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When Someone Vomits on You

Hey all! Yes it’s been awhile, but I have been busy. Life takes priority, but I do miss blogging so!

This post was inspired by bible class last week. The teacher said “Have you ever heard someone word vomit? Well when they do we should listen because that person is sick.”

I loved the quote and it really stuck! It got me to thinking about times in my life when I have vomited on others and how they responded to my vomit.

I can think of a few specific times I have vomited on others.

I have vomited on co-workers, family, sisters in Christ, and my Mom. Each of those times I was very sick. Each time had its own problem. Each time I needed someone to listen. Each time I had held things in until I couldn’t hold it anymore. I was so very sick.

I feel bad for vomiting on them, and I know it’s not the right way…..but it is what happens. They didn’t all take it the way I needed them to, I got a lot of looks, unnecessary judgments, and worst of all they ran off to tell others.

The next time someone word vomits on me I am going to stop and breath and remind myself not to take it personal and to just listen to them. They are sick and need help, not judgment or for me to go tell everyone else what they said. I am just going to hold their hair back and let them vomit.

Let’s all work on being there for others, even if it is just to hold their hair back. We will need it one day, so let’s help others when they need it.

Until next time,