One of my favorite things: The Imagination Movers

Hey y’all. Ginger here with a post on one of my favorite things….well actually a kids band.

The Imagination Movers!

If you ever talk to me about kids shows I will tell you my favorite show hands down is the Imagination Movers! 

The concept is wonderful for kids (and adults)!  It is a group of friends who work together to solve problems for each other and people they meet.  They have problems that needed fixing, which they appropriately call “idea emergencies”.  They survey the problem then come up with ideas to fix it.  They each have a special tool and different ideas they use to help which can easily be translated to teach that we all have special talents and ideas which are all needed to solve problems.  Usually the first idea doesn’t work, but they don’t give up, they keep trying until they succeed! Added to that they have wonderful songs that are catchy and awesome to dance to with your little one!

My daughter has loved the Movers for a long time and that was even her request for her birthday party theme last year.

This year we were blessed to be able to take her to see them in concert at the New Orleans jazz fest.  They were awesome!  They came into the crowd and hugged and high fived the kids.  My daughter, along with us and everyone there had so much fun! It was so much AWESOME!  They even did a meet and great after the concert where she got to have her picture made with them and get their autographs….she was actually speechless walking up to them….which is highly unusual for my daughter! We bought their Rock-O-Matic cd at the concert and listen to it everyday! It never gets old!

So if you haven’t seen their show I highly recommend it! It comes on Disney jr. And if you ever have a chance to see them in concert DO IT!!! You won’t be disappointed.





Until next time,


One of My Favorite Things: My Pampered Chef Mixn Chop

Hola y’all! Ginger here with a new post on one of my favorite things!

Today’s is my Pampered Chef Mix n Chop.


I think one of my aunt’s was the first to mention this handy little kitchen tool to me, and I was immediately intrigued! It is used to chop up hamburger really fine for things like tacos and hamburger helper. Well, let me tell you those are two things we eat in our house and I was done with my hand getting tired from using a plastic spoon to to chop up the hamburger!

So the next time I heard of someone having a pampered chef party I ordered one.

I have LOVED it since the first time I used it! It chops up the hamburger really fine, better than I could ever do with a spoon. I also use it to chop sausage. It is very durable, and dishwasher safe! I have had mine for probably around 3 years now and it still looks brand new after multiple uses and runs through the dishwasher!

So if you do a lot of chopping on meat while it is cooking I highly recommend investing in one of these! It makes it so much easier!!

You can go online and order one, or find out if someone you know is having a party and get you one. It currently cost $11.50. I don’t think you will regret it, if you are like me you wiki find it was money well spent!

Well that’s all for now! Don’t forget to do something to make someone smile today!!

Until next time,

One of My Favorite Things: The Money Saving Mom

Hola all! Ginger Donovant here with a post on one of my favorite things.

It is the Money Saving Mom website. This is an incredible website that will email you deals and freebies!!

You just simply go to her website and sign up to receive emails for the stores of your choice and she will send out weekly emails with all the best deals at the stores you selected.The emails also will tell you how to use coupons that come in the mail or that can be printed from online to get the best deals….and she will tell you how to stack/double coupons for even better deals!! I know right! How awesome!!

I wish I had heard of this a long time ago!

I love it because she takes some of the leg work out for me! I don’t have lots of time to sit researching which store has the best sales and how to stack my coupons…..and she does it for me and emails it to me 🙂

The emails will also have different freebies like free printables for organizing or even free homeschooling printables, free kindle downloads, and how to get special online deals through Khols and other stores.

So if you are interested in learning about deals and ways to save money all while saving yourself some time I recommend checking out her site!!

Just click here Money Saving Mom

I tell everyone I talk to about sales and coupons to check out her site, it has helped me and I hope it will help you.

Until next time,
Ginger Donovant

One of My Favorite Things: Aprons

Hey y’all!

Jenn here with a new post about one of my favorite things: Aprons 🙂

I LOVE aprons! They make me so happy, happy, happy.

