Page Turning Mondays- Pooh’s Silly Day

Hi everyone! Jennifer here with a Page Turning Monday post. Today’s book is:

I love this book. It is the fun story of how Pooh and his friends are going to catch the “April Fool” and fool him, before he can fool them. This book is sure to be a favorite of yours and to give you some laughs with your little one as you read it.

Now, of course April Fool’s Day is coming up! So it’s the perfect time to share this book with your little(s) and then play some pranks on them! Check out my April Fool’s Day Board on Pinterest for some great ideas and a coloring sheet.

And because I have always wondered how this day came to be I just had to consult Google! I found a great article on that you can enjoy and share with your kiddos.

I hope you enjoy this book and your day of pranking!!

Have fun,

Jennifer Donovant


Page Turning Mondays- There Was an Old Lady who Swallowed a Clover

Hi everyone!! 

It has been quite sometime since we had a page turning Monday post, but we are going to try to get those going again 🙂

Today’s book is one I recently came across when I was looking for St. Patrick’s Day goodies for the kids.

It is:

There Was an Old Lady Who Swallowed a Clover

This is a fun book that entertained my 8yr old greatly. You follow along as the Old Lady swallows various things for various reasons until the end when it all comes together and you see why she swallowed what she swallowed.

I highly recommend this as a fun St. Patrick’s day read! I purchased ours on Amazon for less than $10, but you could also check your local library!

Now for some St. Pattys Day fun!!

Check out this link to my Pinterest board for ideas that go along with this fun book!

We always enjoy crafts, leprechaun traps, and green pancakes! Check out this link for my St Patty’s Day board!

I hope you have fun celebrating this holiday with your littles!

There are several books in this series. We also have There Was an Old Lady Who Swallowed a Bell which is for Christmas.  Be sure to check them all out!
Until next time,


Page Turning Monday’s-Little Red Hen Makes a Pizza

Hello all!!

Jennifer here with today’s page turning Monday post.  Today’s book is:


Written by Philemon Sturges
Illustrated by Amy Waldrod

This book was given to us by a friend and recently my daughter pulled it out and has wanted to read it over and over.

This is a fun story about little red hen who is going to make a pizza, and as she makes it she finds she is missing ingredients and everytime she asks her friends to help they say “no”, but when it comes time to eat the pizza they have a different answer!!

Now the fun to go along with the book!

-Most certainly make a pizza with your little one(s)!!
-Talk about your favorite toppings. You could use this as a time to work on graphs with your families favorites.
-This could be a good opening for getting your little one to try different toppings. Experiment with different things.
-This can be a great time to discuss slicing the pizza into halves, thirds, fourths, etc.
-Break out the playdough and make pizzas with it.
-Talk about making food for others and how taking and sharing food with others is a great service.
-Have a movie and pizza night.
-Check out the Pinterest board I put together by clicking here.
-Check out other little red hen books.

Hope you enjoy this book and have lots of fun with it.

Until next time,

Page Turning Monday’s-Who Will Carve the Turkey This Thanksgiving

Hello all!!

Jenn here with a new page turning Monday post.  With thanksgiving right around the corner I am sharing a thanksgiving book today.  Today’s book is:


Written by Jerry Pallotta
Illustrated by David Biedra

This is a fun story about a little boy who is thinking about thanksgiving and begins to wonder who will carve the turkey? Then you and the little one you a reading to can follow his imagination as he pictures all different kinds of animals carving the turkey…..But when the doorbell rings he sees who will carve the turkey!!

Now to carve out some fun 🙂

1.  I will keep this book on hand to use when discussing animals. It has several different ones and you could easily use the story as a lead in for taking about each animal (how it lives, what it eats, it’s classification, etc.), then you could follow the animal info discussion with a craft about that animal. A fun teaching tool!!

2. Encourage your child to make up their own story about what animal they would like to see carve the turkey. You could even break out the art supplies and put together your own homemade book!

3. Talk about all things turkey and do all things turkey craft related! There are so many fun things to do, a Pinterest search never disappoints for crafts.  If you would like to check out my thanksgiving craft roundup just click here.

These are a few of my ideas, but I know you can come up with more!!

I hope you have a wonderful thanksgiving full of fun, friends, family, and some pumpkin pie 😉

Until next time,
Jennifer Donovant

Page Turning Monday’s-A Bad Case of the Stripes

Hello all!!

Jennifer here with your latest page turning Monday post.

Today’s book is


Written by David Shannon

We went to our local libraries trunk our treat and one of the librarians was dressed as the little girl from this story.  My daughter thought she looked awesome and we checked out the book.

We have read it twice and my daughter and I both love it!

It is a story about a little girl who is very concerned about what others think. She picks her clothes based on what others will think.  She even has a secret love of lima beans that she hides because everyone hates lima beans.

All of a sudden she discovers that she is covered in stripes!  She has to go to school covered in stripes, where she then starts to change from stripes to other patterns based on what patterns the other kids shout out.  She is so embarrassed.

