Teaching the Bible to Children

Hey y’all Jennifer here with a post that is about something that is so important…..teaching children about God.

I know we all have different methods and all children are different, but I wanted to share what has/is working well with my little girl.

We have tried different things, but she is really enjoying what we do now and is retaining it very good.

My lessons are based off a curriculum written by a preacher named Mike Glenn and his wife called the Joshua Generation. The study is set up on a month schedule and each month covers a different characteristic. There is a slogan for each month, memory verses, and four bible stories (one for each week). We do the same story for a week. I also added a hymn from a hymn book that goes along with each characteristic.

We start by reviewing:
How many books are in the bible, how many in each testament, and other things like how many apostles, who were the first people, how they were made, little things like that.

This month is characteristic is self control. So we review the slogan and what it means. The slogan is self control is my goal.

Then we practice her memory verse and what it means, you will be amazed at how quickly they can remember this! The curriculum provides four memory verses, but we usually focus on one or two. Sometimes I pick a different verse, depending on length and her ability to understand it.

Then we move on to our story for the week. This week we are studying Adam and Eve and how they didn’t practice self control and what happened. This story is in most children’s bible story books so you can use that, or you can read straight from the bible. We have been blessed to be able to borrow a felt board set so that is what we use, and my daughter loves it. For this story I have been reading straight from the bible, it helps her to remember little details that aren’t always in regular bible story books. So I read the story and use the felt board to illustrate what is happening. I move the pieces and review the story for the beginning of the week then as the week progresses I let her tell the story and move the felt pieces. It always amazes me how much she remembers. I know not everyone will have access to a felt board, but you can find different things to illustrate the story like bible story books or even picture cards.

After the story we discuss how they didn’t practice self control, and how they could have better handled the situation.

Our hymn for this month is Trust and Obey so after the story we sing the hymn and talk about the song.

Then we sing other songs like the books of the bible, the apostles song, and other favorites of hers.

Then we close with a prayer. We usually use our prayer pail, it’s a wonderful tool that my sister in law blogged about in a previous post. My daughter picks out three sticks and prays for who ever is listed on the sticks, then I draw out three and pray for them.

Then we are done. It’s that simple!

I have really enjoyed using this curriculum with with my daughter. I like it because it already gives you everything you need. I have adjusted it some to make it on my daughter’s level, but that’s one of the beautiful things about! You can do it repeatedly and change it for them as they grow and mature.

If you are interested in getting curriculum you can email Mike Glenn at

If you are interested in the other things we use they are these:

*Betty Lukins felt board set- click here
*Books of the bible song from you tube-I couldn’t paste the link, but search book of the bible song and it is the one with blue back ground with white clouds by bigsbyshow
*Children’s bible story book-click here to see the book I like
*Prayer pail-click here

An added bonus is as the parent/teacher you are reading and researching the stories and you learn along with you child!

Well I hope this helps you in some way, and if you have any suggestions or things you use to study the bible with your child please share it in the comments.

Until next time,


Fun in the Tub

Hola y’all! Ginger here with a new post about having some fun in the tub!

I ran across all these ideas on Pinterest, and I can tell you they are kid tested and approved!

The first is so simple and was an instant hit with my daughter. Go to the dollar store and buy a pack of glow sticks, at bath time run the bath like normal, then snap a few(2-3 is what we use) to make them glow, then toss them in the tub, once your little one gets in, turn off the lights and hear their excitement!! My daughter loves this! I have quite a few packs of glow sticks I keep in the linen closet, so every now and then I toss a few in her bath as a fun glowing surprise!!

The next one is bath tub paint. My daughter loves to paint! After the first time I made her these, she ask for them repeatedly!! This can be used while in the bath out just as a fun “rainy day” activity.

You will need a muffin tin, shaving cream, food coloring, and paint brushes.


