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Magnets and Bookmarks out of Leaves

Hi everyone!! I’m Jennifer Donovant from and which is a co-blog between my sister and me. I am so excited to guest here on Blissful and Domestic!!

Jennifer Donovant

I am a Christian wife and mother who loves making things with my little girl. I became very blessed this year by getting to become a stay at home wife and mommy. With that has come a lot of opportunities for more church involvment, more crafts, more walks, more stories, more of all sorts of things. I absolutely love it, but still find myself wondering how I didn’t accomplish all I wanted to in a day 🙂

That being said I have wanted to come up with some things that we could make and have on hand to easily give to someone in a card, with baked goodies, or as a simple thinking of you in the church mailboxes.

Ever since fall has begun my little girl and I have enjoyed walking all over town and admiring the leaves, and she has really enjoyed her fall “collection” which is leaves she finds pretty, acorns, pine cones, etc. I have also noticed on Facebook that a lot of people share our love of fall. I wanted to come up with a way to preserve that beauty and share it with others, while at the same time making keepsakes with my little girl. I had been thinking about how to preserve those beautiful leaves and share them….then I started thinking…maybe I can laminate them!

For this project I used:

  • My laminator(got this year for $25 from Wal-Mart, best investment ever!)
  • Paint sample cards (from Home Depot-Lowes no longer has this kind)
  • Ribbon (I keep skinny ribbon on hand that you can get for $1.00 at Wal-Mart or The Dollar Tree)
  • Scissors
  • A little modge podge
  • Leaves
  • Magnet tape (got mine from craft dept at Wal-Mart)
  • Printed Bible verse

I simply laminated some of the leaves and then added magnet strips to the back and we have leaf magnets! Others I laminated, used a hole punch, added ribbon, and viola a leaf bookmark! Super simple and very cute!!

Two of them I did with a Bible verse. I picked the verse I wanted, typed it up, printed it, and then cut it out with fun scissors to make the edges pretty. To make the bookmark itself, I was going to use card stock (I buy the scrap booking packs from Wal Mart for $5) but I then remembered I had several paint sample cards…those are free! So I took a paint sample card and cut out my bookmark using an old bookmark as a guide. Then I stuck the verse to it via modge podge, added a leaf to the bottom, laminated it, cut it out and made a very cute bookmark! For another I played around and just stuck the verse to a paint sample card, then decided what I thought would be cute. So ended up cutting that one out into a square shape, added a leaf, and laminated. It turned out being my favorite! I made it a magnet and put it in a birthday card to an aunt. Everything we made was pretty, easy, fits into a card, cost very little, and I think people will enjoy getting them….I know I would.

I was originally hung up on trying to make the traditional style bookmark, but then decided it was just as cute to use the leaves by themselves or to make different shapes. My little girl loves hearts…so I see some heart shapes in our future. I loved this because it can be adapted for different things….I have plans already to try flowers and flower petals in the spring, and to try to capture leaves next fall in different stages of changing colors. The possibilities are endless!

Hope you have enjoyed this idea! Let me know what you think and what you create, I love new ideas!’

Bye for now lovelies!


Page-Turning Mondays: I Stink!

Hey y’all, and welcome to the inaugural post of what I hope will be a fun and well-read series on KnitTogether…”Page-Turning Mondays”!

The book featured today is I Stink!, by Kate and Jim McMullan. This is a favorite of my boys…my oldest, especially. The synopsis of the book basically takes the reader through the day in the life of a garbage truck. What truck-loving boy or girl wouldn’t love to tag along for the day with a garbage truck?! One of the things that appealed to me was that the authors really seemed to have done their homework on knowing about garbage trucks, especially describing the essential parts of it in a way that’s easy for young children to understand. And, of course, as a parent, I love that there is some fun alphabet learning sprinkled in there! We’ve read this book so much that my 4-year-old has memorized it and now reads it to ME! In addition to I Stink!, Kate and Jim McMullan have also written I’m Mighty! (featuring a tugboat) ,I’m Dirty! (featuring a backhoe), I’m Fast!, (featuring a train engine and a sports car), I’m Big! and I’m Bad! (each featuring dinosaurs). We’ve read all of these, with the exception of I’m Fast!, and the boys have enjoyed each one. But, I believe I Stink!, has been the real winner at our house. They are all just fun books to read aloud!

A part of our “Preschool-at-Home” curriculum that we really enjoy is the “Book of the Week” feature. Each week a classic or well-loved children’s book is chosen, and we read it, discuss parts of the story, and we even create some art projects and/or fun activities based on our chosen book. I thought it would be fun to feature I Stink! as a book of the week, and boy, did I hit a home run with this choice! Both of the boys were really engaged with the activities chosen and we had a fun week! The first activity we did was making the garbage truck from I Stink!. I just used green construction paper cut into a large rectangle, a medium-sized square, and a small triangle. Add three wheels made from black construction paper and a construction paper background of your choice, some glue, markers, and you’re all set!

I kept the book on hand so that they boys could see what our garbage truck would look like, and provided some assistance when needed. I was really impressed by the garbage truck creations!

My oldest even wanted to add a face to his garbage truck to make it more authentic, and used the pictures in the book for an example.

And here is the finished product! Looks great, huh? Please note the garbage can and pile of garbage at the top of the paper…my budding artist is all about the details!


Another activity based on I Stink! that I did with the boys was what I called “A Stinky Garbage Hunt”. I hid several items featured in the book around our living room (all clean, not how they appear in the book!) while the boys were distracted. After the items were hid, I then gave each boy a garbage bag and set them loose to find the stinky trash hidden in the room. When they found an item, they had to name what they had found based on what it’s called in the story.

Found a “nasty necktie”

Finding “quail bones”

Whew! A “dirty diaper”!

This was a LOT of fun and involved LOTS of laughter as they found each item and collected it in their garbage bag.

These are just a couple of the many ideas you could do to have fun and reinforce reading comprehension of this story. You might also like to check out for more creative ideas to use with I Stink!.

Thanks for reading, and I hope you and your kiddos have fun reading I Stink! Check it out and other works by Kate and Jim McMullan at your local library this week!

Happy Reading!