Page Turning Mondays: “Apple Farmer Annie”

Hey y’all! Jenn here with your latest Page Turning Monday post!!

Today’s book is:


Written by Monica Wellington

This is a fun book about Annie who is an apple farmer. It talks about her collecting apples in the fall and using them to make different things. Then it follows her to the farmers market where she sells her apples. At the end of the book it list recipes to make some apple goodies!!

Now for some fun to go along:

– Talk about different fruits. How they grow, and what season they come in.

– Take a trip to your local farmers market. Talk about how farmers grow things and sell them. Buy local and teach your children about that.

– Use this as a time to discuss how God provides food for us.

– If you can, plant an apple tree with your little one. They will enjoy digging in the dirt, watering the tree, and eating the “fruits of their labor”.

– Go to an orchard in the fall. They usually have apple festivals with games, hayrides, locally made crafts, and of course you can pick your own apples or buy them while your there.

– Make the apple goodies from the recipes provided in the book.

– Talk about the importance of eating fruit, and encourage it at meals and snack time.

I am sure there are more things you can think of, but those are my ideas that I had while reading the book.

I hope you enjoy this book as much as we did! I immediately texted my girlfriend to tell her about it and we plan to use this book and its recipes at our annual apple festival adventure!

Don’t forget to do something to make someone smile today!