Teaching the Bible to Children

Hey y’all Jennifer here with a post that is about something that is so important…..teaching children about God.

I know we all have different methods and all children are different, but I wanted to share what has/is working well with my little girl.

We have tried different things, but she is really enjoying what we do now and is retaining it very good.

My lessons are based off a curriculum written by a preacher named Mike Glenn and his wife called the Joshua Generation. The study is set up on a month schedule and each month covers a different characteristic. There is a slogan for each month, memory verses, and four bible stories (one for each week). We do the same story for a week. I also added a hymn from a hymn book that goes along with each characteristic.

We start by reviewing:
How many books are in the bible, how many in each testament, and other things like how many apostles, who were the first people, how they were made, little things like that.

This month is characteristic is self control. So we review the slogan and what it means. The slogan is self control is my goal.

Then we practice her memory verse and what it means, you will be amazed at how quickly they can remember this! The curriculum provides four memory verses, but we usually focus on one or two. Sometimes I pick a different verse, depending on length and her ability to understand it.

Then we move on to our story for the week. This week we are studying Adam and Eve and how they didn’t practice self control and what happened. This story is in most children’s bible story books so you can use that, or you can read straight from the bible. We have been blessed to be able to borrow a felt board set so that is what we use, and my daughter loves it. For this story I have been reading straight from the bible, it helps her to remember little details that aren’t always in regular bible story books. So I read the story and use the felt board to illustrate what is happening. I move the pieces and review the story for the beginning of the week then as the week progresses I let her tell the story and move the felt pieces. It always amazes me how much she remembers. I know not everyone will have access to a felt board, but you can find different things to illustrate the story like bible story books or even picture cards.

After the story we discuss how they didn’t practice self control, and how they could have better handled the situation.

Our hymn for this month is Trust and Obey so after the story we sing the hymn and talk about the song.

Then we sing other songs like the books of the bible, the apostles song, and other favorites of hers.

Then we close with a prayer. We usually use our prayer pail, it’s a wonderful tool that my sister in law blogged about in a previous post. My daughter picks out three sticks and prays for who ever is listed on the sticks, then I draw out three and pray for them.

Then we are done. It’s that simple!

I have really enjoyed using this curriculum with with my daughter. I like it because it already gives you everything you need. I have adjusted it some to make it on my daughter’s level, but that’s one of the beautiful things about! You can do it repeatedly and change it for them as they grow and mature.

If you are interested in getting curriculum you can email Mike Glenn at

If you are interested in the other things we use they are these:

*Betty Lukins felt board set- click here
*Books of the bible song from you tube-I couldn’t paste the link, but search book of the bible song and it is the one with blue back ground with white clouds by bigsbyshow
*Children’s bible story book-click here to see the book I like
*Prayer pail-click here

An added bonus is as the parent/teacher you are reading and researching the stories and you learn along with you child!

Well I hope this helps you in some way, and if you have any suggestions or things you use to study the bible with your child please share it in the comments.

Until next time,


Read through the Bible in a year-with your little one!

Hello All! I hope that you have had a wonderful Christmas and a great start to the New Year!

(I wrote this last year, but thought I would share it again)

I know a lot of resolutions were made and are probably still being made. I wanted to suggest a resolution to you….that you may have already thought about….why not resolve to read through the Bible in a year?



In the picture is a chronological read through in a year Bible that was given to me by a sister in Christ, she gave me this Bible and a corresponding study book that is for daily reflection. I LOVE them! It is divided into sections to read everyday and if you stick to it-you will read through the bible in a year! What I also love about it is that there are sections of notes added in that give you background on history at that time, info on geography, info on hard to understand passages, etc. I have found it to be a great study tool.

