My Mom Morning

Hi everyone Jennifer here with a laugh about my very Mom morning!

Yesterday morning started around 6:15, not by my choice but my toddlers.

As I reluctantly got up way to early, I thought “well at least I can get somethings cleaned up before our lunch guest, go to the store before co-op for our donations (which I once again forgot to buy), have breakfast at home for once, get snacks packed for today, read the next chapter to my oldest from her book for literature class which she needs to hear for today (we usually read before bed, but I fell asleep with the toddler the night before and didn’t get it read), and actually get there on time!”

Hahaha, it was a thought right….And it’s the thought that counts?

Here’s what really happened:

I got up:

  1. Helped my husband get ready. (Made a mental note that he was out of socks.)
  2. Poured a cup of Mtn Dew, which I didn’t drink enough of 😉
  3. Responded to some messages on Facebook….y’all I found my LuLaRoe unicorn while fooling around on my phone at 4am and she still had it!!!
  4. Changed the baby.
  5. Changed and dressed the toddler.
  6. Tried to get dressed too realize a few things: it was raining which meant I couldn’t wear my brown cowboy boots, because I never got the bottoms fixed and they have a hole in them so my feet get wet. I couldn’t wear a dress and flip flops because my black leggings were dirty (mental note made to order another pair). So settled on my black boots and was happy to know I don’t wear them once I get into co-op.
  7. Stood with my husband and laughed while our toddler climbed on our oldest to wake her up.
  8. Put a load of diapers in the wash.
  9. Went into the kitchen to pack for co-op followed by a toddler who suddenly became starvin marvin. So I reluctantly gave the starving toddler a cup of rice krispies which she almost immediately dumped in the floor…seriously why do they do that?
  10. Started packing snacks while laughing to myself because it never fails that we get to co-op and said toddler doesn’t want what I packed, but what all the other kids have. Then once again was thankful for the group of women at this co-op and their kindness.
  11. Go to brush my teeth where my toddler joins me and wants to brush hers. Which was adorable until she climbed on the toilet and tried to eat the toilet paper.
  12. Go back and double check diaper bag and add diapers and wipes.
  13. Get dressed.
  14. Go crank the van, then come back and console my toddler who I guess thought I left her forever.
  15. Hear the baby start to fuss so make a bottle, put her in her car seat, and ask my oldest to give her the bottle.
  16. Got the kids and all our stuff out the door and in the van…even remembering to grab the overdue library movie! Yay me!
  17. Start driving and thinking that I have no idea how these mom’s do it that have to work outside the home or have more kids than me….Then realize there is a wasp in the van!!
  18. Pull over in the neighbor’s driveway and get out. (Scold the dogs not to jump on me since they followed me) Start wondering what I will do. So I decided that if I had a long stick I could reach from the passenger side to the driver’s size and encourage it out. So I found a stick then went to open the passenger door only to find it locked (one day I will remember this van does that) so walked back around to the driver’s side and unlock the doors. Go back to the other side take the stick and nudge it out the door. Then laugh as I think what my neighbor would have thought if she saw all this!
  19. Get back in the van to have my oldest ask me if I got the babies bottle…, no I didn’t. So I turn around, tell my oldest that she did a good job catching that, and go get the bottle.
  20. Get back on the road and realize that we will still be having McDonald’s breakfast, there is no time to run and get our donations, I didn’t straighten anything and we have a friend coming for lunch, and we would be late to co-op.

Then I called my mom and relayed my morning and had a good laugh.

Ladies, some days are like this. Sometimes I don’t handle them so well and that makes me sad. When these days happen all we can do is laugh and enjoy what we have. It stinks to be late or not accomplish what we want but we are on an amazing ride with our kids so let’s remember they are watching. Let’s show them that it’s okay, things don’t always go as planned, but we can work with it and still have fun. (I really need to work on this.)

