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Page Turning Monday’s-Who Will Carve the Turkey This Thanksgiving

Hello all!!

Jenn here with a new page turning Monday post.  With thanksgiving right around the corner I am sharing a thanksgiving book today.  Today’s book is:


Written by Jerry Pallotta
Illustrated by David Biedra

This is a fun story about a little boy who is thinking about thanksgiving and begins to wonder who will carve the turkey? Then you and the little one you a reading to can follow his imagination as he pictures all different kinds of animals carving the turkey…..But when the doorbell rings he sees who will carve the turkey!!

Now to carve out some fun 🙂

1.  I will keep this book on hand to use when discussing animals. It has several different ones and you could easily use the story as a lead in for taking about each animal (how it lives, what it eats, it’s classification, etc.), then you could follow the animal info discussion with a craft about that animal. A fun teaching tool!!

2. Encourage your child to make up their own story about what animal they would like to see carve the turkey. You could even break out the art supplies and put together your own homemade book!

3. Talk about all things turkey and do all things turkey craft related! There are so many fun things to do, a Pinterest search never disappoints for crafts.  If you would like to check out my thanksgiving craft roundup just click here.

These are a few of my ideas, but I know you can come up with more!!

I hope you have a wonderful thanksgiving full of fun, friends, family, and some pumpkin pie 😉

Until next time,
Jennifer Donovant


Page Turning Monday’s-A Bad Case of the Stripes

Hello all!!

Jennifer here with your latest page turning Monday post.

Today’s book is


Written by David Shannon

We went to our local libraries trunk our treat and one of the librarians was dressed as the little girl from this story.  My daughter thought she looked awesome and we checked out the book.

We have read it twice and my daughter and I both love it!

It is a story about a little girl who is very concerned about what others think. She picks her clothes based on what others will think.  She even has a secret love of lima beans that she hides because everyone hates lima beans.

All of a sudden she discovers that she is covered in stripes!  She has to go to school covered in stripes, where she then starts to change from stripes to other patterns based on what patterns the other kids shout out.  She is so embarrassed.

This story follows her bad case of the stripes going from bad to worse, while she learns to be herself and not get hung up on what others think.  A valuable lesson for children and adults alike.

This story provides so many opportunities for discussions with your child.  Help them understand how important it is to be themselves, regardless of what others think or say.  Explain to them how important it is to stand up for what they believe in.  Talk to them about how hurt the little girl was by others making fun of her, talk about how God makes everyone different and they shouldn’t make fun of others for their differences.

Some fun learning can go along with this story.

1. Talk about different colors. 
2. Review colors with your little one.
3. Review what colors can be combined to make other colors.
4. Play with paint. Let your little one get messy and mix together different colors to see what they can create.
5. Use this as a time to work on patterns. There are several in the story you can use, and then build on.
6. If your child has a fear of doctors talk about how brave the girl in the story was and she saw a lot of doctors.

I hope you enjoy this story and that you and your little one have lots of fun!!

Until next time,