A Little St Patrick’s Day Fun!

Hola all! Ginger here with a Quick post about how we are having some fun with St Patrick’s Day.

First and foremost, I bought my daughter lucky charms! She was so excited! 

Then we took some die cuts I found of a pot of gold and a leprechaun and glued them to craft sticks to make puppets, then we used die cuts of shamrocks and added googley eyes and drew on faces and craft sticks to make puppets out of those also.


Then we pulled out the foam board leftovers from our Valentine craft and green paint and combined two Pinterest finds into one.  You use your child’s hand to make a shamrock, then I added the caption ” not lucky blessed”. I also did these with my preschoolers on thick cardstock and instead of painting the caption I used a green permanent marker.


This next one was a blast and my  daughter loved it!  For this I also combined Pinterest finds. 
You will need a:
Green shirt (found ours at Wal-Mart for $3.00)
Heart shape cookie cutter
Clorox bleach pen.
Cardboard, or something hard to put in the shirt

You simply lay the shirt flat(I placed cardboard between the layers), then with one hand hold down the cookie cutter while your little one traces the cookie cutter with the bleach pen.



You move the cutter around four times and then tada!  A homemade St Patrick’s Day shirt!

We had lots of fun today and I hope you have some fun to!

Until next time,


DIY Days: A Reading Tent

Hola y’all. Ginger here with another DIY day.

Today is making a reading tent.  This is the first thing I ever pinned on Pinterest and after making it,I must say we have loved it!


The one I saw on Pinterest was made from a shower curtain,I however used a sheet because it was cheaper than a cloth shower curtain.

You will need:
A sheet or shower curtain(I used a full size flat sheet that I found at Wal-Mart for$8.50)
A hula hoop(dollar store is the cheapest)
And whatever you want to use to hang it. (I used fishing line-free from my husband, shower curtain rings $1 at Dollar General, and a metal hook that has a screw on the end-free, was stuck in a cabinet when we bought our house)
Whatever you want to use as seating for the inside. I used my daughter’s old crib mattress and various pillows she has gotten over the years.

I simply took the sheet, folded it over the hula hoop and used straight pins to hold it in place.   Then I used my sewing machine to stitch around it and removed the pins.



It’s not a pretty job, but it works 🙂

Then I placed shower curtain rings in four places, tied fishing line through the rings and then hung those on a metal hook that screwed into the ceiling.



The tada! A fun reading tent for us to enjoy.

For a little added fun I put glow in the dark stars on the wall opposite the tent, this has led to some fun snuggle time on the dark 🙂

Well I hope this post has helped you have fun making a reading tent!

Until next time,

DIY Days: All Natural Bleach

Hey y’all! Jenn here with a new DIY Day. Today’s topic is All Natural Bleach.

I found this on Pinterest months ago and couldn’t wait to try it! Well I finally ran out of my store brand bleach a little over a month ago and was sooo excited to get to make this and I am loving it!

It is a super simple recipe and very cheap to make!

All you need is water, lemon juice, peroxide, a measuring cup, and a storage container.

The recipe is:
12 cups of water
1/4 cup of lemon juice
1 cup of hydrogen peroxide

Mix together and use 2 cups per load of laundry.

See super simple and my daughter loves to help with the pouring!

I put mine in an old laundry detergent bottle (if you don’t have one just ask your friends, mine always come through when I ask for random things like empty laundry bottles or milk jugs) and I have an old measuring cup that I keep on my dryer to use for measuring.


I make a double batch when I make mine because it is so easy and I have the storage for it.

The blog I got this recipe from has more pics (sorry I had to get a new phone and all my pics are now stored somewhere else). But you can check out her blog here: All Natural Bleach Alternative

Well I hope you enjoy this!

Until next time,

DIY Days: Make Your Own Reusable Mop Cloths

Hola all! Jenn here with a new DIY day!!

Last summer I started to get tired of using a Swiffer to clean my hardwood floors. I was using the one with the throw away wet pads and it was getting out of hand how many I went through in a week. I mean seriously, it took 2 for the living room, 2 for the kitchen, 2 for the dining room, then 1 for each bedroom and bathroom! What!! That was ALOT of money each week!

