50, I am exaggerating). 

Her squeals of excitement from the backseat were enough to make me feel really guilty. She was so happy! 

I felt awful for feeling the way I did. She goes with me everywhere, and doesn’t complain that much (She is a kid, there is some complaining). Just yesterday I dragged her to Wal-Mart, Staples, and Dollar Tree. It was very selfish of me to not want to take her out today. It wasn’t her fault we had been out everyday this week.

I think we all go through this as parents. We just don’t want to do something, and it’s easy as the adult to excuse our way out of it. I have done it in the past. (I am not saying we have to do everything.) But it is easy to put what we want to do on the priority list and put what they want to do on the back burner. There is so much going on in life between home, church, school, sports…it’s hard to want to add in anything else. And I think it is completely understandable, but we have to remember that those little extra things mean the world to our children. Those little extra things can turn into great memories.

So we went to the pumpkin park and we were there for 4 hours. I am sunburnt, and my feet hurt (did I mention I’m pregnant?), and I am exhausted.  But my little sunshine had an absolutely fantastic time! She saw Batman, Capt America, Batgirl, and Ariel. She got an ice cream cone. She petted animals. She got her face painted. She saw huge pumpkins. She got to see friends from co-op. She rode a zip line. She had an amazing time. She smiled and laughed and played. She told everyone at the store later about all the fun she had. The whole day and on the ride home she kept thanking me for taking her to the pumpkin festival. When we got home she put aloe on my face because she is the sweetest kid in the world and wanted to help me feel better.

My sunburn will fade. My feet will continue to hurt because I’m pregnant (and I don’t like shoes), it really doesn’t matter that we are behind a day in school, the laundry was easily moved from the bed for us to sleep, and I still have tomorrow to prepare for the vendor event. What’s truly important is the smile on her face and the time we got to spend together making memories that will hopefully last a lifetime.

So my encouragement to you is: let the other things go undone every now and again and just enjoy taking your little one somewhere. Just enjoy them, because as we all know this little thing called childhood goes by way to fast…and don’t feel bad that your not super excited about it, just stay positive and it will all work out!

Until next time,


When Someone Vomits on You

Hey all! Yes it’s been awhile, but I have been busy. Life takes priority, but I do miss blogging so!

This post was inspired by bible class last week. The teacher said “Have you ever heard someone word vomit? Well when they do we should listen because that person is sick.”

I loved the quote and it really stuck! It got me to thinking about times in my life when I have vomited on others and how they responded to my vomit.

I can think of a few specific times I have vomited on others.

I have vomited on co-workers, family, sisters in Christ, and my Mom. Each of those times I was very sick. Each time had its own problem. Each time I needed someone to listen. Each time I had held things in until I couldn’t hold it anymore. I was so very sick.

I feel bad for vomiting on them, and I know it’s not the right way…..but it is what happens. They didn’t all take it the way I needed them to, I got a lot of looks, unnecessary judgments, and worst of all they ran off to tell others.

The next time someone word vomits on me I am going to stop and breath and remind myself not to take it personal and to just listen to them. They are sick and need help, not judgment or for me to go tell everyone else what they said. I am just going to hold their hair back and let them vomit.

Let’s all work on being there for others, even if it is just to hold their hair back. We will need it one day, so let’s help others when they need it.

Until next time,

It Isn’t Mine To Tell

Hello all! Sorry again for delays in posting but other things have just been more important.

Today I wanted to talk about this simple statement:
   “It isn’t mine to tell.”

I was having a discussion with a friend and she simply told me “I wish I could tell you more, but it isn’t mine to tell.”

This simple statement struck me to the core.  I felt so many things.

Respect. Surprise. Guilt.

-Respect for her. She could have told me lots of things, I am certain of it. Things that would have probably changed my opinion of other people-but she chose not to. (This is an assumption on my part, but given the circumstances I can be certain there were a lot of things going on.)

-Surprise. I really am not used to people withholding information like that. Normally, someone in her position would have talked. I was so surprised that she did not take this opportunity to “vent” or “get it all out”. That is a whole lot easier to do than to hold it in.

-Guilt.  It was like a punch in the gut.  I know I don’t gossip as much as others, it is something I work hard at…..but how many things have I shared that “weren’t mine to tell”?

I recently had supper with a friend, following that supper someone  instantly started asking me questions about that person’s plans for the future. I tried my best to answer their questions honestly without telling anything that possibly would fall into the category of not mine to tell.

This is not always easy.

I found myself in a conversation where people were basically bashing someone…..but I knew things they didn’t….things that could have “set them straight”. It was hard not to tell. I wanted to tell them so they would stop. I wanted to stand up for the person they were talking about.  I knew though that I the grand scheme of things it didn’t matter. They were wrong, and it wasn’t my information tell. At the end of the day it is more important for me to not betray someone’s trust than it is to set someone else straight.

It was not easy.

Making this decision has made someone mad at me.

It is not easy.

I find myself wondering though how many times I have not had the self control. How many times have I told things that are not mine to tell? How many times have I sewed the gossip seed? How many times have I sewed the discord seed?

There are so many verses that talk about the tongue, interactions, edifying, encouraging, the list goes on and on.I think there is a reason for that.

I want to encourage myself and you to think before we speak and ask ourselves “is this my information to tell?”, but don’t stop there let’s also ask “will this help? Is this lifting up? Is this just gossip?”

I was told this simple statement in January of this year and it still rings in my head when talking to someone. I am not always successful, but I pray I get better. I pray that this simple statement can continue to change my conversations.