Truth is I am a mom. The hours are long, somedays are hard, sleep is interrupted, there is a constant worry about so many things, showers are surprisingly difficult…..but it is the greatest blessing. I love being a mom more than I ever knew was possible and wouldn’t trade the crazy days for anything!

I hope you got a laugh out of my very mom morning and can laugh through your next one and remember these are the days we will miss.

This has encouraged me to get back on my study of Proverbs 31 and living intentionally. So hopefully I will get back to sharing those thoughts with you soon.



For a bonus I got to see this last night ❤


Being Intentional-A Proverbs 31 Study

Hello all! Jennifer here to talk about something that has been weighing on me.

Being Intentional.

A month or so ago I was listening to the radio and they were talking about being successful in their endeavors. The man said that he was not usually organized, didn’t budget well/stick to a budget, and wasn’t good at getting things accomplished that he wanted to.  He mentioned that all the people he knew that were able to live the way he wanted to had one thing in common: they were very intentional in everything they did.

Well, as someone who is always trying and failing I really started to think about this.

How could I be more intentional in my life? What could I change in my life? What things needed to be priority? How do you start being more intentional?  .

I thought about this for awhile, then one day I was at the fridge and saw my printout of Proverbs 31. This passage has always been special to me, as I read over it I realized that a study of this passage could help me be more intentional.

So I sat down one night and started going verse by verse and noting how each verse could guide me in being intentional.

I have decided to share my study with you through a few blog post. I hope you will join me in trying to live more intentional with God as the center.  

I will share my first step towards living intentionally soon.

Until next time,

Jennifer Donovant

Don’t forget to make someone smile today!

Teaching the Bible to Children

Hey y’all Jennifer here with a post that is about something that is so important…..teaching children about God.

I know we all have different methods and all children are different, but I wanted to share what has/is working well with my little girl.

We have tried different things, but she is really enjoying what we do now and is retaining it very good.

My lessons are based off a curriculum written by a preacher named Mike Glenn and his wife called the Joshua Generation. The study is set up on a month schedule and each month covers a different characteristic. There is a slogan for each month, memory verses, and four bible stories (one for each week). We do the same story for a week. I also added a hymn from a hymn book that goes along with each characteristic.

We start by reviewing:
How many books are in the bible, how many in each testament, and other things like how many apostles, who were the first people, how they were made, little things like that.

This month is characteristic is self control. So we review the slogan and what it means. The slogan is self control is my goal.

Then we practice her memory verse and what it means, you will be amazed at how quickly they can remember this! The curriculum provides four memory verses, but we usually focus on one or two. Sometimes I pick a different verse, depending on length and her ability to understand it.

Then we move on to our story for the week. This week we are studying Adam and Eve and how they didn’t practice self control and what happened. This story is in most children’s bible story books so you can use that, or you can read straight from the bible. We have been blessed to be able to borrow a felt board set so that is what we use, and my daughter loves it. For this story I have been reading straight from the bible, it helps her to remember little details that aren’t always in regular bible story books. So I read the story and use the felt board to illustrate what is happening. I move the pieces and review the story for the beginning of the week then as the week progresses I let her tell the story and move the felt pieces. It always amazes me how much she remembers. I know not everyone will have access to a felt board, but you can find different things to illustrate the story like bible story books or even picture cards.

After the story we discuss how they didn’t practice self control, and how they could have better handled the situation.

Our hymn for this month is Trust and Obey so after the story we sing the hymn and talk about the song.

Then we sing other songs like the books of the bible, the apostles song, and other favorites of hers.

Then we close with a prayer. We usually use our prayer pail, it’s a wonderful tool that my sister in law blogged about in a previous post. My daughter picks out three sticks and prays for who ever is listed on the sticks, then I draw out three and pray for them.

Then we are done. It’s that simple!

I have really enjoyed using this curriculum with with my daughter. I like it because it already gives you everything you need. I have adjusted it some to make it on my daughter’s level, but that’s one of the beautiful things about! You can do it repeatedly and change it for them as they grow and mature.

