Vacation Bible School! What Can You Do?

Hola All! Jenn here!

It is that time if the year! Time for Vacation Bible School! I LOVE VBS! I love watching the adults and children have fun while learning about God.

My first year helping with VBS I did snacks, and the next three years I taught a class. I have always had so much fun with it. I love teaching a Bible class, decorating, door knocking, kids, and being with my spiritual family so it’s no surprise I love VBS so much.

There is so much that goes into that week! My hubby was the VBS coordinator for two years before we moved and I really got a whole new respect for what is involved and the people who so willing volunteer there time and resources. There is always a need for teachers, decorators, door knockers, snack coordinators, craft coordinators, recreation coordinators, prayers for it, and depending on what you do, a need for someone to organize a cookout the last day.

During VBS we have a chance to teach children about God, and some of those kids get no home teaching about God. Just think about that! We get a week to spend time with those kids showing them Gods love through our excitement and love! And we get to teach them in the classroom, where we also can show them our excitement for God and learning about Him.

When we register those kids we get their addresses! What an awesome resource. We can then send invites to them and their parents to join us for gospel meetings, trunk or treats, Bible studies, Bible correspondence courses, anything we can think of! What a great tool for evangelism!

We get to meet their parents and make them feel welcome, invite them for services, show them we care about them.

We get to spend time studying our material, which I have learned helps me learn more about God.

We get to come up with fun ways to teach the Bible which we can then use in our classes and at home.

We get to make fliers and then mail them out or take into the community via door knocking. Which helps us be seen in the community and can open doors for studies and invites to services.

The building gets decorated so fun! I LOVE decorating!! And of course then it all has to be cleaned up the last night… is always sad to me to see the VBS stuff come down 😦

There is so much that goes into those days!! A lot of it you never see or hear about!

Get involved with VBS I promise that you won’t regret it! If you want to do something talk to your VBS coordinator, if he doesn’t need anything….then ask the different people if they need help: teachers, snack coordinator, activity coordinator, decorators, craft coordinator…..I am sure there is something you can do, just ask!

We are blessed with different talents and all those talents used together can make for a wonderfully evangelistic VBS!

Don’t forget to pray for a successful VBS!

Until next time,


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