So I checked out the spray mops at Wal-Mart and ended up buying a Cedar O brand spray mop. I don’t remember the price now, but it has been totally worth it! It has a convent jug that you put your cleaner in, then spray the trigger, wipe up, take off the reusable pad, wash it, move on! I loved it! I felt like I was saving money each time I mopped!! (And once I switched to mopping with vinegar and water=$$$$)


Then I reached a downside, my mop as starting to leave streaks on my hardwood floors….NO! Well I started trying different things and realized the problem was my mop pad. Even though it was getting washed it seemed to have a film on it…..I blame the chemicals I used to use 😉 Well on my next Wal-Mart trip I looked at replacement pads, they were $7!! No thanks! I have a lot of floors to mop, that was not happening. So I made do with what I had and used dish towels.

Well, one day as I was going through boxes I found old baby towels and old cloth diapers (the best burp clothes!). So I used clothespins to put them on my mop and to my surprise they worked great! No streaks!!


But it is hard to mop with clothespins holding your cloth on so I made them into cloths that would fit my mop. This was so simple anyone can do it!

First I laid out the cloth, put my mop on it, drew a line with a sharpie to tell me where to cut-you want to make it big enough to fold over and go into the little holes on top of the mop-



Then you just sew up the edges so it doesn’t fall apart! Easy Peasy!


I use the first one I made as a template for cutting out the next. I double layered the baby towels since they are thin. Now I have 4 new mop cloths that cost me nothing but some time, way better than spending $28 on new ones 🙂


And my little girl loved it! She got to push the pedal for one whole cloth. She was so excited because she sewed!!


I have used these a few times now and they are working great! I just bleach them after each use and they are ready to go next time!!

Well I hope you enjoyed this DIY day and that it is helpful to you!!

Don’t forget to do something to make someone smile today!


DIY Days: Ditch the paper, Use cloth

Hola all! Jenn here with a new DIY day!

Today’s topic is: Ditch the paper, use cloth!

If you are like me you have become painfully aware of how many rolls of paper towels your house goes through in such a short period of time. It was truly nagging at me.

Saving money has not been easy for me….well I guess that is better stated finding ways to decease spending has been hard for me. One of the things I noticed was how many paper towels we were using, I was going through an alarming amount! Between using them for cleaning, using them at meals, and using them to wipe up messes….it was ridiculous! I talked to my hubby about it and told him I wanted to switch to using cloth for cleaning and meals which lets face it, he’s a guy…he doesn’t really care.

I happened upon a dollar store that was going out of business where I found packs of washcloths which were only 0.75 each. I instantly bought them and started using them for my cleaning. At another dollar store I found the purple cloths in the picture below. They are more absorbent and more abrasive (they those “super” absorbent cloths). I prefer to use them on the toilet, and eventually will switch to using just those on everything as I buy more. They were 2 for $1.00.


I LOVE it! It takes a little more wiping because they do not absorb like paper towels, but I have found it totally worth it! I use the same one to clean both bathroom mirrors, then one for each vanity, and one for each toilet. I use one rag for dusting which I can use 3-4 times before it needs washing. Once they have been used I just simply wash them with my whites so they get bleached 🙂

I found 4 pack of cloth napkins at the goodwill for less than $1.00 (sorry I don’t remember the exact amount). Then when talking to a woman about my new endeavor, she said she had some cloth napkins she didn’t use so she gave me 6! They do not always get very “used” at meals, so I can reuse them, sometimes…..depends on the meal. Once they are dirty I just simply wash them! Added bonus is they look nice on my table!!

-I still use paper towels for cleaning my granite countertops because I found the rags streaked them.

Let me tell you, within a month of using cloth I could tell how much less we used paper towels! I was so excited! A 6 pack roll of paper towels lasted us over 6 months!! I average less than one roll a month…..that is a huge difference than when I was using them to clean both bathrooms, dust, and for meals!

I have never been a fan of using paper plates for everyday meals, I always thought that was a waste of money. (Yes I know not having to wash dishes is nice, but how cost effective?) So I have never done that, but if you do I would suggest looking at how much you spend, compared to a little extra time washing or loading the dishwasher.

So if you are tired of having to use paper towels and tired of the frustration of realizing you are out….ditch the paper and switch to cloth! Your bank account and the environment will thank you!