Until next time,

**I want to add that I know we have people that we vent to, and it is necessary. I have a few friends that I know I can go to with anything, they will give me sound advice and they will not tell anyone else about the conversation.  I am thankful for those people, they are rocks that I need. I am talking about opening up to any and everyone and sharing everything you know. Sometimes, you have to learn who you can trust and that is hard.

What Will My Testimony Be?

Hello all!! Jennifer here with a new post.

I know it has been awhile since anything has been posted, so sorry about that.  Life has been busy and we have exciting changes coming, but more on that in another post.

Today I want to share a little moment with you.

I was recently at a funeral and while they were discussing this womans life they made the comment “If she had a testimony, this is what it would have been:”¬† Then they went on to talk about her love and devotion to her family and her faith.

This comment really stuck with me and has weighed on me over the past week or so.

What would my testimony be?

Of course I considered the definition of the word and a quick google search gave me some good things to ponder.

Google defines testimony in a few ways:

  • a formal written or spoken statement, especially one given in a court of law
  • evidence or proof provided by the existence or appearance of something
  • a public recounting of a religious conversion or experience
  • a solemn protest or declaration

For my use and the thought going through my head we are going to talk about the 2nd and 4th definitions:

Evidence or proof provided by thee existence or appearance of something and/or A solemn protest or declaration.

This hit me really hard.¬† When people meet me, when people are around me, when I am gone…what is my testimony?¬† What proof or evidence am I leaving to show what is really important in my life?¬† I know that in my heart I believe the most important things are:

  • God
  • My husband and children
  • My family(spiritual and physical)
  • My friends
  • Service to others
  • Trying my best to live up to how the Bible says I should
  • Spreading the gospel

I wonder how often my words and actions actually portray these things that are important to me?  Am I really putting God first?  Am I really showing my family the love and support I should?  Do I show my friends that I care about them? Am I living a life of service? Do I study the Bible enough to know how I should live, and am I really applying that to my everyday life? Am I working to spread the gospel?  Do I spend time in prayer for all of these things?

My challenge was to sit and survey my life.  You know what I found?  There are areas where I do an okay job, but there are areas that need improvement.  There are more areas that need improvement than there are areas that do not.  Ihat is a great thing about life, we can always take a moment to reevaluate and make changes where needed.

  • I need to work harder on putting God first and making sure that He is showing in all that I do.
  • I need to de a better job of being there for my husband and child.
  • I need to do a better job following up with my friends and family-facebook is good for this-but a personal text or message or phone call means more.
  • I need to work on studying the Bible and spending more time in prayer.
  • I need to work on my service to God and others.
  • I need to truly spend time enjoying everything God has blessed me with.

I want to live my life in such a way that there is never a question as to what my “testimony” is.¬† Everyone should know that God is first and that I am working to please him and grow his kingdom.¬† I want my life to reflect this while I am living and after I am gone.

I can not think of any better testimony than one that will allow me¬†to stand in judgment and hear “Well done good and faithful servant!”

If you survey your life right now and write down what your testimony was/is, what would it be?  If it is not one that puts God first and Godly things as priority, it is time for some changes.

Until next time,

Jennifer Donovant

It’s Your Birthday

Today is your birthday. I wanted you to know somethings.

First, I am sorry.
I am sorry you made the choice that you did.
I am sorry for the great things you haven’t gotten to be a part of.
I am sorry for the hard times that your family has gone through and needed you…..but you were not there.
I am sorry I was not a better friend and cousin to your children after you left.
I am sorry your grandchildren do not know you.
I am sorry you do not know your grandchildren.
I am sorry that you did not get to see us grow up and get married and have children.
I am sorry that you are not bowling or playing softball anymore.
I am sorry that I will never walk into Grannys house and see you asleep on the couch with your mouth wide open.
I am sorry I will never see you write again (anyone who ever saw you write will understand this).
I am sorry that I lived in denial after you left.
I am sorry that you left.
I am sorry that I have hated you for 12 years.
I am sorry that I put your ornament away and just hung it up for the first time last Christmas.
I am sorry I just visited you last year for the first time since having to watch your children bury you.
I am sorry for the horrible things I have yelled at you over the past 12 years.
I am sorry I was not there for my mom.
I am sorry that I told your son I hated you.

Second, I don’t understand.

I don’t understand why you made the decision to leave.
I don’t understand how you could leave your children.
I don’t understand how you could leave your mom.
I don’t understand how you could leave your brothers and sisters.
I don’t understand how you could leave your nieces and nephews.
I don’t understand how you could leave me.
I don’t understand how to comprehend what had happened.
I don’t understand how someone who was always so happy and a joy to be around could be in such torment on the inside.
I will never understand.

Third, I am mad!

I am mad that you left.
I am mad you left your children.
I am mad you left us all.
I am mad that I had to watch your children pick out your coffin….at such young ages.
I am mad that I had to listen while your obituary was written.
I am mad that you couldn’t have just went to King George to get away.
I am mad that I had to watch the most important people in my life fall apart.
I am mad that I had to watch as things were put in little cylinders of your coffin.
I am mad that I had to watch your son speak at your funeral when he was only in high school.
I am mad because I can’t forget that night and the days following.
I am mad because I still see and hear things like they just happened.
I am mad because nothing could ever make me understand your choice.
I am still mad at you.

I am so sorry.
I will never understand.
I will always be mad, but

Fourth, I do love you.

It has been a long road to get here and I still have a ways to go, but I finally can say whole heartedly that I love you. I have your picture in my living room, I think about you often, I can still hear your laugh, I can still hear you making fun of your brothers, I can still picture you signing your name, I can still see you throwing a bowling ball (because let’s face it you did not exactly roll it), I can still see you on the softball field, I can still picture you asleep on the couch…..I miss you terribly and I love you and I am sorry it has taken me this long to say that.