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Page-Turning Monday’s: Any and All Books by Dr. SEUSS

Hey y’all! Jennifer here with a new Page Turning Post….yes I know it’s Friday, but this weekend is Dr. Suess birthday!!!! This may not seem very important, I know. But it is. So I’m bothering telling you so.

So today’s book is….ANYTHING and EVERYTHING by Dr. Suess.


We love reading his stories!  They are so much fun! The rhymes are always fun and lead to smiles.  And the stories usually have a good lesson to teach to both young and old.

My current favorite is The Lorax.  It has a quote that is so inspiring to me. “Unless someone like you cares a whole awful lot, nothing is going to get better, it’s not!”  Oh how that quote can be applied to do many different things. Imagine if we all had that mentality, especially in caring about others salvation, and problems.

There are so many fun activities to do with your little one with all of his books.  A simple search on Pinterest will give you craft ideas, snack ideas, hand print ideas, dress up ideas, the possibilities are endless! You could even combine the book with a movie night!! I highly recommend The Lorax!

So go to the library, go to the store, go online…..go somewhere and get some of these wonderful stories to share with your child! They may learn a life lesson and you may to!

Well I hope you enjoyed this post and don’t forget to do something to make someone smile today… give them a Dr. Suess book!

Until next time,


Page-Turning Monday’s: Sadie and the Snowman

Hola y’all! Ginger here with a new Page Turning Monday post.

Today’s book is


Written by Allen Morgan. Illustrated by Brenda Clark.

This is a fun story about a little girl who builds a snowman.  As the snowman starts to melt she continues to use part of the original snowman to build the next one all winter long. Then one day it quits snowing and her snowman starts to melt, but before it completely melts she has a great idea to take part of it and save it in the freezer, then the next winter she gets it out to use in her next snowman so she still has a part of the original.

We had so much fun reading this sweet story!

For some fun:

路Most certainly you have to make a snowman your very next opportunity and be sure to use part of that original snowman to make your next, and be sure to save a part of it in the freezer if there is going to be a big gap in time of when you get your next snow to be sure it doesn’t completely melt.

路Talk about how the animals came to and ate the different things she used for the face. Put some food out for the birds and animals and then enjoy watching them come to eat it.

路Discuss the weatherand the seasons with your little one.

路Simply enjoy playing in the snow with your child.

There are tons more snow playing ideas on Pinterest, so check it out also.

Don’t forget to do something to make someone smile today!

Until next time,

A Snow Volcano

Hey y’all Ginger here with a quick post I just had to share!!

We have gotten a wonderful snow here and of course have been playing in it.

Well while we were making a snow-woman, my daughter said it looked like a volcano… which I replied…do you want to add red food coloring for lava and then make it explode? She of course thought that was a brilliant idea!

So I went inside to get the food coloring, baking soda, and vinegar. What followed was bubbling fun!!


Our volcano.


Adding the food coloring, we used yellow and red.


Watching the eruption!!


This was so much fun!!

We will most certainly be getting this again! I think next time we try using a container to hold the food coloring, baking soda and vinegar and put that in the top of the volcano…..thinking a cylinder shape would be perfect!!

Now obviously you can do this just for fun as we did, or you can use it in your homeschooling! This is an awesome way to add some outdoor learning fun!

Hope you enjoy this and go have fun in the snow!!

Until next time,

Valentine’s Fun

Hola all! Ginger here with this year’s Valentine fun!!

I hope this last isn’t too late for y’all, but I am posting is what we are giving out this year, either to our friends or at preschool.

Naturally, all these are from Pinterest 馃檪

The first is the word love with the childs feet as the V.


This was so simple and turned out adorable!  On Pinterest they show this on a canvas, well I planned on doing this with my daughter and my preschoolers ….I couldn’t buy canvas for that many kids.  So I used the foam board that can be found at Wal-Mart or even the dollar tree.  (Wal-Mart is a little more expensive, but all the white at my dollar tree had marks on them and the ones at Wal-Mart didn’t) and as a bonus I was able to do three kids out of one board!! 

I painted one foot at a time and then went back and added the letters.  Then in the corner I put the child’s name and the year.  I did not add any hanging device, I propped ours up at home and I am leaving it to the parents as to how they display theirs.  I think they came out super cute and I hope our is something that my preschoolers moms can cherish for a long time.

The next is this year’s Valentine’s for my class, my daughter’s class, friends, and family.

The note reads: I CEREALsly love you and your simply attach it to little boxes of cereal.


So cute! I was very happy with how these came out.

All you need is:
路Little boxes of cereal-I got a box of 30 at Sam’s club for$8.98
路Valentine’s ribbon-I got mine at the dollar tree, I used 3 rolls, but made 25.
路Plastic spoons-again I got mine at dollar tree, they come with fields and knives but are the best deal I have found.
路Whatever label you want to use. I used the standard address labels, printed the message I wanted, and then stuck those on card stock, cut it out with fun scissors, hole punched, and then tied them on. But the labels could be done whatever way you like, this was just easiest for us.
路I also used rubber bands to hold the spoons on, then covered that with the ribbon…..thought that would be easier than trying to hold the spoon while tying the ribbon.