**EEEKKKK I have to add I recently found DIY reusable fabric papertowles on Pinterest! They are fabric and you can use snaps or Velcro to fasten them together and you roll them around an empty paper towel tube and stick them on your paper towel dispenser……so excited!! Can hardly wait to try making these!

Don’t forget to do something to make some smile today!!

Until next time,

DIY Days: Coconut Oil Lotion

Hola all! Jenn here with a new DIY Day!!

So I love DIY things and I have developed a new found love of things all natural, organic, free of pesticides, free of a gazillion different chemicals, things simply made from “what God gives us” well imagine my surprise to see a blog post on using coconut oil as lotion, and the woman mentioned reading the back of a bottle of lotion. Well I went and read the back of a bottle, then another, then another…..I had a strong Bath and Body Works addiction so I had LOTS of reading material. There were so many ingredients in them it was scary!!

So I immediately went back to the post on using coconut oil to see what I needed. I was shocked to see I only needed a jar of coconut oil. Well, that was simple enough. So on my next shopping trip I was determined to buy a jar and try it out. I was alarmed at how expensive it was…..that was a lot of money for something I wasn’t sure I would like!! Then I remembered a $5 Kroger coupon I had so I went there and got a jar and only ended up spending $1! Score for cheap!!

I started using it right away as my lotion. I would just scoop some out of the jar and rub it right on my skin. It made my skin feel so smooth! I was in love. The only downside was the greasy feeling it left afterwards.

I started looking online more and found a site where a woman mixed her coconut oil with vitamin e and she really liked it. So I decided to give that a try. I think this made it a little better consistency for rubbing in. You can view her post here:

I have to say I LOVE this lotion. It takes some time to get used to the initial greasy feeling, but I have been using this oil, in some form, since march and I don’t notice the greasy feeling anymore. It is not the best when it comes to a hand lotion, I use it….but I use others to. I am hoping to find a natural hand lotion solution, so if you have any suggestions let me know!

I also use this lotion on my daughter. She loves that we made it and that she gets to scoop it out of a mason jar with her finger. I love that I am using something on her that is all natural and it has helped clear up her skin. She is prone to eczema (slight) and heat bumps, since using this lotion her skin is clear 🙂

If you are looking for an all natural lotion alternative, I recommend trying out coconut oil!

You can go online and read tons of other uses for coconut oil and the benefits of using it.

Hope this helps you in some way!!

Don’t forget to do something to make someone smile today!


DIY Days: Getting Urine Stains out of a Matress

Hola y’all! Jenn here with another DIY day!

Today is a kind of gross topic, but if you have children or pets you will understand and appreciate this. Getting urine stains out of a mattress. I ran across this on Pinterest one day and instantly pinned it. We tried it one day and I was AMAZED at how well it worked.

You only need simple ingredients that you probably have have around your house, especially if you have been getting into more DIY cleaners.

You will need a measuring cup, tablespoon, funnel, and spray bottle.

8 ounces of hydrogen peroxide
3 tablespoons of baking soda
1 drop of liquid hand dish washing soap (I used the blue Dawn)

Mix all ingredients into the spray bottle and use within 20 minutes. Spray it onto the stains. You should see the stain lift and disappear within 5-10 minutes. Once the mattress dries, if a baking side film remains, then simply wipe or vacuum it off.

*Per the blog I found this on:
You can not store the leftover solution because it will leak out of the bottle.
The mixture only works if you use it immediately, because the cleaning by products are active for only a short period of time.
**she also has before and after pics you can see those at

This worked wonderfully! There were a few stains on my little ones mattress (we all know about accidents) and they are all gone!

My daughter had gotten sick one night and threw up in her bed, this took out the smell completely, but it did not remove the faint stain. But I consider it a win since the smell is gone.

Our cat had also been accidentally locked in her room for a few hours one day 😦 and peed in her bed, if you have ever had an indoor cat you know how potent that ammonia smell is and how hard it is to get rid of, we’ll this got rid of the smell! TOTAL AWSOMENESS!

I definitely recommend giving this solution a try!

Hope this helps you!

Don’t forget to do something to make someone smile today!

Until next time,
Love Jennifer.