If you are interested in getting curriculum you can email Mike Glenn at

If you are interested in the other things we use they are these:

*Betty Lukins felt board set- click here
*Books of the bible song from you tube-I couldn’t paste the link, but search book of the bible song and it is the one with blue back ground with white clouds by bigsbyshow
*Children’s bible story book-click here to see the book I like
*Prayer pail-click here

An added bonus is as the parent/teacher you are reading and researching the stories and you learn along with you child!

Well I hope this helps you in some way, and if you have any suggestions or things you use to study the bible with your child please share it in the comments.

Until next time,

Need to Organize: All that Paper!!

Hola all!! Ginger here with another organization post.

Today’s topic is all that paper!! If you are like me you like to have paper on hand to be able to go back and look at….I can’t bear to throw away all that wonderful artwork given to me by my little one or other littles who are special to me….and I also have every worksheet that my daughter has brought home from preschool and most of the ones from various bible classes and vacation bible schools.

I have a lot of paper 🙂 Well obviously, I can not keep all these papers forever, so how do I organize them?

Well, while cruising Pinterest I found some ideas.

One is to have a tote per child per year to keep all their schoolwork….well I know I only have one child but you are still talking about 15 totes!! And that’s just school-doesn’t include home art or bible class! There was no way that was the option for me.

Then I saw a post about scanning your child’s artwork on the computer and then only keeping really special ones-and that’s when it happened “lightbulb”! We had already began backing up pictures on thumb drives and storing those in fire proof containers…..I should just get a scanner and do that for everything!!

Well folks on Black Friday we got a new printer/scanner/copier and I LOVING it!

Unfortunately, as I write this my daughter is sick so we have been staying indoors….but on the plus side I have been able to start scanning things.

I am scanning everything! Preschool work, bible class papers, artwork, pictures, tax info, medical papers, receipts for everything we will need for taxes!! I am having so much fun! And I am greatly decreasing our paper!!

I am beyond excited to go from an overflowing file cabinet to a small little thumb drive! I do plan to have different thumb drives for different things….currently planning one for school work, one for bible class, one for important documents, one for taxes, but once I get a lot scanned in then I may change my plan.

So if you are like me and have an overflowing file cabinet you may want to try scanning everything in and saving it to a removable storage device and then storing that in a fireproof container!

Well I hope this helps you in some way and don’t forget to do something to make someone smile today!!

Until next time,

Making a Routine: Taking Care of the Pets

Hola all! Jenn her with a new post on getting in a routine!!

Today’s topic is: Taking Care of the pets.

Most of us have some sort of pet. Our family currently has 2. Allow me to introduce:

Our English Bulldog: Colonel Potter

And our Winter White Hamster:Goliath

And as much as we love out pets, they do require work! So I added the weekly pet maintenance to my cleaning routine, and it has worked great!

Our dog needs a bath once a week. So since Thursday is bathroom day, I give the dog a bath on Thursdays before I clean. That way I don’t have to worry about him shaking in a clean bathroom. Our dog also sheds A LOT! So I try to brush him every other day. My goal is to bath him on Thursdays then brush him on Saturday, Monday, and Wednesday.

Our hamster is in my daughters room, and his cage needs to be cleaned once a week. So I clean it on Wednesday since that is clean the bedrooms day. It works great because I can change his cage and then vacuum all the shavings up and dust her dresser. Then tada! All clean 🙂

Making a Routine: Chores for the Little One

Hola all!

Jenn here with a new post on getting in a routine. Today’s topic is “Chores for the Little One”.

I know some people don’t think that children should have “chores” or things they are responsible for around the house, but I disagree. For many years kids helped out in all sorts of ways around the home and they grew into hard working productive adults. I don’t think children should be made to do everything, but they should be taught the value of hard work and the value of working together to accomplish a task.