For something a little more fun we added bowls to my nephews. My daughter loves the bowl with the straw made into it, so for her cousins she picked them out some.

I was just so happy with how they turned out!

Okay the next I don’t have a good picture of, but it is super simple. It can also be used for any holiday just by switching out the style of m&m you use.

You needed:
路Pretzels. I used Rold Gold. I tried ones shaped like circles but it didn’t work. You can also use the small square ones, but I never saw those when I was shopping.
路Hershey kisses. I used regular ones. But the pin I was going off of suggested using the Hershey hugs for Valentine’s…..but I searched the isle a few times and never found them.
路M&Ms. I bought the Valentine ones so they were red, pink, and white.

You simply lay out the pretzels on a cookie sheet, place a Hershey kiss in the middle, bake at 200路 until the kiss is soft enough to push the m&m into(this was 9 minutes in my oven) then remove from oven and press a m&m down in the middle of each kiss. Put in fridge to cool and harden, then take out and share with friends! We are sharing them in cute Valentine treat bags with labels that I printed that simply say happy Valentine’s day.


One of my favorite things about this is that your little ones can help with everything! They can place the pretzels, unwrap and place the kisses, and it is not to hot when it comes out of the oven so they can help push the m&ms down! That was my daughter’s favorite part because when she got done there was lots of chocolate on her fingers 馃槈

Well I think that is enough for now, but I still have a few more days of Valentine fun left with my daughter and preschoolers so I may share more later!!

I hope you enjoyed this and don’t forget to do something to make someone smile today… give them a Valentine to show your love for them!!


Secret Sight Word Valentines

Hey y’all!

Jess here again with a really fun learning activity for Valentine’s Day. I found this activity on Pinterest as just a fun Valentine’s craft, but I decided to go a different route with it and use it as a learning tool and a time to review the sight words my Kindergartner has learned so far. This project was so, so simple to create, and let me tell you, my son LOVED it! He got so surprised to see a hidden message appear as he painted, and of course, read the word he discovered, thus reviewing the words he learned without even realizing that this was an educational activity! I love being able to make learning fun for my boys and watching them grow in their knowledge!

All I did for this activity was cut hearts of various sizes out of white copy paper and write the sight words he had learned on then with a white crayon.


That way, the words go unnoticed until the paint is applied. You could write valentine messages, draw pictures, review letters or numbers with your younger child, or do any number of things with this activity. The possibilities are endless!

Next, just give your child a set of watercolors and let them go to work! They will be so surprised as they see a secret hidden message appear!







I even made a special one for my hard-working boy!


This is such a fun and versatile activity that we’ll be doing again throughout the year. My boys couldn’t get enough of it!

I hope you and your kiddos will try out this easy yet entertaining project, and that it will be bring lots of smiles and giggles to your classroom or home, or in our case, our homeschool!

Have fun with your learning! Until next time!

“Love”ly thumbprint bookmark

Hey y’all!

Jess here with a fun craft to make with your kiddos for Valentine’s Day or any day, for that matter! I found this idea on Pinterest (but of course!), and thought it would be simple, yet fun enough for my biggest boys to make these cute thumbprint bookmarks. We are planning on giving these bookmarks to some special friends for a Valentine’s gift, but you could make them any day, for any occasion!

The materials I used for this project were:

White cardstock paper
Red and/or pink ink pad or paint
Red and/or pink construction paper
Decorative scissors
The thumbs of a special little one

It’s really quite a simple project. I just basically followed the instructions given on the website. I cut my cardstock into strips 1.5 inches wide and 6 inches long, and I cut my construction paper a little wider and a little longer (no exact measurements; I just eye-balled it). I used the scalloped edge scissors on the construction paper, by the way.

Then, I painted my son’s thumbs red, and made a series of three hearts on the cardstock, as shown below. Some of the thumbprints turned out to resemble hearts, some not so much (it’s a little difficult to get a wiggly 5 year old boy to be still for a moment!), but you get the gist of what they’re supposed to be, nonetheless. It’s still a special keepsake!

I added some Bible verses pertaining to love to the back of the construction paper, and my son’s name and date as well. You could also add a personal message to the recipient or a quote about love, if you’d rather.


And here’s the finished product. I plan on laminating these so that they’ll last longer and be able to withstand use. You could also hole-punch and add a ribbon at the top as a tassel after you’ve laminated it, if you’d like. I didn’t have any ribbon on hand, so we opted to do without.

As I mentioned, this is a quick, but fun craft to make with your child for a special friend or family member that’s sure to be cherished for years to come!

Hope y’all enjoy it! And a happy Valentine’s Day to you all! Always remember that you are loved by the one true and living God!

Until next time!

“We love Him because He first loved us.” 1 John 4:19

Don’t Make Excuses, Salvation is to Important

Hey y’all!聽 Jennifer here with a post about something that has been weighing on my mind lately.