Simply fill each muffin tin hole with shaving cream, then add whatever food coloring you would like to each section, then sir them up. I found as I was stirring in the colors the shaving cream was dissolving so I did add more cream as I was mixing it up. Then once my daughter was in the bath I gave her the tin and brushes, she was beyond excited!!
*I didn’t have any issues with this staining my tub*

The third is a fun idea that works great for those days you are stuck inside. Bath tub fishing!

You will need:
Magnetic letters (like for the fridge)
A fishing pole (we made ours with sticks and yarn)
A magnet for the”bait”. This was a trial and error part for me. I first tried the magnetic tape from the craft department and old magnets from my fridge, but they were not strong enough to hold onto the letters and pull them out of the water. I ended up using a mason jar ring magnet-I got it at Wal-Mart in the canning area for less than $1, it is a strong magnet on a sort of pole so you can lift you canning lids and rings out of boiling water easier for canning, really a brilliant thing that I love!

All I did was run a little water in the tub, enough to fill the bottom and allow for fun fishing, then dropped in the letters, and let my daughter fish. She fished some just playing and then to take advantage of the opportunity I would have her try to get certain letters. She looked for letters that started names (hers and her cousins), then we would just catch whatever letter we could and we had to name a word that started with that letter, then I would have her take the letters she had caught and see if we could make a word. She really enjoys fishing in the tub, she likes to put her stool in the tub, roll up her pants legs, put her feet in the water, and just relax and catch some letters.
*My daughter is 5, but we played this one day when I was watching a little boy who is 3, he enjoyed it just as much and we were still able to have some learning time. I would ask him what the letter was after he caught it, some he knew and some he didn’t, but it was a fun way to work on our letters 馃檪



Well these are the three things we have done at our house to have fun in the tub! I hope you enjoy them and have done fun in your tub to!!

Don’t forget to do something to make someone smile today…like having some fun in the bathtub.

Until next time,

Page Turning Mondays: “Fancy Nancy

Hola all! Ginger here with your latest Page Turning Monday post!!

Todays book is:


Written by: Jane O’Connor and Illustrated by Robin Preiss Glasser.

Fancy Nancy is an adorable little girl who loves everything, but she always likes to make things look, sound, and act more fancy. In this book we are introduced to Fancy Nancy and learn how she made her bedroom more fancy, how she taught her family to be more fancy, and how they even dressed fancy to go out for supper!

There are several books in the Fancy Nancy collection and so far my daughter has enjoyed all of them that we have read.

Now for some fancy fun to go along with the story:

路You have to let your little one dress up as fancy as they can! I am talking dresses, shoes, jewelry, hat, makeup, gloves, everything fancy!

路Let your little one make you fancy. My daughter loves to dress me up, do my nails, and to do my makeup. Let them make you fancy!

路Plan a fun”fancy” activity for after your all dressed up. Maybe have a tea party.

路Act out the story and let your little one make their bedroom fancy, let them teach you to be fancy, and for some added fun go out to eat all fancied up!

路You could also combine this story with numerous crafts and letters of the alphabet.
-My first thought is doing c for crown and letting your little one make and fancy their own crown. Try to use different shape and colored jewels so you can discuss colors and shapes.
-Have your little one sort the jewels by various categories: shape, color, size, etc.
-If they are old enough use this as a time to practice those scissor skills and let them cut out shapes to use on their crown, and let them cut out their crown.
-If they can, use this as a fun way to work on math skills. Try some simple addition and subtraction with whatever you are using to decorate your crown.

路There are several Fancy Nancy books that are set in different seasons, so the fun teaching possibilities are endless, not to mention all the opportunities for crafts and dressing up!

I haven’t tried Google or Pinterest, but I am sure you can find more ideas there!

I hope you enjoy this book and the others in the collection, now go have some Fancy Nancy fun with your little one!!

Don’t forget to do something to make someone smile today.

Until next time,

Secret Sight Word Valentines

Hey y’all!