I can’t say that I think there is a magical age that children turn and then BOOM it’s time to do chores, it varies by child. All children mature differently and one can never be judged by another, nor should they be. But I can say that by the time a child is 2 they should be able to at least help pick up their toys and possibly put their clothes in the hamper/laundry basket.

My little girl is almost 5 and she has had chores of some kind for a few years now. Her first “chore” was cleaning up her toys, and as she has gotten bigger other things have been added.

It has definitely made it easier on her and us when we made a routine for her chores, but I want to add that we sometimes help her with her chores (especially when they first started). Now, sometimes she welcomes our help and sometimes she says she “wants to do it herself”.

So if you are wanting to implement some chores for your little one I hope that what I have learned will help you!!

My daughters chores are as follows:

*Make her bed (I used to help her with this, but now she does it herself) and don’t worry about it being perfect, let them do it and compliment them on a job well done! There is no reason that their bed has to look like Martha Stewart made it.
*Put her plate on the kitchen counter after meals. She has to ask to get up from the table and when she does get up, she is expected to take her plate into the kitchen. This obviously works better as they get older and are able to carry their plate and are tall enough to reach the counter. As she has gotten bigger she also will sometimes empty her leftovers into the trash before putting the plate on the counter, but that is not a part of her routine, as of now. If you decide to have your little one do this, be prepared for it to hit the floor sometimes, and if that happens don’t snap on your little one……just clean it up together and move on.
*Put her laundry in the clothes basket/hamper. My daughter is expected to put her dirty clothes in the clothes basket in her closet, this saves mommy sooo much time when getting laundry together for washing and it makes things look so much nicer!
*Put her trash in the trash can. One of my biggest pet peeves is when people throw their trash on the ground or leave it sitting somewhere. Seriously, it drives me crazy!! I don’t understand why people can’t throw their trash in a trash can, trash cans are everywhere!! There is no need to dirty up the wonderful world God has provided for us by throwing trash everywhere!! Soooo now that I am off my soap box 🙂 my daughter is expected to put her trash in a trash can and not leave it sitting around the house, outside, or anywhere else.
*Clean her room. Every night before bed my daughter has to clean up her room. We will help if we need to and she wants us to, but she doesn’t have a lot of toys in her bedroom so there is usually not a lot to clean up in it.
*Clean her playroom. Every night before bed she has to clean her playroom. This can be a BIG job depending on the day and if we had any company. When we first implemented this her playroom wasn’t really organized and it made it harder on her and on us. I have worked very hard on organizing her playroom and getting rid of some things and that has made it soooo much easier! (Organizing the playroom is a post for another day). We always helped her with this when it first started and now she will usually walk in to her playroom, survey the messiness, and then decide if she needs help or not. And if the room is completely destroyed from having a friend over then we always help clean it up, I don’t think it’s fair to force her to do it all by herself when she didn’t make the mess all by herself.
*Help with laundry. This hasn’t been added to her chore chart yet, but she has been helping with it and it is something she needs to learn, so it will be added soon. She helps me get the laundry together on laundry day and even strips her bed for me. Then we take it downstairs and she helps sort it. She likes to sort it all, piece by piece, which can take more time, but in the end it makes for some fun bonding time. She likes for me to hand her each piece and tell her which pile it goes in, then she likes helping load the machines, add the detergent or dryer balls, and cutting on the machine. It makes her feel like a big girl 🙂
*Help with dishes. We haven’t done this since I got my new sink.(I have the big bowl with no dividers). But I used to love having her help with the dishes. She usually ended up playing in the water and getting soaked, but it was always a nice time of togetherness. I think we will have to start that again. Little ones can also help put clean dishes away, sorting the silverware into the drawer is fun and educational!!

There are so many things that your little one can have as chores. And even many more things that they can just have fun helping with! Like raking the yard, working in the garden, helping with the pets, sweeping the porch/sidewalk/driveway, washing the vehicles, it is really all up to you!

