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Need to Organize: Making A Command Center

Hola all! Ginger here with a new Need to Organize post.  Today’s topic is my command center.

There are tons of ideas for this on Pinterest, and I think it’s a great way to organize your to do list, bills, calendar, everything!

I have always put my bills in order as they arrived and kept a calendar, but I never had a good system.  When I decided to work harder at organizing I knew I needed to have a central place for everything.  A few years ago my mom bought me this hang up home organizer from 31, well I pulled it out and got to work.  The result has been great for me and I thought I would share it with y’all.

This is my new command center:


It has a place to hang a calendar, two dry erase pockets, and multiple pockets of varying sizes to hold other things.

I hung a calendar and use that to keep up with our plans, beside that I use the dry erase pocket to write my to do list, I use the other clear pocket to hold various items(currently an Avon book and a schedule for the local theatre),  the for big pockets I labeled them for better organizing: I have one for bills which I put all bills in according to date due, another I use for address labels, and the others for miscellaneous things.

This has really worked out awesome for me and to my pleasant surprise my husband even commented on how he really liked it 🙂 Yay!

I hope this can help you become more organized!

Until next time,


Why I don’t Bad Mouth the President

Hey y’all, Ginger here with a post that I have been pondering for some time……bad mouthing our President.

I want to start by saying I am not very political.  I don’t know all the issues, especially economics or any policies.  I didn’t vote for Obama because he is okay with things that God says is wrong.  It’s that simple for me.

I am not writing this to try to start any type of argument over politics, this is just what I feel is right from what I read in the Bible. I am a Christian.  Which means I am trying to live my life in accordance with God and what He says is right and wrong.

But the bible is very clear that we are to respect those in authority over us, and that no-one would have that authority if not given to them by Him.

Romans 13:1 NKJV:
Let every soul be subject to the governing authorities. For there is no authority except from God, and the authorities that exist are appointed by God.

I think we should vote in accordance with what He teaches, but all we can do is cast our vote, and pray.  If an election doesn’t turn out the way we want, there is nothing we can do, but pray that those in leadership will come to know God and then change to live according to God. I was sad when he was re-elected for a second term, but I have to accept that God is in control and he knows what he is doing.

I have to accept that the Bible teaches us to respect those in authority. I think that when we as Christians choose to use social media, our conversations, and other methods to share negative things about those in authority (that they would not have if not given to them by God) we are going against what the Bible teaches. I will never share something via my blog or Facebook or any other means to make our nation’s president look bad. He makes his decisions, he will have to answer for them on the day of judgement. I pray continually for those in control of our country, I pray that someone will be able to show them what the Bible teaches, and that they will come to know God, and then change to live in accordance with Him.

I can share post that are written in love about topics that hopefully will be uplifting to others, things that will show others I love them and I am concerned about their salvation, and I can pray for them. If I share things via social media that portray anything other than a love of God and a want for others to see Him in me, and a want to lead others to him….I think I am failing God. I may not agree with who He puts in charge, but I am still to respect those people and sharing all those horrible cartoons and slanderous things about those in authority…..that doesn’t portray the love I think Jesus speaks of in the new testament, and I worry about what that will portray to others that may not know God, what am I portraying to others that I possibly have a chance of leading to Christ?… I being a light for the world if I was to do those things?

Please don’t think I am saying we don’t stand up for what God says is right. We are to submit to our government as long as they are acting according to God and His word. We should stand up for God any chance we have, but it has to be done out of love. We can vote, we can discuss issues, we can pass out info, we can sign petitions and pass them around, we have opportunities everyday to stand up for God, but we have to remember to do it out of love. We are to be a light and to seek and save the lost, so sometimes we will have to stand up…..but we have to be careful in our presentation and our words.

Well, those are my beliefs, backed by my study of scriptures.

Don’t forget to do something to make someone smile today, like loving your neighbor as yourself.

Until next time

One of My Favorite Things: My Pampered Chef Mixn Chop

Hola y’all! Ginger here with a new post on one of my favorite things!

Today’s is my Pampered Chef Mix n Chop.


I think one of my aunt’s was the first to mention this handy little kitchen tool to me, and I was immediately intrigued! It is used to chop up hamburger really fine for things like tacos and hamburger helper. Well, let me tell you those are two things we eat in our house and I was done with my hand getting tired from using a plastic spoon to to chop up the hamburger!

So the next time I heard of someone having a pampered chef party I ordered one.

I have LOVED it since the first time I used it! It chops up the hamburger really fine, better than I could ever do with a spoon. I also use it to chop sausage. It is very durable, and dishwasher safe! I have had mine for probably around 3 years now and it still looks brand new after multiple uses and runs through the dishwasher!

So if you do a lot of chopping on meat while it is cooking I highly recommend investing in one of these! It makes it so much easier!!

You can go online and order one, or find out if someone you know is having a party and get you one. It currently cost $11.50. I don’t think you will regret it, if you are like me you wiki find it was money well spent!

Well that’s all for now! Don’t forget to do something to make someone smile today!!

Until next time,