Jess here again with a really fun learning activity for Valentine’s Day. I found this activity on Pinterest as just a fun Valentine’s craft, but I decided to go a different route with it and use it as a learning tool and a time to review the sight words my Kindergartner has learned so far. This project was so, so simple to create, and let me tell you, my son LOVED it! He got so surprised to see a hidden message appear as he painted, and of course, read the word he discovered, thus reviewing the words he learned without even realizing that this was an educational activity! I love being able to make learning fun for my boys and watching them grow in their knowledge!

All I did for this activity was cut hearts of various sizes out of white copy paper and write the sight words he had learned on then with a white crayon.


That way, the words go unnoticed until the paint is applied. You could write valentine messages, draw pictures, review letters or numbers with your younger child, or do any number of things with this activity. The possibilities are endless!

Next, just give your child a set of watercolors and let them go to work! They will be so surprised as they see a secret hidden message appear!







I even made a special one for my hard-working boy!


This is such a fun and versatile activity that we’ll be doing again throughout the year. My boys couldn’t get enough of it!

I hope you and your kiddos will try out this easy yet entertaining project, and that it will be bring lots of smiles and giggles to your classroom or home, or in our case, our homeschool!

Have fun with your learning! Until next time!

Need to Organize: All that Paper!!

Hola all!! Ginger here with another organization post.

Today’s topic is all that paper!! If you are like me you like to have paper on hand to be able to go back and look at….I can’t bear to throw away all that wonderful artwork given to me by my little one or other littles who are special to me….and I also have every worksheet that my daughter has brought home from preschool and most of the ones from various bible classes and vacation bible schools.

I have a lot of paper 馃檪 Well obviously, I can not keep all these papers forever, so how do I organize them?

Well, while cruising Pinterest I found some ideas.

One is to have a tote per child per year to keep all their schoolwork….well I know I only have one child but you are still talking about 15 totes!! And that’s just school-doesn’t include home art or bible class! There was no way that was the option for me.

Then I saw a post about scanning your child’s artwork on the computer and then only keeping really special ones-and that’s when it happened “lightbulb”! We had already began backing up pictures on thumb drives and storing those in fire proof containers…..I should just get a scanner and do that for everything!!

Well folks on Black Friday we got a new printer/scanner/copier and I LOVING it!

Unfortunately, as I write this my daughter is sick so we have been staying indoors….but on the plus side I have been able to start scanning things.

I am scanning everything! Preschool work, bible class papers, artwork, pictures, tax info, medical papers, receipts for everything we will need for taxes!! I am having so much fun! And I am greatly decreasing our paper!!

I am beyond excited to go from an overflowing file cabinet to a small little thumb drive! I do plan to have different thumb drives for different things….currently planning one for school work, one for bible class, one for important documents, one for taxes, but once I get a lot scanned in then I may change my plan.

So if you are like me and have an overflowing file cabinet you may want to try scanning everything in and saving it to a removable storage device and then storing that in a fireproof container!

Well I hope this helps you in some way and don’t forget to do something to make someone smile today!!

Until next time,

Page-Turning Mondays: How to Make an Apple Pie and See the World

Hey y’all! Jess here with a new PTM post. Fall in in full swing in our part of the state, and we’ve certainly been enjoying all it has to offer… especially the delicious apples! Every year since my oldest son was born, we take a family trip to a nearby orchard and get apples to enjoy at home. This year, since we’re also homeschooling our oldest son, our annual family trip turned into a field trip! This coincided perfectly with the apple unit of our curriculum. We got to explore the orchard and see the apples growing on the trees, and of course, sample some of the wonderful fruit!

The curriculum we use recommends certain books for each unit, and one book we’ve enjoyed about apples is How to Make an Apple Pie and See the World by Marjorie Priceman.

This is a neat book that takes a look at the journey involved in making an apple pie when your local market is closed. Be prepared for some traveling!

Some educational activities to include with this story would be to look at a globe and identify the locations mentioned in the book, and study those areas (if your child is interested/old enough).