Now you have to remember that if you have your little one help there are something’s to be prepared for:
*Task are going to take longer.
*There will be some messes.
*There will be mistakes.
*There will be trial and error.
*They will get distracted and need to be put back on task.

Just remember your patience and focus on what’s really important and what you are teaching your little one!!

Also, when we first started some of these there was rebuttal from our daughter……just stick with it and keep your patience, it gets better I promise! She used to complain and try to fight it, but she learned that didn’t get her anywhere, she still had to do it. (Isn’t that a life lesson!) Now she does it without argument.

Another tip: Make a chore chart!! I bought one a little over a year ago from the Dollar Tree. It had plenty of space to fill in the chores and then spaces to check off each chore each day. It was dry erase so we just wiped off the check marks each Sunday and started over. Over time it got to the point that it wouldn’t wipe off so I made my own! You can print them from online. A simple google or Pinterest search will give you load of different options! You can print one out and either laminate it or put it in a sheet protector and it will then be dry erase! Which is what I did. She LOVES this! She loves making the checks and getting high fives when everything is checked 😉

Well I hope my experience and what we do can help you in some way!! Good luck with your chores for your little one/ones!!

Don’t forget to do something to make someone smile today!!

Until next time,

Making a Routine: Cleaning Schedule

Hola all! Jenn here with a post about getting in a routine.

A few years ago when I was trying to get some organization in my life….again not a strong suit of mine….I did what anyone else would do, I googled home organization. Well, lots of sites and blogs came up that had tips for all sorts of things to do to get organized around the house.

One I found that I really liked had a weekly cleaning schedule that was supplemented with a daily quick clean schedule. Well, I thought that was a great idea!! The way it goes is you have things to do each day of the week, but the weekend was pretty much free. I printed it off and tried to start it, but I have to admit that I failed. I was working 40 hours a week, trying to sell Avon on the side, trying to be a fun mom to a 2 yr old, and I had a laundry list of other things going on. (I struggle with wanting to do it all) So I tried and tried but I just never seemed to stay on schedule. I was not good at juggling, you are probably better than me. I always ended up just cleaning some at night and doing most of my cleaning on the weekend…..or attempting to ignore those bothersome dust bunnies 😉

Well, when we moved and I was blessed to be able to stay at home I decided to give the cleaning schedule another go, and I did a much better job keeping up with it. I LOVE it now! (I also have preached to not take on to many things at once…..well I have gotten better)

It is so simple and if you can stick to it, you will be impressed with the results! When I stick to it daily my house never seems dirty…..except for the dog hair, but we love our dog and when I watch him and my daughter play it is all worth the extra sweeping.

Okay now for the weekly cleaning schedule:


See so simple! I love it! I wake up everyday knowing what I need to do and it doesn’t take long to take care of the days work, so that leaves lots of time for all the fun things!

You may also find, like I have, that you don’t need to dust every week so some Wednesdays all I have to do is vacuum the bedrooms. So that means Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays are super easy! Usually as a rule I sweep/vacuum and mop my kitchen, family room, living room, dining room, and hallway on Mondays and Thursdays or Tuesdays and Fridays…with spot mopping and sweeping in between, I have a dog and a child so my floors get dirty fast 😉

To supplement that there is a daily quick clean:


These were taken from the blog

These are the two schedules I found and love! I have added something’s to them as I needed, but that’s the great thing. You can alter them to fit what works best or you. And if you want to see more examples, a simple Google or Pinterest search for cleaning schedules or cleaning routines will show you lots of different ones and I am sure you can find the one that’s right or you!

I have added to the schedule as needed and will share those with you in a later post. Once you can stay on schedule it is easy to add to it.

This has really helped me become a better homemaker(I am not perfect and my house isn’t spotless, but I am way better than I used to be), and I hope that it will help you to!

Don’t forget to do something to make someone smile today!