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Fun in the Tub

Hola y’all! Ginger here with a new post about having some fun in the tub!

I ran across all these ideas on Pinterest, and I can tell you they are kid tested and approved!

The first is so simple and was an instant hit with my daughter. Go to the dollar store and buy a pack of glow sticks, at bath time run the bath like normal, then snap a few(2-3 is what we use) to make them glow, then toss them in the tub, once your little one gets in, turn off the lights and hear their excitement!! My daughter loves this! I have quite a few packs of glow sticks I keep in the linen closet, so every now and then I toss a few in her bath as a fun glowing surprise!!

The next one is bath tub paint. My daughter loves to paint! After the first time I made her these, she ask for them repeatedly!! This can be used while in the bath out just as a fun “rainy day” activity.

You will need a muffin tin, shaving cream, food coloring, and paint brushes.


Simply fill each muffin tin hole with shaving cream, then add whatever food coloring you would like to each section, then sir them up. I found as I was stirring in the colors the shaving cream was dissolving so I did add more cream as I was mixing it up. Then once my daughter was in the bath I gave her the tin and brushes, she was beyond excited!!
*I didn’t have any issues with this staining my tub*

The third is a fun idea that works great for those days you are stuck inside. Bath tub fishing!

You will need:
Magnetic letters (like for the fridge)
A fishing pole (we made ours with sticks and yarn)
A magnet for the”bait”. This was a trial and error part for me. I first tried the magnetic tape from the craft department and old magnets from my fridge, but they were not strong enough to hold onto the letters and pull them out of the water. I ended up using a mason jar ring magnet-I got it at Wal-Mart in the canning area for less than $1, it is a strong magnet on a sort of pole so you can lift you canning lids and rings out of boiling water easier for canning, really a brilliant thing that I love!

All I did was run a little water in the tub, enough to fill the bottom and allow for fun fishing, then dropped in the letters, and let my daughter fish. She fished some just playing and then to take advantage of the opportunity I would have her try to get certain letters. She looked for letters that started names (hers and her cousins), then we would just catch whatever letter we could and we had to name a word that started with that letter, then I would have her take the letters she had caught and see if we could make a word. She really enjoys fishing in the tub, she likes to put her stool in the tub, roll up her pants legs, put her feet in the water, and just relax and catch some letters.
*My daughter is 5, but we played this one day when I was watching a little boy who is 3, he enjoyed it just as much and we were still able to have some learning time. I would ask him what the letter was after he caught it, some he knew and some he didn’t, but it was a fun way to work on our letters 🙂



Well these are the three things we have done at our house to have fun in the tub! I hope you enjoy them and have done fun in your tub to!!

Don’t forget to do something to make someone smile today…like having some fun in the bathtub.

Until next time,


Page Turning Mondays: Bubba the Cowboy Prince

Hey y’all! Ginger here with a new Page Turning Monday post!! I promise I haven’t forgot about them, just haven’t had much blogging time lately. So while we are making our trip back from vacation I thought I would try to get some post done 🙂

Today’s book is:


Written by Helen Ketteman and illustrated by James Warhola.

This books was originally referred to me by my daughter’s preschool teacher and then by chance a sweet friend borrowed it from the library and brought it over to read to my daughter last summer.

This is a fun fairytale that reverses the Cinderella story. A boy named Bubba lives on a ranch with his mean step dad and step brothers who make him do all the work. Then when a beautiful cowgirl is having a dance to find herself a cowboy Bubba isn’t allowed to go….but then something magical happens and he makes it! There is a twist that is different than Cinderella, but to find out you need to read the story!!

For some fun to go along with this story….

-Act out the story with your little one. Whether you have a girl or a boy or both, they will love acting out this cute story.
-Dress up like a cowboy and/or cowgirl.
-Go online and print off some cute coloring pages of cowboys and cowgirls. You can do this by a simple Google search.
-Use this as a time to talk about the west. Teach your little one about cowboys, cowgirls, ranches, farming, and gardening.
-If you have access to it take your little one on a field trip to a farm, let them see what ranchers do.
-I created a board on Pinterest with craft ideas a click here should take you there.

Well that’s all I have for this book.

Until next time,