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Blooming in Christ: Studying with Others

Hey y’all! Ginger here with a new Blooming in Christ post.

Today we are talking about blooming in Christ through studying with others.

There is really no better way to bloom in Christ than through studying his word, and it is amazing what you will learn when you study with others.

There are a few ways to study with other people.

Those are:
Studying with others who have the same beliefs as you.
Studying with people who believe a different belief than you.
Studying with people who have no knowledge of God or the Bible.

As I began to write this I was going to split each category up, but then I realized they all 3 have so many similarities it would be hard to do that.

Whenever we sit down to have a bible study with someone, something wonderful happens. We open our bibles to discuss God and his love with someone. What better thing to discuss with someone is there than that?

Normally, if we are having a bible study there is a topic that has been pre-determined before hand and we have been studying that topic to be prepared to have a discussion.

There are so many great things that are taking place in this process. We are studying our bibles more and studying other resources, so we’re are learning new things that we may have never known, or reading verses that suddenly have a whole new meaning because of our studying and we may see something and understand something that we didn’t before.

I haven’t had many studies or talks with people who believed something different than me, but the occasions that I have…..that is when I learned the most. It was a challenge to have to be prepared to share with them why I believed what I believed, and not to just say”this is what I believe”, but to be able to back that up with scripture. It really helped ground me in my beliefs because I so thoroughly studied and discussed a certain topic.

When we study with others we learn so much about them and ourselves. We learn what their bible knowledge is, we learn about things that have happened to them in life that affect what they believe, we learn that sometimes we are not going to agree, we learn what we are good at discussing, we learn where we need to improve in our knowledge, we learn that sometimes we have too explain to someone that they need to forget everything they have been previously taught and just read what the bible says, we learn that sometimes we need to forget what we have been taught and read what the Bible says, and I think most importantly it helps us learn how to talk to people about the bible with love and caring.

So the challenge is to improve our blooming through studying Gods word with others.

You can start slow. Have a few friends over for a bible study. You can either pick the topic yourself or have one of the others pick the topic, then give yourselves plenty of time to research and study on that. Make notes and have everything ready to talk about. So here are somethings to prepare for:

·Who can you invite over for a bible study?
·What would you like to talk about?
·How often do you want too meet?
·Be sure to schedule your next meeting and to pick a new topic if you need to.

If you are going to be studying with a friend who doesn’t have the same beliefs as you: make sure that you have found all the verses on that topic, be prepared for the other person to not agree with you, make sure you speak to them calmly and with love, be prepared to stop and continue at another time if things seem to be turning into a debate instead of a discussion, make sure that you are not letting personal bias or opinion cloud your discussion, and be prepared to accept the fact that you may be the one who is wrong or needs to change your stance…’s not always the other person who is wrong. So how to prepare for the study:

° Think of someone to study with, one on one or as a group.
° Pick a topic.
° Research the topic, gather all the verses you can find on the topic, make sure your verses are in context….don’t just grab verses.
° Know where the other person stands on the topic.
° Be prepared to defend your stance, but make sure that your stance is backed by the Bible, not by opinion.
° Make sure that you listen to what the other person has to say, understand why they believe what they believe.
°Be prepared for the other person to not immediately change their view, it may take sometime for them to work through new information, it may take time for them to accept that the Bible says something other than what they have been raised our taught for so long.
° Do not let the discussion turn into a bash fest of the other person, do not let any frustrations you have of why they don’t see what you see push the person away.
° Remember what is really important.
-If you are studying things that are essential to their salvation, you do not want to argue with them and lose your chance to reach a soul for God.
-If you are studying something that is not essential to their salvation, you do not want to push them away. You just want to have a discussion with an open Bible, in which you and them can grow.
-You want to have more studies, don’t let things get heated and turn into an argument….that is not the goal.
° Remember how Jesus and His taught others.

If you are studying with someone who had little to no Bible knowledge you will need to have a different approach. We have to remember who we are studying with and what we are trying to teach them. To do this you will need to have a plan.

° Set up your study.
° Figure out how you want to do the study.
-Do you want to use a prepared study?
-If you are going to use a study that requires homework for the other person make sure you prepare them for that. Be sure to give them the “homework” with plenty of time for them to study and complete it.
° Start slow with them, this could be all new information to them.
° Be sure to teach the fundamentals of Jesus, I would approach it the way they did in the first century.
-Jesus is the son of God.
-He died for everyone, so they can have a home in heaven.
-The Bible tells us exactly what we need to do to have salvation.
°Show them in the Bible what they must do to be saved.
°Understand it may take a lot of studying and discussion, be patient.
° Remember that the gospel is for everyone, no matter how many bad mistakes they may have made… may need to help them to understand that to.

So here is my challenge that I hope you will join me in:
How can I start to study with others and bloom for Christ?

I guess there is nothing to do now, but to find someone to study with.

I hope this will help you to bloom in Christ!
Don’t forget to do something to make someone smile today, like share God with them!

Until next time,


A Little St Patrick’s Day Fun!

Hola all! Ginger here with a Quick post about how we are having some fun with St Patrick’s Day.

First and foremost, I bought my daughter lucky charms! She was so excited! 

Then we took some die cuts I found of a pot of gold and a leprechaun and glued them to craft sticks to make puppets, then we used die cuts of shamrocks and added googley eyes and drew on faces and craft sticks to make puppets out of those also.


Then we pulled out the foam board leftovers from our Valentine craft and green paint and combined two Pinterest finds into one.  You use your child’s hand to make a shamrock, then I added the caption ” not lucky blessed”. I also did these with my preschoolers on thick cardstock and instead of painting the caption I used a green permanent marker.