Why do we wait on something as important as our salvation?聽 As someone who waited on theirs, I have a few ideas and I hoped that sharing what I have learned may help someone else stop waiting and do what needs to be done….there is nothing more important than your soul.

I was raised with a belief in God and never questioned that, nor did I question that Jesus is His son and Jesus came to earth and died for my sins so that I can go to heaven when I die.

I went too a Christian school through the end of the 6th grade and was taught bible matters there with a Baptist background.聽 They taught the sinners prayer and wanting to be saved before Armageddon and the anti-Christ. I can remember many times as a child going forward during the preachers invitation and I remember saying the “sinners prayer” numerous times. I didn’t go to church services regularly growing up, I didn’t have any bible studies, I just always knew I was saved because I had said that prayer asking Jesus to come into my heart and save me……and because of that I was good.聽 I was never baptized because I believed that meant I had to change the way I lived, I had to change things that I didn’t want to change, so I never took that step.

When I met my now husband I started going to services with him at the Collinsville Church of Christ, but I only went to be with him, I never really paid attention…..but I was confused by several things.

They had water in the baptistry all the time, there was no piano or organ, they didn’t talk about Armageddon or the coming anti christ, and they took communion every Sunday.

He explained to me that there was always water because if someone wanted to be baptized it needed to happen immediately so they would be saved. There was no piano or musical instrument because there was no mention of a musical instrument ever being used in worship in the new testament. Revalation was written to Christians living during Roman persecution and was written to inspire them and reassure them….and the word anti christ is nowhere in the book of revelation. They took communion every Sunday because Jesus said to do it often in remembrance of him, and when you read about the first Christians meeting for worship it says they took the bread.聽 I was okay with all those answers, they made sense.聽 (If you question any of those things I would encourage you to get out your bible and study)

So I continued to go with him to worship, but nothing really changed as far as my opinion of getting baptized or really changing my life.

I liked doing things that I knew God would frown upon, and isn’t that really what is at the heart of why we don’t make that commitment to God?聽 It is always selfishness.聽 We want to go to heaven…..I don’t know many who would say they would rather go to hell, but we don’t want to put in the work.聽 We don’t want to make the sacrifices and give up the pleasures of sin.聽 I think we know in our heart of hearts that we have to change and try to be a more godly person and we don’t want to, that’s why we come up with so many excuses for putting it off.聽 I genuinely think that is why someone came up with the sinners prayer or the thought that if you simply believe in God or live good enough that you will get into heaven…..because trust me those things didn’t come from the Bible, but those teachings are wide spread and widely accepted and putting a lot of people’s souls in jeopardy.

I know about making excuses!聽 Like I said my first excuse was that I didn’t want to change my life style, the second excuse is a popular one: why would I want to be a part of them? They are all hypocrites! I see them in the church building acting one way but when I see them in other settings they are judgemental, selfish, uncaring, blah blah blah.聽 Now be honest, lots of people use that excuse, but that’s what it is an excuse!聽 Don’t get mad hear me out!

About those hypocrites:聽 not all of them really are hypocrites.聽 Some of them are going to turn out to be wonderful God fearing people who love the Lord and strive do his will no matter what!聽 They may mess up from time to time, but they will repent and try harder.聽 Some of them are going to be hypocrites plain and simple.聽 If it wasn’t going to be a problem in the church, then the Lord wouldn’t have addressed it as much as he did.聽 But here is what I have learned about that.聽 If you get to know someone and learn that they are living in that way, you can go to them in private as a caring spiritual family member and talk to them about it, you can pray for them, you can be an example for them, but ultimately they are responsible for their actions and they are going to have to answer for it on judgement day… don’t have to answer for them, but you will have to answer for yourself.聽

On judgement day do you think you can look at the Lord and say “well I knew what I was supposed to do, but I didn’t want to change my life or I didn’t want to be with that hypocrite.” And he will let you in?聽 Sorry folks, it won’t work that way. If you haven’t done what you were supposed to do, your not going to heaven.聽 So why keep making excuses?聽 Stop risking your soul and the souls of those you have influence over.聽

Jesus came to earth and performed miracles to prove who he was.聽 He taught many lessons to show us how to live.聽 He taught his disciples what they needed to know to teach others.聽 He was brutally beaten and crucified, his blood was shed to take away our sins.聽 He rose from the dead three days later.聽 His disciples wrote many letters to teach us what we needed to do to be promised a home in heaven,聽 they give us examples of standing up for God, and they teach us how God expects us to live.聽 It is all there in the Bible, we have the information we need to make the most important decision in our life… is up to us to do what we have to do.

Well my day came where I quit making excuses and took responsibility.聽 I was baptized in January of 2009, and I have stumbled along the way, had to learn a lot, and try harder everyday to be the Christian I should be.聽 I hope to share more about that another time.

Don’t put off your salvation like I did, tomorrow is not promised.聽 We never know what moment will be our last.

The bible says it won’t be easy, but it promises that it will be worth it.

Until next time,