This story follows her bad case of the stripes going from bad to worse, while she learns to be herself and not get hung up on what others think.  A valuable lesson for children and adults alike.

This story provides so many opportunities for discussions with your child.  Help them understand how important it is to be themselves, regardless of what others think or say.  Explain to them how important it is to stand up for what they believe in.  Talk to them about how hurt the little girl was by others making fun of her, talk about how God makes everyone different and they shouldn’t make fun of others for their differences.

Some fun learning can go along with this story.

1. Talk about different colors. 
2. Review colors with your little one.
3. Review what colors can be combined to make other colors.
4. Play with paint. Let your little one get messy and mix together different colors to see what they can create.
5. Use this as a time to work on patterns. There are several in the story you can use, and then build on.
6. If your child has a fear of doctors talk about how brave the girl in the story was and she saw a lot of doctors.

I hope you enjoy this story and that you and your little one have lots of fun!!

Until next time,

Page Turning Monday’s- Skelton Meets the Mummy

Hello all, yes it has been awhile….sorry. You know how it is, life gets busy. But we do very much so miss blogging on a regular basis, maybe one day 😉

Today I am here with another p page turning Monday installment! Today’s book is:


Written by Steve Metzger.
Illustrated by Aaron Zenz.

We recently found this book at the library and naturally my daughter wanted it since Halloween is coming 🙂

It is a fun story about a little skeleton who goes for a walk and soon finds he is being followed by a mummy!!  My daughter loved the suspense of this story and I am guessing your little one will to!!

Now for some fun to go along with the story……

1. I would highly recommend wrapping your child with streamers or toilet  paper to make them a mummy!!

2. Then hop onto Pinterest and simply search for mummy and/or skeleton crafts. There are so many! And your search should even find some snacks for you and your little one to try. Check out the ones I rounded up click here

3. Google Skeleton meets the Mummy activities. There are several listed.

Well I hope you enjoy this book and can have some mummy and skeleton fun with your little one!

Have a safe Halloween and until next time: don’t forget to do something to make someone smile today.


Page-Turning Mondays: The Kissing Hand

While this post is almost a year old in date, I believe it’s a good read and reminder as many of our children prepare begin a new school year, some for very first time. Make special memories and enjoy this season. Have a great school year, y’all! ~ Jess

Hey, y’all! Jess here with a new Page-Turning Monday post that’s sure to warm your heart!

It’s been a flurry of excitement at our house the past few weeks. We returned home from a much-needed, uplifting and wonderful family vacation and conference of the Lord’s church, college football season has begun (Roll Tide, y’all!!), we are 6 weeks away from the birth of our third son, and our oldest son reached a new milestone-starting Kindergarten. It is so hard to believe that my oldest baby is 5 and already in school! It’s like I just blinked my eyes and my firstborn was crawling, then walking, then talking, and now he’s a Kindergartener! It is bittersweet to think he’s already this big, but I am so thankful and blessed to be on this journey and adventure in Kindergarten with him as his teacher! We have prayerfully made the decision as a family to educate our boys at home, and it has been a tremendous joy and opportunity filled with blessings thus far. Like most mamas, I did get teary-eyed on my son’s first official day of school, and took many pictures of him. Here’s one of my handsome boy getting ready to head in to school:


I promise I’m getting to the book…just bear with me!

A few nights before my son’s first day of Kindergarten, I pulled out a book from our home library that I felt was fitting of the new beginning of starting school. It’s The Kissing Hand by Audrey Penn.

It’s a sweet story of little Chester Raccoon who is soon to be starting school, and is faced with some anxieties about being away from home for the first time. His mother, Mrs. Raccoon, has a special secret to share with him that makes his nights at school special, and forms a special bond between mother and son that not even being apart for a time can break. I thought this would be a special book to share with my boys, and even though my oldest did not leave home as he began Kindergarten, it’s still special to help them realize and remember that as they grow, change, and begin to spread their wings that Mommy will always love them. Both of my boys loved this book, and we have been reading it the past few nights, and, of course, there have been lots of kisses!

I have seen a lot of activities to go with this book just by searching Google and Pinterest, so I would go to either one or both of these resources if you would like to make a craft to accompany this book. There were so many cute ideas that I saw!

But above all, make sure that your child knows that you love him/her. Make sure you hug and kiss your child often, tell them you love them, show them that you love them, and just spend quality time with them as often as you can. It’s true that my oldest boy has grown so fast in 5 years, and it makes my mother’s heart a little sad to know that time will only pick up speed now that school has started for him and as he gets older. Cherish each day, for they will only be this little for this day only. Tomorrow, they will be older, learn something new, and will be one step closer to leaving the nest and flying out on their own. Instill within them God’s love first of all, and your love for them as well. Kiss those little hands, mamas and daddies! Make each day special, and each day count! Enjoy your children!!

Until next time!