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Page-Turning Mondays: Herbert the Timid Dragon

Hey y’all!

Jenn here with today’s Page-Turning Monday post. Today’s book is:


Written by Mercer Mayer

This is a fun story about a timid dragon who wants nothing more than to be brave knight, and one day he goes out searching for adventure! He finds a princess who needs help, and things do not go as planned……but in the end it all works out!

I really enjoyed this book (but I have loved everything I have read by Mercer Mayer). It has a fun story with entertaining pictures and it will appeal to girls and boys alike! It has everything-a dragon, a princess, brave knights, dueling kingdoms, and of course a happy ending 🙂

Hmmm now….activities…..lets see

-I would break out the cardboard and definitely make a shield and sword for your little one to be a brave knight. Or break out the crown and fancy dress for your little one to be a princess.
-Act out the story! Who wouldn’t love pretending to be a dragon!!
-Combine this story with learning about the letter D. Make it “D for dragon”. -*You could make a dragon out of the letter D. Just follow the Pinterest instructions for D for Dinosaur and alter it a little by adding smoke and/or fire coming out of its nose/mouth.
*You could work on the “dr” blend with dragon and dress (princesses dress)
-Talk about what it means to be timid. Explain to your child how some people are more timid than others. Talk about getting out of your shell and having an “adventure”.
-Go on an adventure with your little one. It may just be a nature walk through the woods, yard, or down Main Street, but let your imaginations run wild…..let them carry their “sword” for protection or wear their princess dress. When you are pretending the possibilities are endless!

I am sure you could find more things via Pinterest or google!

I hope you enjoy this book as much as we did!

Until next time,


One of My Favorite Things: Aprons

Hey y’all!

Jenn here with a new post about one of my favorite things: Aprons 🙂

I LOVE aprons! They make me so happy, happy, happy.

The first one I ever got was made/given by my mother in law to me years ago, and I never wore it! I know crazy right!

Well, when I became a full time homemaker I needed a way to keep my clothes clean during the day so I started wearing my apron……and I was hooked! I just love them.

They are so universal! They keep you clean while cooking, playing, baking, cleaning, all your daily activities. They have pockets which are so nice for sticking your clothespins in while hanging laundry, or sticking the random toy or piece of trash in to deal with later. I have used it to carry in veggies from the garden. And it comes in so handy for wiping off dust bunnies or the occasional tear from your little ones face when something goes wrong. Oh and it is an awesome napkin/dishtowel! And there is the added bonus of it making me feel like a “pioneer woman”, it makes me feel more like a homemaker for some reason when I wear an apron. When I am sweeping the front porch in a dress and apron while my daughter plays outside….I can not really explain it… is pure happiness.

I am so in love with them that I made one for my sis in law last year for Christmas, that was a lot of fun….confusing but fun! Mine was made with the help of my mother in law and a pattern, but you can find easy kits at Walmart that are pre cut and you just do the sewing.

I currently have 5 aprons and I love them all! Some are more sentimental than others (I have 3 that were made for me and one of them my daughter even has a matching one!). So those are extra special. I have one I bought on vacation this year that I am super excited about! We went to Pennsylvania and visited Amish country and I bought an Amish apron, the long black apron that the Amish women wear. Then I have one from 31 and I can say that it is my least favorite because it ties around the neck which I don’t think is as comfortable for me personally. I can hardly wait to add more to my collection and to find a way to hang them in my kitchen instead of having them stuck in a drawer.

So give an apron a try! They are pretty awesome if I do say so myself!

Don’t forget to do something to make someone smile today!

Until next time!

Making a Routine: Taking Care of the Pets

Hola all! Jenn her with a new post on getting in a routine!!

Today’s topic is: Taking Care of the pets.

Most of us have some sort of pet. Our family currently has 2. Allow me to introduce:

Our English Bulldog: Colonel Potter

And our Winter White Hamster:Goliath

And as much as we love out pets, they do require work! So I added the weekly pet maintenance to my cleaning routine, and it has worked great!

Our dog needs a bath once a week. So since Thursday is bathroom day, I give the dog a bath on Thursdays before I clean. That way I don’t have to worry about him shaking in a clean bathroom. Our dog also sheds A LOT! So I try to brush him every other day. My goal is to bath him on Thursdays then brush him on Saturday, Monday, and Wednesday.

Our hamster is in my daughters room, and his cage needs to be cleaned once a week. So I clean it on Wednesday since that is clean the bedrooms day. It works great because I can change his cage and then vacuum all the shavings up and dust her dresser. Then tada! All clean 🙂

Page-Turning Mondays: Never Tease a Weasel

Hey all!! Jenn here with your latest Page Turning Monday post!!

Today’s book is:


Written by Jean Conder Soule and Illustrated by Denman Hampson.

This book was given to us by a friend and it is one of our absolute FAVORITES! I love books with fun rhymes and this one has tons! I have struggled with how to explain the story so I decided I would give you an exert:

You could make a goat a coat
With a collar trimmed in mink;
Or give a pig a wig
In a dainty shade of pink

But never tease a weasel;
This is very good advice.
A weasel will not like it
And teasing isn’t nice!

….see!! So much fun! I definitely recommend checking this book out! I love reading this story and my daughter loves hearing it (and randomly reciting parts of it)

Now for some things to go along with it:

-This book would be a great tool to use when working on rhyming words with your little one. You could read a page and then have your little one tell you the words that rhymed.

-This book has lots of small words that a beginning reader can sound out. Go through the story and let your little one practice their reading. You can read the story together.

-Talk about teasing and how it isn’t nice. Go over examples of teasing and talk about how it hurts people’s feelings. Discuss how it would make your little one feel if they were being teased, and how they don’t want to make someone else feel that way.

-Explain to them that teasing isn’t something that Jesus would do, and that we want to be like Him.

-Go over ways for your little one to handle being teased. Talk to them about confronting the person teasing them with talking and not by getting physical. Remind them they can talk to you about anything and they can pray anytime anywhere to God.

-Work on teaching them that teasing behind someone’s back (gossiping) is just as bad and shouldn’t be done. Point out what the Bible says about backbiting an gossiping.

Well that’s all I have, but I am sure you can come up with more!

Don’t forget to do something to make someone smile today!

Until next time,