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G is for Ghost

Hola! Jenn here!! I wanted to share some crafts we have enjoyed doing the past week. Our theme was ghost and thanks to Pintrest and Google I found some wonderful things!!

One of our favorites was footprint ghost! We made cards out of them. We did a footprint ghost on one side and a handprint tree on the other, then Kaitlyn used q-tips to paint leaves on. She really enjoyed this, especially covering her foot and hand in paint 🙂 We did do some filling in on the tree and ghost…she has a very high arch and the ghost was a little odd 🙂



One of my favorites was milk jug ghost! So simple!! You just wash out a milk jug, draw on a ghost face, cut a hole in the back, and insert Christmas lights or battery operated tea lights! Super cute!! You can paint the jug if it is a clear one, which is what we did. (Be sure to wash the outside good so the paint sticks…we had some peeling issues) We also painted one orange and added a jack-o-lantern face.

We both had fun with this next one. It is easy, a little time consuming, but so cute when done! Just take a regular tissue and put or over a tootsie roll pop, then use a ribbon or twist tie to hold tissue one, draw on a face(Kaitlyn liked doing them in different colors) and then say hello to some adorable ghost to pass out to your little trick or treaters!! These look so cute in our bags and I hope the kids will enjoy them!!


Hope you have a great Halloween and have lots of treats!! We are going to enjoy a white Halloween which is definitely a first for me!!


Bye Bye for now lovely’s!!



W is for Witch

Hola!! It’s Jenn here!!

I wanted to share with you a very simple, inexpensive craft. I found this via Google, but take my advice and be very specific when you Google witch craft…some sketchy things came up :0

All you need for this is a party hat (we used one left over from a past birthday), paper plate, black spray paint, glue, and whatever you want to decorate it with.

You start by spray painting the hat and plate (we painted both sides of the plate) once dry cut a hole in the plate to pull the string through. (the directions said to cut triangle shapes in the center of plate and fold into hat and glue) we found that very awkward so we used the hot glue gun to glue the hat to the plate and that has held up, but I was sure to pull the string through from the party hat so it can hold the hat on her head.


Then let your little one decorate however they want! Kaitlyn used glitter paint and we borrowed feathers from a boa she already had.

Super easy and cheap!

Happy Playing!!

Happy Fall, Y’all! (And a fall craft)

“The earth is full of the goodness of the Lord” (Psalm 33:5).


I (Jess) think of this verse every time I look out my windows, walk down my street, or drive through town. Fall is in full swing here in Virginia, and I am loving every minute of this glorious season! Trips to the apple orchard and pumpkin patch, baking delicious fall treats, playing outside and basking in the autumn sunshine and colorful leaves, feeling the crisp breeze pour through open windows, cheering on our favorite football teams (Roll Tide!) are just some of my family’s favorite fall activities.
I am also loving every precious moment of this wonderful season in life as a stay-at-home and homeschooling mama. My cup surely runneth over with blessings! I am certainly having lots of fun “preschooling” my boys, and it makes my heart fill with joy when I hear them say, “I love homeschool, Mama!” 🙂 Along with the fun we’re having with phonics, basic math skills, handwriting, reading comprehension and more (this could be a whole post itself!), we’ve been having lots of fun in the arts & crafts department! There are so many creative, cute, and simple fall/Halloween crafts to make (just peruse Pinterest, if you don’t believe me!) with your children. The boys and I have made some really cute things, but I believe some of our favorite projects are made with works of art made by our Creator! We have made some neat collages from treasures found on our nature walks, and the craft I’m bringing you today was a result of the beautiful treasures found on our leaf walk this week.

I think one of the things I look forward to the most about fall is the changing of the leaves. The various hues of reds, oranges, and yellows are simply breathtaking! So I had an idea…why not decorate our home with the beauty of nature? And these suncatchers were just what I had in mind!


They are super simple to make. All you need is clear contact paper, an assortment of fall leaves, and a creative mind! Just cut the contact paper to your desired size (you’ll need two pieces), peel off the paper backing of one sheet, and place on the table, sticky side up. Then get busy adding the leaves! That’s the fun part! After your leaves have been placed on the paper, then peel the paper backing off your second sheet of contact paper and place it on the sheet with the leaves. You can trim off excess on the sides, if you wish. I didn’t get any pictures of the boys actually making these lovely suncatchers (we were having too much fun!), but I did get some of the finished product. Here’s a close up shot of one:


I just have to say I can’t help but smile every time I look at them! These leaves on display remind me of a fun time with my boys, and even more of what a wonderful God we serve!

So, get out there and enjoy fall in our Father’s world! I hope that you will enjoy making these fun suncatchers and bringing some gorgeous autumn color into your home. And may you enjoy every blessing of this season and your season of life!


B is for Bat, Baby, and Basket

Hola All! Jenn here. I wanted to share some things that we are doing at home during our after school time (I got that name from the pinkandgreenmomma-you should check out her blog, I am in love!) Kaitlyn goes to preschool in the morning, but we still have “after school” later in the afternoon.