Another sweet activity to do with your child is to make an apple pie together. There is a recipe included in the back of the book for you to follow if you choose.聽 We made the pie as part of our lesson for the day (among many other apple treats) and it was good!




I hope you take the time to enjoy the sights and flavors of the season with your little ones! There is so much to do and explore in autumn. Happy reading to all!

Until next time!

Teach Your Children: Family Birthday Calendar

Hey y’all! Jess here with a fun learning project for your kids.

I came up with this idea back in the late winter/early spring of this year when my boys were learning about the seasons and the months of the year as a part of our preschool at home curriculum. As we talked about the months of the year, I made sure to mention the months they were born in and the season that month falls in, to help them retain more information. Well, I did this mostly for my youngest son. My oldest has NO problem whatsoever in remembering when his birthday is! Of course, all this talk about birthdays and months made my sons naturally start asking questions, such as “When is your birthday, Mommy?”, “What month was Granny born in?”, “Is Daddy’s birthday in the spring or the fall?”. And all these great questions led me to my brainstorm, which is the subject of today’s post. I decided to make a family birthday calendar, complete with pictures of family members, to help my boys learn in which months our family members have birthdays. I have to say it’s been a fun learning tool! Here are the steps I used to make our pictorial family birthday calendar.

First, to make the headings for each month, I believe I just googled “month of the year printables” and found ones that were free and looked kid-friendly. I liked the ones I chose because they had children on them doing activities pertaining to the month, which was an added bonus in helping the boys remember what season each month falls in. I wish I could remember the website where I found my month headings, but I just can’t. Sorry, y’all! You could always make your own, if you’re so inclined. You could do any graphic or make them any size that fits your liking! I just printed them off on cardstock, to make them a little more sturdy and durable.




Next, I found pictures of our family members, cropped them in Word to make them the desired size and to get a good view of the face, then added their name underneath the picture, and printed them off on cardstock.


After getting all my pages printed, I then laminated them, (On a side note, I can’t say enough good things about my laminator! Boy, I just love that thing! It was my Amazon Lightning Deal of the Day purchase back around Christmas of 2011, and I scored this baby for $17! A good price for a great purchase that has served me well with all my homeschooling endeavors! I get my laminating sheets at Sam’s, and they have lasted me forever! I bought them shortly after I got my laminator, and haven’t had to buy any more since, so I’ve had them for over a year now. Of course, this would all depend upon the frequency of your laminating. But for me, it’s been great!) and cut them out.

Now, where you put your family birthday calendar is totally up to you. You may want to make it small and put it in a notebook for your child to take with them as a quiet activity.聽 You may not like putting things of this nature on your walls, and that’s okay, too. For me, I knew the wall in our toy room would be a great place to put our family birthday calendar. Since we homeschool our children, we figure that as they get older and transition out of playing with toys that the toy room will become our school room. But for now, it’s our toy room that gives us plenty of wall space to use for school purposes, so that’s where we put our calendar. I just put up the month headings, put the pictures under the correct month (I used sticky tack to put up the headings and pictures), made sure they were as evenly spaced as possible, and voila! There you have it! Our family birthday calendar! I have to say, it looks great on our wall, and adds a fun, personal touch to the boys’ play area. They like looking up from play and seeing familiar faces of their loved ones on the wall.


Since my oldest son will be beginning Kindergarten in the fall (*sniff*…that’s another post for another day!), I think I will purchase a wall calendar to put in our toy/school room for us to do our daily calendar time, and will use the month headings and pictures of our family members for the wall calendar. That way, the boys can see what day of the month a certain family member has a birthday (for example, Aunt Casey’s birthday is on the 4th, so her picture would go by the number 4 on the calendar). When that month is over, I’ll just return the heading and pictures back to the wall, and grab the next month heading and pictures. I just love when things I make can be used for a dual purpose!

I hope this post has been helpful and inspiring to you to help create your own family birthday calendar for your little ones! Have fun, include your kiddos in helping you with this project, and just make it your own!

Until next time!