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One of My Favorite Things: The Money Saving Mom

Hola all! Ginger Donovant here with a post on one of my favorite things.

It is the Money Saving Mom website. This is an incredible website that will email you deals and freebies!!

You just simply go to her website and sign up to receive emails for the stores of your choice and she will send out weekly emails with all the best deals at the stores you selected.The emails also will tell you how to use coupons that come in the mail or that can be printed from online to get the best deals….and she will tell you how to stack/double coupons for even better deals!! I know right! How awesome!!

I wish I had heard of this a long time ago!

I love it because she takes some of the leg work out for me! I don’t have lots of time to sit researching which store has the best sales and how to stack my coupons…..and she does it for me and emails it to me 🙂

The emails will also have different freebies like free printables for organizing or even free homeschooling printables, free kindle downloads, and how to get special online deals through Khols and other stores.

So if you are interested in learning about deals and ways to save money all while saving yourself some time I recommend checking out her site!!

Just click here Money Saving Mom

I tell everyone I talk to about sales and coupons to check out her site, it has helped me and I hope it will help you.

Until next time,
Ginger Donovant


Blooming in Christ Post

Hey y’all!

I wanted to apologize for the lack of Blooming in Christ post lately.

I still have several topics I want to talk about and have started writing a few, but my personal studies have gone to something different and other things have been on the frontline as far as in my heart and on my mind.

I hope to get back to the blooming post soon, once I can really focus on those topics better.

Thanks for being patient with me!!

Until next time,
Ginger Donovant

A Twist on the Tooth Fairy

Hey y’all! It’s the Ginger Donovant here with a post on how the tooth fairy and the guardians visit our house.

So have you seen Rise of Guardians?……if you haven’t you definitely need to make that your next family movie night! It is such a fun movie!

To give a quick overview The bogey man and is trying to get all the children of the world to believe in him, but standing in his way are the Guardians which are Santa, The Easter Bunny, The Tooth Fairy, The Sand Man, and new recruit Jack Frost. Well the bogey man takes the tooth fairies helpers so she along with the other guardians have go put to collect the teeth and leave gifts…..there is more to the movie, but that is what you need to know for this post.

Well we watched this for movie day at preschool last year and my daughter and I both fell in love!

Well when she lost her first tooth she was beside herself for the tooth fairy to come! She was so excited when she woke up the next morning and realized the tooth fairy had come along with her guardian helper the Easter bunny! She had money under her pillow, but when she got out of bed she realized there were also Easter eggs with quarters inside!!!

Well, she recently lost her 4th tooth and once again the guardians paid her a visit!

The tooth fairy left money under her pillow, there was glitter all over her carpet, the Easter bunny had left a few eggs, and Santa had let her Elf on the Shelf come back to visit and bring her a candy cane! I think she was as excited that morning as she was Christmas morning!!

So if you are looking for a little fun twist have the guardians visit with the tooth fairy 🙂

Trust me it’s a blast!

Until next time,

Page Turning Mondays-Bubble Bubble

Hola all Jenn here with a new page turning Monday post.

Today’s book is:


Written by one of my favorite authors Mercer Mayer!

This is a fun story about a little boy who buys a bottle of “magic bubbles”. Then he goes off to blow his new bubbles! Well imagine his surprise when those bubbles transform into different animals! It’s all fun until one turns on him and he has to blow bigger animals to chase them away!

I only have a few activities to go along with this but I am sure a quick Pinterest or Google search can net more ideas!

1. I found this on Pinterest and it really works! On a really cold day blow bubbles outside and they will freeze! The first time we tried this it was around 30 degrees and it didn’t work, the next time it was about 3 degrees and it worked! Totally awesome! I would recommend just trying it with varying below freezing temps. Then it can be a fun teaching experiment!

2. Try the different bubble recipes on Pinterest. I have pinned a few, but not been able to try them yet. There is one for non popping bubbles that I am excited to try! There are lots of different ones out there, I suggest experimenting with different ones. Then you could talk about the different ingredients, which ones did better, and why.

3. Also from Pinterest (shocking right!) they said you could take a glow stick, pop it so it will glow, then cut it open and pour the glowing liquid into a bottle of bubbles and supposedly when you blow the bubbles they will glow in the dark! I do worry about how toxic the stuff inside a glow stick is….so if I was to do this with little ones I would hold everything and only let them blow the bubbles (I would even hold the wand while they blew, but that’s just me).

4. Blow bubbles with your little one and pretend they are turning into the animals in the story! Act out the story with your own magic bubbles!!

Well there you have it. A fun story and few fun ideas to go along with it.

I hope you enjoy some fun bubble time with your little one(s)!

Until next time!
The Ginger Donovant 😉

Read through the Bible in a year-with your little one!

Hello All! I hope that you have had a wonderful Christmas and a great start to the New Year!

(I wrote this last year, but thought I would share it again)

I know a lot of resolutions were made and are probably still being made. I wanted to suggest a resolution to you….that you may have already thought about….why not resolve to read through the Bible in a year?



In the picture is a chronological read through in a year Bible that was given to me by a sister in Christ, she gave me this Bible and a corresponding study book that is for daily reflection. I LOVE them! It is divided into sections to read everyday and if you stick to it-you will read through the bible in a year! What I also love about it is that there are sections of notes added in that give you background on history at that time, info on geography, info on hard to understand passages, etc. I have found it to be a great study tool.

I promise I am getting to including your child 🙂

When I was first given this I would read it and do my reflection during my lunch break at work. It was a wonderful pick me up halfway through the day, especially on those extra tough days…..but some sections are longer than others and I would runout of time to finish reading, much less do the reflection part. So I needed a new time to do it….well I loathe getting up early….and night time just seemed to disappear with cooking, cleaning, spending time as a family, bath time, bedtime….before I knew it I was asleep….and had not read the Bible. Well I got to thinking about how I always would sit in Kaitlyns room until she went to sleep and read stories or play on my phone…..then it hit me-I could read it during that time! I know “light bulb”. So I started reading it in her room out loud to her. So not only am I reading it myself, it is the last thing she hears before she goes to sleep, we also have talked about how important it is to study and know Gods word, and most importantly she sees that it is important to Mommy to read the Bible. It also turns into a learning time for her because as she listens she will ask about what I have read and then we get to talk about it :). I want to add this does not take the place of “Bible time” it is in addition to, and also I will finish a section after she falls asleep if there is only a little left…if there is still a page or so I will stop there and pick up the next night. We have gotten a little off schedule with moving, and her spending the night at other homes, but I did do this on vacation and when we go stay with our family I make sure to pack it.

I think that children learn so much from watching the adults in their lives and I hope that this is a good lesson for her.

I know it isn’t a huge mind blowing idea, but it is something I have come to really enjoy sharing with Kaitlyn and thought you may like sharing it with your little one.

Even if you don’t have a little one to read to……I still recommend trying to read through the Bible in a year and if that is to much then at least read your bible everyday. If you don’t have time to sit and read…..consider this…there are a TON of Bible apps that will read the Bible to you. I used to use can pick the version you like and have it read it to you from your mobile device while you workout, drive to work, drive to the store, etc. When we study and read the bible we are so much better prepared to fight the evils of the world, and we know how to live and most importantly how to get to heaven!

Hope you have a wonderful New Year!