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Page Turning Monday’s- Skelton Meets the Mummy

Hello all, yes it has been awhile….sorry. You know how it is, life gets busy. But we do very much so miss blogging on a regular basis, maybe one day 😉

Today I am here with another p page turning Monday installment! Today’s book is:


Written by Steve Metzger.
Illustrated by Aaron Zenz.

We recently found this book at the library and naturally my daughter wanted it since Halloween is coming 🙂

It is a fun story about a little skeleton who goes for a walk and soon finds he is being followed by a mummy!!  My daughter loved the suspense of this story and I am guessing your little one will to!!

Now for some fun to go along with the story……

1. I would highly recommend wrapping your child with streamers or toilet  paper to make them a mummy!!

2. Then hop onto Pinterest and simply search for mummy and/or skeleton crafts. There are so many! And your search should even find some snacks for you and your little one to try. Check out the ones I rounded up click here

3. Google Skeleton meets the Mummy activities. There are several listed.

Well I hope you enjoy this book and can have some mummy and skeleton fun with your little one!

Have a safe Halloween and until next time: don’t forget to do something to make someone smile today.