The first one I ever got was made/given by my mother in law to me years ago, and I never wore it! I know crazy right!

Well, when I became a full time homemaker I needed a way to keep my clothes clean during the day so I started wearing my apron……and I was hooked! I just love them.

They are so universal! They keep you clean while cooking, playing, baking, cleaning, all your daily activities. They have pockets which are so nice for sticking your clothespins in while hanging laundry, or sticking the random toy or piece of trash in to deal with later. I have used it to carry in veggies from the garden. And it comes in so handy for wiping off dust bunnies or the occasional tear from your little ones face when something goes wrong. Oh and it is an awesome napkin/dishtowel! And there is the added bonus of it making me feel like a “pioneer woman”, it makes me feel more like a homemaker for some reason when I wear an apron. When I am sweeping the front porch in a dress and apron while my daughter plays outside….I can not really explain it… is pure happiness.

I am so in love with them that I made one for my sis in law last year for Christmas, that was a lot of fun….confusing but fun! Mine was made with the help of my mother in law and a pattern, but you can find easy kits at Walmart that are pre cut and you just do the sewing.

I currently have 5 aprons and I love them all! Some are more sentimental than others (I have 3 that were made for me and one of them my daughter even has a matching one!). So those are extra special. I have one I bought on vacation this year that I am super excited about! We went to Pennsylvania and visited Amish country and I bought an Amish apron, the long black apron that the Amish women wear. Then I have one from 31 and I can say that it is my least favorite because it ties around the neck which I don’t think is as comfortable for me personally. I can hardly wait to add more to my collection and to find a way to hang them in my kitchen instead of having them stuck in a drawer.

So give an apron a try! They are pretty awesome if I do say so myself!

Don’t forget to do something to make someone smile today!

Until next time!

One of My Favorite Things: Dresses and Skirts

Hola all! Jen here with a post about one of my favorite things……Dresses, Skirts, and Skorts!!

Seriously I LOVE wearing dresses!

It started a little over a year ago. I started wearing a couple around the house and realized I was soooo comfortable! I started wearing them everyday, it was great! Then one day I wore jeans….don’t know why….but I realized I was so grumpy all morning! Then it hit me! I was uncomfortable, so I went and change into a dress and POOF instant mood change!

I have gotten different types of dresses, skirts, and skirts over the past year and I do declare I have never felt more comfortable, girly, or like a pioneer woman!

I don’t have tons of different ones and if you know me or see me often you will see the same ones over and over, but I don’t see spending lots of money to fill my closet….the less choices you have the less time you spend deciding what to wear ;). I also don’t have many for fall or winter so I have to work on that!

With a dress there is nothing constricting around the middle or legs! It is amazingly comfortable, I highly recommend it. I can hardly stand to wear pants anymore….I change as soon as possible!

I am not very girly…..I occasionally wear earrings and my normal jewelry consist of a watch, wedding rings, and those rubber bracelets for different causes. And i have only recently started wearing makeup daily or every other day. I don’t see the need to spend lots of money on makeup, jewelry, and nails. But when I wear a dress I do feel very girly, and I get a lot of compliments from the hubby which is always nice!

I also enjoy the old and outdated way of life and, even though it sounds corny, wearing a dress makes me feel like a “pioneer woman”. I am not kidding when I say there is something rewarding about going to get veggies out of your garden or hanging clothes on the line in a dress and apron!

Now obviously I have a child and we play a lot so there is the issue of bending over. So I combat that with long skirts and dresses (in love with maxi dresses) and I also simply wear shorts under my dresses. I have even taken some old leggings and cut them off into shorts to wear under my dresses. But, ladies, we need to get back to bending down correctly! Tuck your dress in behind your knees and bend at the knees, lets stop bending by bending in the middle!! Very bad!! People can see down your shirt and your dress comes up in the back!! Sorry soapbox rant.

So give dresses a try! There are so many styles nowadays that are so comfortable! You may find as I have that you feel more comfortable, more girly, and maybe even more like a “pioneer woman” 🙂

Don’t forget to do something I make someone smile today!!

