Page Turning Monday’s- Skelton Meets the Mummy

Hello all, yes it has been awhile….sorry. You know how it is, life gets busy. But we do very much so miss blogging on a regular basis, maybe one day 😉

Today I am here with another p page turning Monday installment! Today’s book is:


Written by Steve Metzger.
Illustrated by Aaron Zenz.

We recently found this book at the library and naturally my daughter wanted it since Halloween is coming 🙂

It is a fun story about a little skeleton who goes for a walk and soon finds he is being followed by a mummy!!  My daughter loved the suspense of this story and I am guessing your little one will to!!

Now for some fun to go along with the story……

1. I would highly recommend wrapping your child with streamers or toilet  paper to make them a mummy!!

2. Then hop onto Pinterest and simply search for mummy and/or skeleton crafts. There are so many! And your search should even find some snacks for you and your little one to try. Check out the ones I rounded up click here

3. Google Skeleton meets the Mummy activities. There are several listed.

Well I hope you enjoy this book and can have some mummy and skeleton fun with your little one!

Have a safe Halloween and until next time: don’t forget to do something to make someone smile today.



Page-Turning Mondays: We’re Going on a Ghost Hunt

Hey all! It’s Jenn here with your latest Page-Turning Monday Post. Well it is nearing one of my favorite holidays, HALLOWEEN!!! Seriously, I love it! And I love reading Halloween stories to my daughter, so to go along with that:

Today’s book is:


Adapted by Kris Hirschmann and Illustrated by Bryan Langdo.

This is an adorable adaptation of the classic “We’re Going on a Bear Hunt” and a must read for Halloween or even around the campfire!

It follows the tune of Going on a Bear Hunt, except you go on a ghost hunt. So you go over creaking bridges, through swamps, and of course into a haunted house where you find GHOST!!!

My daughter and I LOVE this book! We have so much fun reading it and I think you and your little ones will enjoy it as well.

Now for some activities:

-There is of course singing the story and acting it out.

-My daughter loved simply cutting holes in a sheet last year and wearing it around pretending to be a ghost.

-I would also do some ghost crafts. There is such an abundance of them! Some of my favorites have been footprint ghost which we sent to grandparents as Halloween cards last year, milk jug ghost, and the ever simple trash bag ghosts to hang from trees.

-This would be a good time to discuss that ghost are not real and remember all kids are different! Mine has no fear of anything Halloween related (probably because I love it so and she has grown up with the decor and helping decorate), but some kids may be scared of ghost so be careful when talking about them.

-You can check out last years post G is for Ghost to see some ghostly fun we had!

-And as always a simple Pinterest or Google search will not disappoint for crafts and fun to have for ghost.

Well I hope you enjoy this story and have a wonderfully fun Halloween!!

Until next time,

G is for Ghost

Hola! Jenn here!! I wanted to share some crafts we have enjoyed doing the past week. Our theme was ghost and thanks to Pintrest and Google I found some wonderful things!!

One of our favorites was footprint ghost! We made cards out of them. We did a footprint ghost on one side and a handprint tree on the other, then Kaitlyn used q-tips to paint leaves on. She really enjoyed this, especially covering her foot and hand in paint 🙂 We did do some filling in on the tree and ghost…she has a very high arch and the ghost was a little odd 🙂



One of my favorites was milk jug ghost! So simple!! You just wash out a milk jug, draw on a ghost face, cut a hole in the back, and insert Christmas lights or battery operated tea lights! Super cute!! You can paint the jug if it is a clear one, which is what we did. (Be sure to wash the outside good so the paint sticks…we had some peeling issues) We also painted one orange and added a jack-o-lantern face.

We both had fun with this next one. It is easy, a little time consuming, but so cute when done! Just take a regular tissue and put or over a tootsie roll pop, then use a ribbon or twist tie to hold tissue one, draw on a face(Kaitlyn liked doing them in different colors) and then say hello to some adorable ghost to pass out to your little trick or treaters!! These look so cute in our bags and I hope the kids will enjoy them!!


Hope you have a great Halloween and have lots of treats!! We are going to enjoy a white Halloween which is definitely a first for me!!


Bye Bye for now lovely’s!!


W is for Witch

Hola!! It’s Jenn here!!

I wanted to share with you a very simple, inexpensive craft. I found this via Google, but take my advice and be very specific when you Google witch craft…some sketchy things came up :0

All you need for this is a party hat (we used one left over from a past birthday), paper plate, black spray paint, glue, and whatever you want to decorate it with.

You start by spray painting the hat and plate (we painted both sides of the plate) once dry cut a hole in the plate to pull the string through. (the directions said to cut triangle shapes in the center of plate and fold into hat and glue) we found that very awkward so we used the hot glue gun to glue the hat to the plate and that has held up, but I was sure to pull the string through from the party hat so it can hold the hat on her head.


Then let your little one decorate however they want! Kaitlyn used glitter paint and we borrowed feathers from a boa she already had.

Super easy and cheap!

Happy Playing!!

B is for Bat, Baby, and Basket

Hola All! Jenn here. I wanted to share some things that we are doing at home during our after school time (I got that name from the pinkandgreenmomma-you should check out her blog, I am in love!) Kaitlyn goes to preschool in the morning, but we still have “after school” later in the afternoon.

We always do one letter a week along with worksheets, numbers, and other things. Starting this month we have worked on things that also relate to this season. Our first week was B is for Bat. So we did the letter B and she even practiced writing bat. It worked very well! She can now write bat all by herself 🙂 our craft was to make a bat. I found the following idea online by googling bat crafts. It is very simple and she really enjoyed it. We started by painting an empty toilet paper roll, then after it dried we glued on googly eyes and ears we made from construction paper, then Kaitlyn painted it with her glitter paint to make it more “pretty”. For the wings we trace her hand onto black construction paper then cut them out and glued those on as wings. See! Super easy and fun!



I have also started making a “collection” for the letter of the week. I go through all of her books and pull out ones with the letter of the week in the title, and go trough her toys to pull out toys that start with that letter or have that letter in them-I put these all together in a bin and on the front of the bin I place a piece of paper that has the letter written in upper and lower case and then I write words that start with the letter or have the letter in it and underline our letter of the week. It takes a little time, but not to much and she really enjoys her “collections”. The books that have been pulled out are what we use as bedtime stories. We also go to the library once a week and will get books with the “letter of the week” in the title, if we do not have enough to get us through at home.


We also decided that we would carry the letter of the week throughout our Bible time as well. Our story for that week was Baby in a basket. So we read the story of Moses as a baby and we sang songs from our hymnal that had B in the title. For a practical application and some extra fun 😉 We put a baby in a basket and floated him down the creek to the Pharaohs daughter! I just tied an air mattress pillow to the bottom of a wicker basket with yarn(that was all I had) then put a baby inside and took it to a park that has a creek. Once we got there we read the story and then we got in the creek and I let the baby Moses go to her down stream and she caught him. This was very simple to do and Kaitlyn loved it! She had so much fun acting out the story and of course getting to go in the creek and catch baby Moses.


Hope some of these ideas in some way help you with play/learning time at home! Let me know how it goes!!
Until next time, JD