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We Don’t Know What Tomorrow Will Bring…..Take the Time Today!

 Hi everyone,

  Jennifer here with some thoughts on waiting.

 I have to start this post with the past. Two years ago I had an aunt give me a gift for our second baby. In the course of writing thank you cards I somehow missed her.  So I made a mental note to go back later and write the note. I never did….and my Aunt passed away suddenly from a heart attack. Now every time I look at her gift I feel awful that I never sent the card.

Fast forward to this year:

I had it on my heart to write a card to a friend and her mom because the mom had been sick, I never took the time to do it. Yesterday, her mom passed away. As heartbroken as I am over her passing, I have a lingering guilt because I had kept meaning to send her a card and now I can’t.

I am so saddened that I didn’t make the time to send those cards.

As I thought about how I missed my chance, this verse came to mind. We are a mist, our lives are a vapor. Let’s not let it pass by without enjoying everyone in our lives and reaching out to them when they cross our minds.

In the world we live in it is pretty easy to get in touch with someone. We can text, email, fb message, and there is the old fashioned phone call (yes I know, that does exist still!) And probably the most touching a handwritten note. 

I hope you will join me in reaching out to friends and family, show them that we care, and that we are thinking of them. It really doesn’t take much time, let’s remember that time is a gift and not take advantage of it.

Let’s make the most of our time today, for we know not what tomorrow will bring.

Until Next Time,

Stay tuned for a post about how I have organized my cards and addresses to make sending notes easier.