Until next time,

One of my Favorite Things: My Wilton Cookie Sheets

Hola y’all! Jenn here with another if my favorite things!!

Today is my Wilton Cookie Sheets.


These are mine stacked sideways to show the different sizes, and you can tell from the picture which are the oldest and the most “seasoned” 🙂
That little one on top was one of my first ones and I use it to bake biscuits and rolls so it is the darkest, the next you see is a bigger size so it is used less frequently, and on the bottom is the largest and the newest.

I was first given a set from my mom-in-law one year and I LOVED them! I used them all the time!! But I found myself needing more for baking cookies….and as luck would have it my mom and my mom-in-law gave me more for Christmas!! I know have 2 of the smallest, 3 of the middle size, and 3 of the large size. It may sound like a lot, but when you make cookies it is nice to have enough to get all the cookies on a pan and ready for the oven instead of having to reload your pans each time you take one out. And since I bake cookies at-least once a week and sometimes twice a week, this is very helpful!!

They do get “seasoned” the more you use them. You can tell in the pic of my little one the whole pan is seasoned, in the below pic you can see where a large one is getting seasoned.


I absolutely love these pans!

-They are nonstick and do not have to be greased for cookies or bread, I sometimes do grease them with crisco when I first use them….but again not necessary.

-They are dishwasher safe, but I do not put them in the dishwasher…..I think the dishwasher messes up the nonstick finish, but that is a personal preference.

-They stack neatly together and fit great in a cabinet or the drawer under your oven.

-They are not that expensive. Mine have all been given to me as gifts, but I have looked at the price and they are very well priced for the quality….Especially if you get them at Bed Bath & Beyond and use a 20% off coupon 🙂

-They are Wilton which is obviously a top name in bakeware!! I have made a few cakes and always used a Wilton pan…..and I am kind of turning into Wilton snob when it comes to baking.

So if you are in need of some new cookie sheets I definitely recommend trying out Wilton Cookie Sheets….and the Wilton brand for all your baking needs!

Don’t forget to do something to make someone smile today!!! Maybe bake them some cookies 😉

Until next time,

One of My Favorite Things: My Paula Deen Pots and Pans

Hola all! Jenn here with another of my favorite things!! Today is my Paula Deen cookware!!


I had this set of pots and pans on my “wish list” for a long time and last Christmas my Mommy got them for me 🙂 Thanks Mom!!

I LOVE these pots and pans! They cook great and they are non stick! I have never really liked cooking, I prefer to bake. But I really enjoy cooking with these. I have learned that I can put the lid on and make them boil/cook quicker and take the lid off (if I find out the hubs is running late) to slow down cooking!

They are dishwasher safe according to the packaging, but I do not put them in the dishwasher. I think the dishwasher messes up a non stick finish, so I do hand wash them….but that is a personal preference.

The set I have comes with 2 frying pans, 3 pots, 1 large stock pot, and a spoon and spatula. This set usually runs around $100.00.

The set comes in a large selection of colors. You can see the different options online via google. I am sure there is a color to meet your fancy. There is a light blue/green that is pretty and a lavender that is beautiful! I personally have the red and they go great in my kitchen! We have white cabinets and our countertop is a beige, black, and white granite and we have black appliances so the red really pops!

I know that Wal-Mart and Kmart carry them, I am not sure about other stores; but they are also online. I can tell you that Wal-Mart has been cheaper than Kmart from my experience. Wal-Mart also had a smokin deal on this set during Black Friday last year!

I did purchase the large saucepan separate which was $40 at Wal-Mart and it works great! I have made my best ever pork chops and fried chicken in it. It also works great for gravy and hamburger helper.


You can also purchase additional pans, utensils, and I have even seen matching mixing bowls…..which may have to be added to my wish list 😉

So if you are in the market for new non stick cookware I highly recommend checking out Paula Deen’s sets!!

Hope this helps you or someone you know!

Don’t forget to do something to make someone smile today!

Until next time!!