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DIY Days: All Natural Bleach

Hey y’all! Jenn here with a new DIY Day. Today’s topic is All Natural Bleach.

I found this on Pinterest months ago and couldn’t wait to try it! Well I finally ran out of my store brand bleach a little over a month ago and was sooo excited to get to make this and I am loving it!

It is a super simple recipe and very cheap to make!

All you need is water, lemon juice, peroxide, a measuring cup, and a storage container.

The recipe is:
12 cups of water
1/4 cup of lemon juice
1 cup of hydrogen peroxide

Mix together and use 2 cups per load of laundry.

See super simple and my daughter loves to help with the pouring!

I put mine in an old laundry detergent bottle (if you don’t have one just ask your friends, mine always come through when I ask for random things like empty laundry bottles or milk jugs) and I have an old measuring cup that I keep on my dryer to use for measuring.


I make a double batch when I make mine because it is so easy and I have the storage for it.

The blog I got this recipe from has more pics (sorry I had to get a new phone and all my pics are now stored somewhere else). But you can check out her blog here: All Natural Bleach Alternative

Well I hope you enjoy this!

Until next time,


Page-Turning Mondays: We’re Going on a Ghost Hunt

Hey all! It’s Jenn here with your latest Page-Turning Monday Post. Well it is nearing one of my favorite holidays, HALLOWEEN!!! Seriously, I love it! And I love reading Halloween stories to my daughter, so to go along with that:

Today’s book is:


Adapted by Kris Hirschmann and Illustrated by Bryan Langdo.

This is an adorable adaptation of the classic “We’re Going on a Bear Hunt” and a must read for Halloween or even around the campfire!

It follows the tune of Going on a Bear Hunt, except you go on a ghost hunt. So you go over creaking bridges, through swamps, and of course into a haunted house where you find GHOST!!!

My daughter and I LOVE this book! We have so much fun reading it and I think you and your little ones will enjoy it as well.

Now for some activities:

-There is of course singing the story and acting it out.

-My daughter loved simply cutting holes in a sheet last year and wearing it around pretending to be a ghost.

-I would also do some ghost crafts. There is such an abundance of them! Some of my favorites have been footprint ghost which we sent to grandparents as Halloween cards last year, milk jug ghost, and the ever simple trash bag ghosts to hang from trees.

-This would be a good time to discuss that ghost are not real and remember all kids are different! Mine has no fear of anything Halloween related (probably because I love it so and she has grown up with the decor and helping decorate), but some kids may be scared of ghost so be careful when talking about them.

-You can check out last years post G is for Ghost to see some ghostly fun we had!

-And as always a simple Pinterest or Google search will not disappoint for crafts and fun to have for ghost.

Well I hope you enjoy this story and have a wonderfully fun Halloween!!

Until next time,

One of My Favorite Things: Dresses and Skirts

Hola all! Jen here with a post about one of my favorite things……Dresses, Skirts, and Skorts!!

Seriously I LOVE wearing dresses!

It started a little over a year ago. I started wearing a couple around the house and realized I was soooo comfortable! I started wearing them everyday, it was great! Then one day I wore jeans….don’t know why….but I realized I was so grumpy all morning! Then it hit me! I was uncomfortable, so I went and change into a dress and POOF instant mood change!

I have gotten different types of dresses, skirts, and skirts over the past year and I do declare I have never felt more comfortable, girly, or like a pioneer woman!

I don’t have tons of different ones and if you know me or see me often you will see the same ones over and over, but I don’t see spending lots of money to fill my closet….the less choices you have the less time you spend deciding what to wear ;). I also don’t have many for fall or winter so I have to work on that!

With a dress there is nothing constricting around the middle or legs! It is amazingly comfortable, I highly recommend it. I can hardly stand to wear pants anymore….I change as soon as possible!

I am not very girly…..I occasionally wear earrings and my normal jewelry consist of a watch, wedding rings, and those rubber bracelets for different causes. And i have only recently started wearing makeup daily or every other day. I don’t see the need to spend lots of money on makeup, jewelry, and nails. But when I wear a dress I do feel very girly, and I get a lot of compliments from the hubby which is always nice!

I also enjoy the old and outdated way of life and, even though it sounds corny, wearing a dress makes me feel like a “pioneer woman”. I am not kidding when I say there is something rewarding about going to get veggies out of your garden or hanging clothes on the line in a dress and apron!