We always do one letter a week along with worksheets, numbers, and other things. Starting this month we have worked on things that also relate to this season. Our first week was B is for Bat. So we did the letter B and she even practiced writing bat. It worked very well! She can now write bat all by herself 🙂 our craft was to make a bat. I found the following idea online by googling bat crafts. It is very simple and she really enjoyed it. We started by painting an empty toilet paper roll, then after it dried we glued on googly eyes and ears we made from construction paper, then Kaitlyn painted it with her glitter paint to make it more “pretty”. For the wings we trace her hand onto black construction paper then cut them out and glued those on as wings. See! Super easy and fun!



I have also started making a “collection” for the letter of the week. I go through all of her books and pull out ones with the letter of the week in the title, and go trough her toys to pull out toys that start with that letter or have that letter in them-I put these all together in a bin and on the front of the bin I place a piece of paper that has the letter written in upper and lower case and then I write words that start with the letter or have the letter in it and underline our letter of the week. It takes a little time, but not to much and she really enjoys her “collections”. The books that have been pulled out are what we use as bedtime stories. We also go to the library once a week and will get books with the “letter of the week” in the title, if we do not have enough to get us through at home.


We also decided that we would carry the letter of the week throughout our Bible time as well. Our story for that week was Baby in a basket. So we read the story of Moses as a baby and we sang songs from our hymnal that had B in the title. For a practical application and some extra fun 😉 We put a baby in a basket and floated him down the creek to the Pharaohs daughter! I just tied an air mattress pillow to the bottom of a wicker basket with yarn(that was all I had) then put a baby inside and took it to a park that has a creek. Once we got there we read the story and then we got in the creek and I let the baby Moses go to her down stream and she caught him. This was very simple to do and Kaitlyn loved it! She had so much fun acting out the story and of course getting to go in the creek and catch baby Moses.


Hope some of these ideas in some way help you with play/learning time at home! Let me know how it goes!!
Until next time, JD

DIY-Prayer Pail

Jess here with a fun and very useful tool for your family prayer time. As a parent to two small children, I’m always looking for ways to make our family Bible Time more productive and meaningful, and to help my boys focus on prayer and study of God’s word. And let’s face it…as parents of little ones, we can also use some assistance with focusing, too! Let me also clarify that this is not just for little can use this with kids of any age. This is a good way to get kids started with praying for others and thanking God for the blessings He’s given us. The way it works is simple. When it’s time to pray as a family, each family member chooses one stick from the pail (it could be more than one, depending on the age of your kiddos) and prays for whatever or whomever is listed on the stick. See? Easy peasy! It had really worked well with my boys. It is a part of our family Bible Time that they look forward to, and has helped them develop a stronger prayer life, even at such a young age. So, without further delay, let me introduce you to the Prayer Pail!


Now I’d like for y’all to believe that this was an original thought from my creative mind, but alas, I found this idea while perusing Pintrest one evening. I did, however, personalize it for my liking and for my family. As you can see, it’s a pretty simple project. It was actually my first project last year when I became a stay-at-home mama, so it’s a little special to me! So here’s the scoop on how to make your own.

For starters, pick a pail that works for you. I liked the openness and functionality of a flower pot. You could also use a mason jar, can, cup, the possibilities are really endless. I typed up on cardstock a cute label for the front, and added a Scripture regarding prayer to the back, as you can see below. Make it your own, decorate however you like!


Once your pail is prepped and ready, now your ready for the craft sticks. This is a task that you can share with your older kids. It can make it more meaningful to them to think of others and to decorate the sticks for the family. For our family’s sticks, I wrote down all the names of our immediate and extended family (aunts, uncles, cousins, grandparents), the boys’ classmates and friends in Bible class, special friends of our family, material blessings (food, clothes, house, etc.), things pertaining to our nation (soldiers/troops, the president, freedom, etc.), others (the lost, those sick, those hurt, our community, etc.), and of course, the church (the elders, deacons, preacher, teachers, missionaries, etc.). Again, the possibilities are really endless! Here is an example of a few of our sticks:


And there you have it! You’ve made your very own Prayer Pail! One last thing to mention is that I added dried beans to my pail to make my sticks “stand up” in the pail. Just a note of caution and sanity-saving advice is that if you add beans or other small items to your pail, you may want to put the pail on a counter or other high surface out of reach from little hands. I learned this lesson the hard way. I’m still finding beans in the back of toy trucks and construction equipment! 😉

I hope this how-to tutorial will be useful to you and your family! Feel free to share your ideas and feedback about this project, and post pictures of your own Prayer Pail! I always like to see creative ideas from others. Until next time!

Hello world!

HI!! We are the Donovant sisters!! We have started this blog to share our ideas for learning and play that we use with our little ones! We  hope to share some ideas that you can use, or change to fit what you need.  We want this to be a sharing blog, so please let us know what you think and if you have any ideas to build on what we are doing please add them!! I am sure we will also share some funny stories and events that happen throughout our days…..we know the laughs never stop when you have a little one at home 🙂

Hope you enjoy growing with us and our little children.