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Page Turning Monday’s-Little Red Hen Makes a Pizza

Hello all!!

Jennifer here with today’s page turning Monday post.  Today’s book is:


Written by Philemon Sturges
Illustrated by Amy Waldrod

This book was given to us by a friend and recently my daughter pulled it out and has wanted to read it over and over.

This is a fun story about little red hen who is going to make a pizza, and as she makes it she finds she is missing ingredients and everytime she asks her friends to help they say “no”, but when it comes time to eat the pizza they have a different answer!!

Now the fun to go along with the book!

-Most certainly make a pizza with your little one(s)!!
-Talk about your favorite toppings. You could use this as a time to work on graphs with your families favorites.
-This could be a good opening for getting your little one to try different toppings. Experiment with different things.
-This can be a great time to discuss slicing the pizza into halves, thirds, fourths, etc.
-Break out the playdough and make pizzas with it.
-Talk about making food for others and how taking and sharing food with others is a great service.
-Have a movie and pizza night.
-Check out the Pinterest board I put together by clicking here.
-Check out other little red hen books.

Hope you enjoy this book and have lots of fun with it.

Until next time,