This next one was a blast and my  daughter loved it!  For this I also combined Pinterest finds. 
You will need a:
Green shirt (found ours at Wal-Mart for $3.00)
Heart shape cookie cutter
Clorox bleach pen.
Cardboard, or something hard to put in the shirt

You simply lay the shirt flat(I placed cardboard between the layers), then with one hand hold down the cookie cutter while your little one traces the cookie cutter with the bleach pen.



You move the cutter around four times and then tada!  A homemade St Patrick’s Day shirt!

We had lots of fun today and I hope you have some fun to!

Until next time,

Need to Organize: Outdoor Toys

Hola all!! Ginger here with another pay on getting organized!! I hope you have enjoyed the other post so far and that they have been helpful to you.

Today’s topic is organizing the outdoor toys. I knew that I wanted to have a special home for all our”outdoor toys”, bit want exactly sure how/where I wanted that to be. Well while cruising Pinterest one day I found this beautiful display!


So I set my mind to accomplishing this……well here is the thing….I didn’t want to spend the money for a shelf like that or for the buckets. So I did the next best thing…..I used a metal shelf that was left in our house by the previous owner 🙂 My daughter and I pulled it out of the basement one nice day and cleaned it up. I considered painting it, but figured that wasn’t worth the time. It is just an old shelf to store bubbles, balls, chalk, and water guns…..and it sits in my basement, it didn’t need to be beautiful to get the job done.


I did add some of the rubber matting that you can buy at the dollar store to line shelves with because it had some rust that I couldn’t get off, plus I had that laying around so it cost me nothing!

I sectioned off shelves by different things, I put a water toys on the bottom so they wouldn’t drip onto anything else, and I have a plastic tub beside of the shelf to hold balls. I also have plenty of space to add more future outdoor toys.

I think it came out great! It cost me nothing because I used supplies I had on hand, it’s very useful, and my daughter knows where all her outdoor toys are when she wants them…..and where to put them back at when she’s done.

Our outdoor shelf is in my laundry room because that was the best place for it, but you could put this wherever would work best for you and your family.

So if you are looking for a way to organize those outdoor toys I hope this is helpful to you!

Don’t forget to do something to make someone smile today!!

Until next time,

Page Turning Mondays: “Fancy Nancy

Hola all! Ginger here with your latest Page Turning Monday post!!

Todays book is:


Written by: Jane O’Connor and Illustrated by Robin Preiss Glasser.

Fancy Nancy is an adorable little girl who loves everything, but she always likes to make things look, sound, and act more fancy. In this book we are introduced to Fancy Nancy and learn how she made her bedroom more fancy, how she taught her family to be more fancy, and how they even dressed fancy to go out for supper!

There are several books in the Fancy Nancy collection and so far my daughter has enjoyed all of them that we have read.

Now for some fancy fun to go along with the story:

·You have to let your little one dress up as fancy as they can! I am talking dresses, shoes, jewelry, hat, makeup, gloves, everything fancy!

·Let your little one make you fancy. My daughter loves to dress me up, do my nails, and to do my makeup. Let them make you fancy!

·Plan a fun”fancy” activity for after your all dressed up. Maybe have a tea party.

·Act out the story and let your little one make their bedroom fancy, let them teach you to be fancy, and for some added fun go out to eat all fancied up!

·You could also combine this story with numerous crafts and letters of the alphabet.
-My first thought is doing c for crown and letting your little one make and fancy their own crown. Try to use different shape and colored jewels so you can discuss colors and shapes.
-Have your little one sort the jewels by various categories: shape, color, size, etc.
-If they are old enough use this as a time to practice those scissor skills and let them cut out shapes to use on their crown, and let them cut out their crown.
-If they can, use this as a fun way to work on math skills. Try some simple addition and subtraction with whatever you are using to decorate your crown.

·There are several Fancy Nancy books that are set in different seasons, so the fun teaching possibilities are endless, not to mention all the opportunities for crafts and dressing up!

I haven’t tried Google or Pinterest, but I am sure you can find more ideas there!

I hope you enjoy this book and the others in the collection, now go have some Fancy Nancy fun with your little one!!

Don’t forget to do something to make someone smile today.

Until next time,

DIY Days: A Reading Tent

Hola y’all. Ginger here with another DIY day.

Today is making a reading tent.  This is the first thing I ever pinned on Pinterest and after making it,I must say we have loved it!


The one I saw on Pinterest was made from a shower curtain,I however used a sheet because it was cheaper than a cloth shower curtain.

You will need:
A sheet or shower curtain(I used a full size flat sheet that I found at Wal-Mart for$8.50)
A hula hoop(dollar store is the cheapest)
And whatever you want to use to hang it. (I used fishing line-free from my husband, shower curtain rings $1 at Dollar General, and a metal hook that has a screw on the end-free, was stuck in a cabinet when we bought our house)
Whatever you want to use as seating for the inside. I used my daughter’s old crib mattress and various pillows she has gotten over the years.

I simply took the sheet, folded it over the hula hoop and used straight pins to hold it in place.   Then I used my sewing machine to stitch around it and removed the pins.



It’s not a pretty job, but it works 🙂

Then I placed shower curtain rings in four places, tied fishing line through the rings and then hung those on a metal hook that screwed into the ceiling.



The tada! A fun reading tent for us to enjoy.

For a little added fun I put glow in the dark stars on the wall opposite the tent, this has led to some fun snuggle time on the dark 🙂

Well I hope this post has helped you have fun making a reading tent!

Until next time,