Being Intentional-A Proverbs 31 Study

Hello all! Jennifer here to talk about something that has been weighing on me.

Being Intentional.

A month or so ago I was listening to the radio and they were talking about being successful in their endeavors. The man said that he was not usually organized, didn’t budget well/stick to a budget, and wasn’t good at getting things accomplished that he wanted to.  He mentioned that all the people he knew that were able to live the way he wanted to had one thing in common: they were very intentional in everything they did.

Well, as someone who is always trying and failing I really started to think about this.

How could I be more intentional in my life? What could I change in my life? What things needed to be priority? How do you start being more intentional?  .

I thought about this for awhile, then one day I was at the fridge and saw my printout of Proverbs 31. This passage has always been special to me, as I read over it I realized that a study of this passage could help me be more intentional.

So I sat down one night and started going verse by verse and noting how each verse could guide me in being intentional.

I have decided to share my study with you through a few blog post. I hope you will join me in trying to live more intentional with God as the center.  

I will share my first step towards living intentionally soon.

Until next time,

Jennifer Donovant

Don’t forget to make someone smile today!


Teaching the Bible to Children

Hey y’all Jennifer here with a post that is about something that is so important…..teaching children about God.

I know we all have different methods and all children are different, but I wanted to share what has/is working well with my little girl.

We have tried different things, but she is really enjoying what we do now and is retaining it very good.

My lessons are based off a curriculum written by a preacher named Mike Glenn and his wife called the Joshua Generation. The study is set up on a month schedule and each month covers a different characteristic. There is a slogan for each month, memory verses, and four bible stories (one for each week). We do the same story for a week. I also added a hymn from a hymn book that goes along with each characteristic.

We start by reviewing:
How many books are in the bible, how many in each testament, and other things like how many apostles, who were the first people, how they were made, little things like that.

This month is characteristic is self control. So we review the slogan and what it means. The slogan is self control is my goal.

Then we practice her memory verse and what it means, you will be amazed at how quickly they can remember this! The curriculum provides four memory verses, but we usually focus on one or two. Sometimes I pick a different verse, depending on length and her ability to understand it.

Then we move on to our story for the week. This week we are studying Adam and Eve and how they didn’t practice self control and what happened. This story is in most children’s bible story books so you can use that, or you can read straight from the bible. We have been blessed to be able to borrow a felt board set so that is what we use, and my daughter loves it. For this story I have been reading straight from the bible, it helps her to remember little details that aren’t always in regular bible story books. So I read the story and use the felt board to illustrate what is happening. I move the pieces and review the story for the beginning of the week then as the week progresses I let her tell the story and move the felt pieces. It always amazes me how much she remembers. I know not everyone will have access to a felt board, but you can find different things to illustrate the story like bible story books or even picture cards.

After the story we discuss how they didn’t practice self control, and how they could have better handled the situation.

Our hymn for this month is Trust and Obey so after the story we sing the hymn and talk about the song.

Then we sing other songs like the books of the bible, the apostles song, and other favorites of hers.

Then we close with a prayer. We usually use our prayer pail, it’s a wonderful tool that my sister in law blogged about in a previous post. My daughter picks out three sticks and prays for who ever is listed on the sticks, then I draw out three and pray for them.

Then we are done. It’s that simple!

I have really enjoyed using this curriculum with with my daughter. I like it because it already gives you everything you need. I have adjusted it some to make it on my daughter’s level, but that’s one of the beautiful things about! You can do it repeatedly and change it for them as they grow and mature.

If you are interested in getting curriculum you can email Mike Glenn at

If you are interested in the other things we use they are these:

*Betty Lukins felt board set- click here
*Books of the bible song from you tube-I couldn’t paste the link, but search book of the bible song and it is the one with blue back ground with white clouds by bigsbyshow
*Children’s bible story book-click here to see the book I like
*Prayer pail-click here

An added bonus is as the parent/teacher you are reading and researching the stories and you learn along with you child!

Well I hope this helps you in some way, and if you have any suggestions or things you use to study the bible with your child please share it in the comments.

Until next time,

“Love”ly thumbprint bookmark

Hey y’all!

Jess here with a fun craft to make with your kiddos for Valentine’s Day or any day, for that matter! I found this idea on Pinterest (but of course!), and thought it would be simple, yet fun enough for my biggest boys to make these cute thumbprint bookmarks. We are planning on giving these bookmarks to some special friends for a Valentine’s gift, but you could make them any day, for any occasion!

The materials I used for this project were:

White cardstock paper
Red and/or pink ink pad or paint
Red and/or pink construction paper
Decorative scissors
The thumbs of a special little one

It’s really quite a simple project. I just basically followed the instructions given on the website. I cut my cardstock into strips 1.5 inches wide and 6 inches long, and I cut my construction paper a little wider and a little longer (no exact measurements; I just eye-balled it). I used the scalloped edge scissors on the construction paper, by the way.

Then, I painted my son’s thumbs red, and made a series of three hearts on the cardstock, as shown below. Some of the thumbprints turned out to resemble hearts, some not so much (it’s a little difficult to get a wiggly 5 year old boy to be still for a moment!), but you get the gist of what they’re supposed to be, nonetheless. It’s still a special keepsake!

I added some Bible verses pertaining to love to the back of the construction paper, and my son’s name and date as well. You could also add a personal message to the recipient or a quote about love, if you’d rather.


And here’s the finished product. I plan on laminating these so that they’ll last longer and be able to withstand use. You could also hole-punch and add a ribbon at the top as a tassel after you’ve laminated it, if you’d like. I didn’t have any ribbon on hand, so we opted to do without.

As I mentioned, this is a quick, but fun craft to make with your child for a special friend or family member that’s sure to be cherished for years to come!

Hope y’all enjoy it! And a happy Valentine’s Day to you all! Always remember that you are loved by the one true and living God!

Until next time!

“We love Him because He first loved us.” 1 John 4:19