Now obviously I have a child and we play a lot so there is the issue of bending over. So I combat that with long skirts and dresses (in love with maxi dresses) and I also simply wear shorts under my dresses. I have even taken some old leggings and cut them off into shorts to wear under my dresses. But, ladies, we need to get back to bending down correctly! Tuck your dress in behind your knees and bend at the knees, lets stop bending by bending in the middle!! Very bad!! People can see down your shirt and your dress comes up in the back!! Sorry soapbox rant.

So give dresses a try! There are so many styles nowadays that are so comfortable! You may find as I have that you feel more comfortable, more girly, and maybe even more like a “pioneer woman” 🙂

Don’t forget to do something I make someone smile today!!

Until next time,

Page-Turning Mondays: How to Make an Apple Pie and See the World

Hey y’all! Jess here with a new PTM post. Fall in in full swing in our part of the state, and we’ve certainly been enjoying all it has to offer… especially the delicious apples! Every year since my oldest son was born, we take a family trip to a nearby orchard and get apples to enjoy at home. This year, since we’re also homeschooling our oldest son, our annual family trip turned into a field trip! This coincided perfectly with the apple unit of our curriculum. We got to explore the orchard and see the apples growing on the trees, and of course, sample some of the wonderful fruit!

The curriculum we use recommends certain books for each unit, and one book we’ve enjoyed about apples is How to Make an Apple Pie and See the World by Marjorie Priceman.

This is a neat book that takes a look at the journey involved in making an apple pie when your local market is closed. Be prepared for some traveling!

Some educational activities to include with this story would be to look at a globe and identify the locations mentioned in the book, and study those areas (if your child is interested/old enough).

Another sweet activity to do with your child is to make an apple pie together. There is a recipe included in the back of the book for you to follow if you choose.  We made the pie as part of our lesson for the day (among many other apple treats) and it was good!




I hope you take the time to enjoy the sights and flavors of the season with your little ones! There is so much to do and explore in autumn. Happy reading to all!

Until next time!

Making a Routine: Chores for the Little One

Hola all!

Jenn here with a new post on getting in a routine. Today’s topic is “Chores for the Little One”.

I know some people don’t think that children should have “chores” or things they are responsible for around the house, but I disagree. For many years kids helped out in all sorts of ways around the home and they grew into hard working productive adults. I don’t think children should be made to do everything, but they should be taught the value of hard work and the value of working together to accomplish a task.

I can’t say that I think there is a magical age that children turn and then BOOM it’s time to do chores, it varies by child. All children mature differently and one can never be judged by another, nor should they be. But I can say that by the time a child is 2 they should be able to at least help pick up their toys and possibly put their clothes in the hamper/laundry basket.

My little girl is almost 5 and she has had chores of some kind for a few years now. Her first “chore” was cleaning up her toys, and as she has gotten bigger other things have been added.

It has definitely made it easier on her and us when we made a routine for her chores, but I want to add that we sometimes help her with her chores (especially when they first started). Now, sometimes she welcomes our help and sometimes she says she “wants to do it herself”.

So if you are wanting to implement some chores for your little one I hope that what I have learned will help you!!

My daughters chores are as follows:

*Make her bed (I used to help her with this, but now she does it herself) and don’t worry about it being perfect, let them do it and compliment them on a job well done! There is no reason that their bed has to look like Martha Stewart made it.
*Put her plate on the kitchen counter after meals. She has to ask to get up from the table and when she does get up, she is expected to take her plate into the kitchen. This obviously works better as they get older and are able to carry their plate and are tall enough to reach the counter. As she has gotten bigger she also will sometimes empty her leftovers into the trash before putting the plate on the counter, but that is not a part of her routine, as of now. If you decide to have your little one do this, be prepared for it to hit the floor sometimes, and if that happens don’t snap on your little one……just clean it up together and move on.
*Put her laundry in the clothes basket/hamper. My daughter is expected to put her dirty clothes in the clothes basket in her closet, this saves mommy sooo much time when getting laundry together for washing and it makes things look so much nicer!
*Put her trash in the trash can. One of my biggest pet peeves is when people throw their trash on the ground or leave it sitting somewhere. Seriously, it drives me crazy!! I don’t understand why people can’t throw their trash in a trash can, trash cans are everywhere!! There is no need to dirty up the wonderful world God has provided for us by throwing trash everywhere!! Soooo now that I am off my soap box 🙂 my daughter is expected to put her trash in a trash can and not leave it sitting around the house, outside, or anywhere else.
*Clean her room. Every night before bed my daughter has to clean up her room. We will help if we need to and she wants us to, but she doesn’t have a lot of toys in her bedroom so there is usually not a lot to clean up in it.
*Clean her playroom. Every night before bed she has to clean her playroom. This can be a BIG job depending on the day and if we had any company. When we first implemented this her playroom wasn’t really organized and it made it harder on her and on us. I have worked very hard on organizing her playroom and getting rid of some things and that has made it soooo much easier! (Organizing the playroom is a post for another day). We always helped her with this when it first started and now she will usually walk in to her playroom, survey the messiness, and then decide if she needs help or not. And if the room is completely destroyed from having a friend over then we always help clean it up, I don’t think it’s fair to force her to do it all by herself when she didn’t make the mess all by herself.
*Help with laundry. This hasn’t been added to her chore chart yet, but she has been helping with it and it is something she needs to learn, so it will be added soon. She helps me get the laundry together on laundry day and even strips her bed for me. Then we take it downstairs and she helps sort it. She likes to sort it all, piece by piece, which can take more time, but in the end it makes for some fun bonding time. She likes for me to hand her each piece and tell her which pile it goes in, then she likes helping load the machines, add the detergent or dryer balls, and cutting on the machine. It makes her feel like a big girl 🙂
*Help with dishes. We haven’t done this since I got my new sink.(I have the big bowl with no dividers). But I used to love having her help with the dishes. She usually ended up playing in the water and getting soaked, but it was always a nice time of togetherness. I think we will have to start that again. Little ones can also help put clean dishes away, sorting the silverware into the drawer is fun and educational!!

There are so many things that your little one can have as chores. And even many more things that they can just have fun helping with! Like raking the yard, working in the garden, helping with the pets, sweeping the porch/sidewalk/driveway, washing the vehicles, it is really all up to you!

Now you have to remember that if you have your little one help there are something’s to be prepared for:
*Task are going to take longer.
*There will be some messes.
*There will be mistakes.
*There will be trial and error.
*They will get distracted and need to be put back on task.

Just remember your patience and focus on what’s really important and what you are teaching your little one!!

Also, when we first started some of these there was rebuttal from our daughter……just stick with it and keep your patience, it gets better I promise! She used to complain and try to fight it, but she learned that didn’t get her anywhere, she still had to do it. (Isn’t that a life lesson!) Now she does it without argument.

Another tip: Make a chore chart!! I bought one a little over a year ago from the Dollar Tree. It had plenty of space to fill in the chores and then spaces to check off each chore each day. It was dry erase so we just wiped off the check marks each Sunday and started over. Over time it got to the point that it wouldn’t wipe off so I made my own! You can print them from online. A simple google or Pinterest search will give you load of different options! You can print one out and either laminate it or put it in a sheet protector and it will then be dry erase! Which is what I did. She LOVES this! She loves making the checks and getting high fives when everything is checked 😉

Well I hope my experience and what we do can help you in some way!! Good luck with your chores for your little one/ones!!

Don’t forget to do something to make someone smile today!!

Until next time,

Page-Turning Mondays: Tracy’s Mess

Hola y’all! This is Jenn with today’s Page-Turning Monday post.

Today’s book can be used hand in hand with a post to come later this week about Chores for the Little Ones. So be sure to come back later this week to check out that post!

Today’s book is:


Written by Elise Peterson Illustrated by Iza Trapaini

This is a fun to read story about a little girl named Tracy and her messy room. You follow her along as she tries to clean her room by shoving everything under her bed, only to realize that doesn’t work. Then she has to go on to a new plan, which I don’t want to spoil for you!!

My daughter and I love this story! It is so fun to read!

To go along with this story we mainly discuss cleaning up and putting things in their proper place. We also talk about how much easier it is to find things when they are put away properly and how when things are left lying around they tend to get broken.

Come back later this week to read a post on Chores for the Little Ones. Reading this story with your little one can make a great opener for starting with some chores around the home!

I am sure you may be able to come up with some other activities to use with this story, or a Google/Pinterest search will probably find some ideas also.

I hope you and your little one enjoy this story!!

Don’t forget to do something to make someone smile today!!

Until next time,
Love Jennifer