I promise I am getting to including your child 🙂

When I was first given this I would read it and do my reflection during my lunch break at work. It was a wonderful pick me up halfway through the day, especially on those extra tough days…..but some sections are longer than others and I would runout of time to finish reading, much less do the reflection part. So I needed a new time to do it….well I loathe getting up early….and night time just seemed to disappear with cooking, cleaning, spending time as a family, bath time, bedtime….before I knew it I was asleep….and had not read the Bible. Well I got to thinking about how I always would sit in Kaitlyns room until she went to sleep and read stories or play on my phone…..then it hit me-I could read it during that time! I know “light bulb”. So I started reading it in her room out loud to her. So not only am I reading it myself, it is the last thing she hears before she goes to sleep, we also have talked about how important it is to study and know Gods word, and most importantly she sees that it is important to Mommy to read the Bible. It also turns into a learning time for her because as she listens she will ask about what I have read and then we get to talk about it :). I want to add this does not take the place of “Bible time” it is in addition to, and also I will finish a section after she falls asleep if there is only a little left…if there is still a page or so I will stop there and pick up the next night. We have gotten a little off schedule with moving, and her spending the night at other homes, but I did do this on vacation and when we go stay with our family I make sure to pack it.

I think that children learn so much from watching the adults in their lives and I hope that this is a good lesson for her.

I know it isn’t a huge mind blowing idea, but it is something I have come to really enjoy sharing with Kaitlyn and thought you may like sharing it with your little one.

Even if you don’t have a little one to read to……I still recommend trying to read through the Bible in a year and if that is to much then at least read your bible everyday. If you don’t have time to sit and read…..consider this…there are a TON of Bible apps that will read the Bible to you. I used to use can pick the version you like and have it read it to you from your mobile device while you workout, drive to work, drive to the store, etc. When we study and read the bible we are so much better prepared to fight the evils of the world, and we know how to live and most importantly how to get to heaven!

Hope you have a wonderful New Year!


B is for Bat, Baby, and Basket

Hola All! Jenn here. I wanted to share some things that we are doing at home during our after school time (I got that name from the pinkandgreenmomma-you should check out her blog, I am in love!) Kaitlyn goes to preschool in the morning, but we still have “after school” later in the afternoon.

We always do one letter a week along with worksheets, numbers, and other things. Starting this month we have worked on things that also relate to this season. Our first week was B is for Bat. So we did the letter B and she even practiced writing bat. It worked very well! She can now write bat all by herself 🙂 our craft was to make a bat. I found the following idea online by googling bat crafts. It is very simple and she really enjoyed it. We started by painting an empty toilet paper roll, then after it dried we glued on googly eyes and ears we made from construction paper, then Kaitlyn painted it with her glitter paint to make it more “pretty”. For the wings we trace her hand onto black construction paper then cut them out and glued those on as wings. See! Super easy and fun!



I have also started making a “collection” for the letter of the week. I go through all of her books and pull out ones with the letter of the week in the title, and go trough her toys to pull out toys that start with that letter or have that letter in them-I put these all together in a bin and on the front of the bin I place a piece of paper that has the letter written in upper and lower case and then I write words that start with the letter or have the letter in it and underline our letter of the week. It takes a little time, but not to much and she really enjoys her “collections”. The books that have been pulled out are what we use as bedtime stories. We also go to the library once a week and will get books with the “letter of the week” in the title, if we do not have enough to get us through at home.


We also decided that we would carry the letter of the week throughout our Bible time as well. Our story for that week was Baby in a basket. So we read the story of Moses as a baby and we sang songs from our hymnal that had B in the title. For a practical application and some extra fun 😉 We put a baby in a basket and floated him down the creek to the Pharaohs daughter! I just tied an air mattress pillow to the bottom of a wicker basket with yarn(that was all I had) then put a baby inside and took it to a park that has a creek. Once we got there we read the story and then we got in the creek and I let the baby Moses go to her down stream and she caught him. This was very simple to do and Kaitlyn loved it! She had so much fun acting out the story and of course getting to go in the creek and catch baby Moses.


Hope some of these ideas in some way help you with play/learning time at home! Let me know how it goes!!
Until next time, JD